2021 Apache RTR 200 4v vs 2021 Honda Hornet 2.0 OnRoad Price

New honda hornet 2.0 vs New TVS apache RTR 200 4v


The Hornet’s design is fresh out of the blocks so obviously, it garners more attention the gold anodized USD folks immediately offer the bike an up-market feel rest of the design remains more or less similar to the original New Honda hornet 160 with some minor changes here and there the led headlamp, the well-sculpted tank with sharp cuts and creases. the stubby exhaust with a good quality heat shield and the x-shaped tail lamp really offer a perfectly cohesive design in every aspect.

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The RTR 204v also got a minor design update with the bs6 model the headlamp has now been redesigned we get full led lighting now with multiple lighting elements.
and the led DRLS sit like the eyebrows of an apex predator, now looks are purely subjective but considering the overall fit and finish and the overall build quality and the kind of materials being used I feel the RTR takes a slight edge here because on the New honda hornet 2.0 there is an overload of plastic and fiber the RTR has also used fiber and plastic material but the material used for the panels seems to be of slightly better quality the double-barrel exhaust on the RTR 200 4V gives out the traditional base heavy exhaust mode that the RTR bloodline has always been known for.
so in terms of sound engineering, the RTR 200 4V sounds better to my ears
now talking about seats again the seat foam used here on the RTR 200 4V feels slightly more upmarket and the stitching is of superior quality too on the New honda hornet 2.0 the seat is slightly harder which initially might feel a little uncomfortable
until you get used to it the clip-on handlebars on the RTR 200 4V again feel much more premium when compared to the regular street fighter handlebar on the New BS6 honda hornet 2.0
the ergonomics are spot-on for both the bikes offer upright seating posture with the rider triangle being perfectly established both the bikes offer a comfortable riding posture in order to not strain your back even after long rides add to this a perfectly tuned suspension and the ride quality is equally amazing on both the bikes but we need to note here that the USD forks on the honda hornet 2.0 are an absolute steal no other brand offers USD forks from Showa suspension in this price range and this is a major plus that works for the hornet 2.0 and the same translates into offering superb front-end feel while pushing the bike to its limits.

Honda Hornet 2.0 Price
Honda Hornet 2.0 Price

the clutch feel is light on both the bikes but the clutch travel is longer for the rtr so the effort taken to pull in the clutch especially in city traffic might tend to wear you down the New hornet 2.0, on the other hand, offers a shorter clutch trip so the clutch is easy and effortless to operate.
the speedo console on the New honda hornet is just kind of meh nothing really special going on here we do however get all the relevant info including a gear position indicator and a battery voltmeter.
the RTR 200 4V on the other hand races ahead here it has the best-equipped meter console in this price range with an average speed. top speed not 260 timing lap timer gear position indicator Bluetooth connectivity and also turn by turn navigation along with call and SMS alerts.
apart from this we also get a host of app-based features like GeForce experienced
lean angle and a whole lot more now talking about the engine powering the RTR 200 4V is a 197.75 cc single-cylinder oil-cooled fuel-injected b6 compliant engine that puts out 20.5 ps Provide maximum power at 8,500 rpm and 16.8-newton meters of maximum torque at 7500 rpm we get a 5-speed gearbox the New honda hornet 2.0, on the other hand, comes powered by a single-cylinder four-stroke fuel-injected bs6 compliant 184.4 cc engine that puts out 17.3 ps of maximum power at 8,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 16.1 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

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we get a 5-speed gearbox here as well we can clearly see here that the RTR 200 4V is well and truly ahead in terms of performance at least on paper the difference that matters though is that the RTR 200 4V gets a full valve engine so the engine doesn’t feel strained even at higher RPMs
the hornet on the other hand is more about good initial pickup and superb mid-range surge now it’s not that the RTR 200 4V doesn’t have good pickup the RTR 200 4V literally flies off the mark right from the word go and we can cruise effortlessly at 110 kilometers per hour on the hornet the cruising speed would be around 100 kilometers per hour the throttle response on the RTR 200 4V is phenomenal and this is further amplified by the superb exhaust sound emanating from the double-barrel exhaust the hornet sounds sporty as well but the RTR 200 4V clearly wins the sound battle the throttle response is good on the hornet as well it is nice and seamless thanks to the dual throttle cable setup refinement is good on both the bikes the RTR 200 4V , 200 is the most refined bike that TVS has made to date.
it is absolutely buttery smooth with zero vibrations even while doing speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour the hornet being a honda is no exception refinement comes naturally in their bloodline so the hornet is super refined as well all through the rev band but since it is not meant to be a top-end machine it just feels a little strained if you continue to keep the throttle pinned at redline talking about the equipment on board both the bike get petal discs and both the bikes get a 276 mm disc upfront however the RTR 200 4V gets dual-channel ABS System as standard.
but the hornet only gets single-channel abs so I guess the RTR 200 4V takes the lead here
also, the RTR 200 4V offers a slipper clutch in this price range which no one else does now this provides for a lighter clutch pull and helps you do faster downshifts without running the risk of the rear wheel locking or hopping.
now the hornet hits back hard in the suspension department because it gets USD forks from Showa suspension which offers a much better front end feel and it is slightly on the stiffer side but that is what translates into better cornering stability and better high-speed stability.
now the RTR 200 4V gets 37 mm telescopic forks which do their job judiciously but clearly, they fall short compared to the USD forks on the hornet the chassis construction the rear mono-shock and the swingarm are well-tuned and well designed on both the bikes
they offer great stability and surefootedness even at triple-digit speeds
now talking about the tires we no longer get the Pirelli tires option for the rtr we do however get the pro torque sr high performance.

Honda Hornet 2.0 Speedometer
Honda Hornet 2.0 Digital Speedometer

the race-spec radial rear tire that offers better control better stability and longer life the hornet on the other hand gets a wider 140 section rear tire and we get specially developed extra max tires from maxis now these are made using the world’s strongest aramid fiber
and come with dual-compound technology that minimizes rolling resistance while offering better stability and longer life now tank capacity remains the same for both the bikes at 12 liters seat height is easily accessible even by shorter and average height riders for both the bikes another major plus for the New hornet is that it is incredibly lightweight weighing a mere 142 kgs.
the RTR 200 4V on the other hand weighs 153 kgs which clearly gives the hornet the weight advantage in terms of mileage though there is no official claim made by both companies.
I feel the hornet might end up offering slightly better mileage because it puts out lesser power and it’s also a lot lighter than the RTR 200 4V.
now talking about the price the RTR 200 4V is priced at rupees one lakh twenty-seven thousand five hundred whereas the hornet is priced at rs one lakh twenty-eight thousand five ninety-five.
so the RTR 200 4V enjoys the price advantage of being priced so aggressively so the RTR 200 4V despite offering the dual-channel ABS Stytem a slipper clutch getting a four-valve engine offering more power and torque and also offering better quality is still more affordable and is priced lower than the New hornet 2.0 which makes it an absolute value for money proposition
most importantly it is made by our Indian manufacturer and bears the Indian tri-color
so I guess you can proudly go vocal for local in this case
the hornet on the other hand has created quite a sensation with its sudden launch and is truly a very impressive machine for the price it demands
and we have the trust and reliability of honda coming as standard with the bike so no matter which bike you choose it surely would be a complete paisa vessel bike
but as far as this shootout is concerned the RTR 200 4V bs6 model emerges as a clear winner for all those wondering about 200 ns

2021 Apache Live Launch Series RTR 160 4v RTR 200v New Models Price Autojournalism.com 20



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