2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R ZX10RR and ZH2SE Bikes Launch

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R ZX10RR and ZH2SE Bikes Launch

This last week Kawasaki announced a significant update to their zx10r and its world superbike homologation special the zx10rr as well as some electronic enhancements to their supercharged naked the ZH2
so in today’s post, we’ll go over all of the details of these new 2021 2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R ZX10RR and ZH2SE Bikes Launch to find out what’s new for the next model year but before we get started if you’re new here and you want to see all of the latest new bike news for 2021 Bookmark This Page and Do Sign up.

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R
2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R ZX10RR and ZH2SE Bikes Full Reviews

The most striking difference in the new zx10r is the visual refresh with a more angular look that’s more in line with Kawasaki’s other recent designs here’s a side by side with the previous generation so that you can see for yourself.

Ninja ZX10R ZX10RR

personally, I think it looks more up to date whilst retaining that classic ninja silhouette but in reworking the fairings Kawasaki have also sought to improve downforce
claiming that the innovative integrated winglets incorporated into the structure of the cowling create additional downforce which is approximately 17 percent greater than the current zx10r, they’ve also fitted a 40 millimeter taller screen
whilst changing the design of the pillion seat area in order to create a low pressure behind the rider both of which enhance aerodynamics still further a revised handlebar position and higher pegs should also help the rider into a tuck with a more track-focused feel to the ergonomics in terms of electronics the zx10r now gets a 4.3 full-color TFT dash with Bluetooth connectivity


which opens up the possibility of connecting to Kawasaki’s rideology app the app makes it possible to see ride data and bike settings, as well as receive calls and messages on the dash all of the rider aids of the previous generation, are carried over such as traction control ABS launch control and engine braking control with an imu on hand to enable their cornering management function but for 2021 electronic cruise control is also now fitted as standard for those long stints on the motorway lighting has also been updated with LEDs used all round with a direct projection unit headlamp from Mitsubishi which kawasaki say has luminous optical modules, which are adopted for motorcycle use for the very first time Kawasaki has also made some tweaks to the chassis with one millimeter lower swing on pivot point eight-millimeter longer swing arm and two millimeter greater fork offset all combining for acclaimed improvement in stability and traction suspension settings have also been revised with both the showa fork and shock getting new spring rates the front is now softer whilst the rear is firmer and an increased clamping area on the lower triple clamp is said to improve rigidity brakes remain the same with Brembo’s m50 radially mounted monoblock calipers on hand upfront but the 998 cc inline-four engine gets some subtle enhancements the first three gears have been shortened to improve acceleration the inlet port has been redesigned the oil cooler improved and a revised exhaust system ensures that the zx10r passes the upcoming euro 5 emissions regulations peak power remains at 200 horsepower 13,200 rpm which ought to be ample for most of us but if you do want to push on a little Kawasaki will be making a limited run of 500 world superbike homologation specials in the form of the ZX10 RR

Ninja ZX10RR 2021
Ninja ZX10RR 2021

this version gets upgraded engine internals with panko lightweight comrades low friction pistons and machined piston pins which help it to rev slightly higher than the R for a couple of extra horsepowers it also gets a single seat setup Marchesini wheels an adjustable swingarm pivot and braided hoses for an extra crispy feel at the brake lever, the zx10r will be available in either green black and white or a flat black finish whilst the zx10rr is just available in flat lime green the r is expected in dealers from may costing 15,799 pounds whilst the RR is only available for race teams on request costing 24,799 pounds on top of the revised zx10r and RR comes to a new version of their supercharged super naked

Ninja ZH2SE 2021
Ninja ZH2SE 2021

The ZH2SE it’s pretty much the same as the base zh2 but with some extra spec to elevate it just that little bit further and its own SE finish the most notable upgrade on this SE version is the Showa skyhook electronically adaptive suspension and Kawasaki says that with a one-millisecond reaction (it’s Amazing ) time skyhook adjusts the damping electronically to suit Bike speed and suspension stroke speed with the intention of keeping the body of the vehicle in a constant altitude whilst

the wheels and suspension observe the dips and deviations in the avenue surface
deceleration is additionally considered allowing the pitching that happens under braking to be managed

The SE also gets the same 4.3-inch TFT dash as the zx10s with the Bluetooth connectivity to boot as well as led lighting all round the finish is described as golden blazed green with diablo black for a bit more of a Kawasaki vibe than the other zh2 colour schemes it’s expected in dealers from march next year and will start at 18,349 pounds so that’s a couple of neat updates to the Kawasaki lineup for 2021 with the zx10r in that Kawasaki racing green white red and black looking particularly tasty to me.

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R and ZX10RR new Features updates List

1. Chassis geometry and suspension settings – ( New Change )
2. Next Generation aero with integrated Winglets – ( New Change )
3. Ergonomic changes put the rider in a new position – ( New Change )
4. New Power Mode selections – ( New Change )
5. New Colour TFT instrumentation – ( New Change )
6. Ohlins electronic steering damper – ( New Change )
7. Kawasaki engine brake control – ( New Change )
8. New Air-Cooled Oil Cooler – ( New Change )
9. New Electronic Throttle Valves – ( New Change )
10. New Exhaust System – ( New Change )
11. New Transmission Gear Ratios – ( New Change )
12. TPS relocated to bar eliminating throttle cable – ( New Change )
13. Swingarm pivot is 1 mm lower – ( New Change )
14. 200 horsepower at 13,200 rpm for the ZX-10R – ( New Change )
15. 201 horsepower at 14,000 rpm for the ZX-10RR – ( New Change )
16. With ram-air effect at speed Kawasaki claim an extra ten horsepower – ( New Change )

SPECIFICATIONS –  2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX10R 


TYPE Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke In-Line Four
BORE AND STROKE 76.0 mm x 55.0 mm
FUEL SYSTEM Fuel injection: ø47 mm x 4 with dual injection
LUBRICATION Forced lubrication, wet sump with oil cooler
TRANSMISSION 6-speed, return
MAXIMUM POWER 149.3 kW {203 PS} / 13,500 rpm
MAXIMUM POWER WITH RAM AIR 156.8 kW {213 PS} / 13,500 rpm
MAXIMUM TORQUE 114.9 Nm {11.7 kgfm} / 11,200 rpm



FRAME TYPE Twin spar, cast aluminium
RAKE / TRAIL 25° / 107 mm
TYRE – FRONT 120/70ZR17M/C (58W)
TYRE – REAR 190/55ZR17M/C (75W)
WHEELBASE 1,440 mm
OVERALL DIMENSIONS (L X W X H) 2,085 x 740 x 1,145 mm



FRONT / WHEEL TRAVEL ø43 mm inverted Balance Free Front Fork with external compression chamber, compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustability, and top-out springs / 120 mm
REAR / WHEEL TRAVEL Horizontal Back-link with BFRC lite gas-charged shock, piggyback reservoir, compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustability, and top-out spring / 114 mm
BRAKE – FRONT Dual semi-floating 330 mm Brembo discs
CALIPER – FRONT Dual radial-mount, Brembo M50 monobloc, opposed 4-piston
BRAKE – REAR Single 220 mm disc
CALIPER – REAR Single piston
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