How Disk Brake Work in Bikes?

How Disk Brake Work in Bikes?

Welcome to Auto Journalism today we will study how an automotive disc brake system works let’s see the principle behind the disc brake system the brake system works based on Pascal’s law the law states that pressure exerted anywhere in  the contained in-compressible fluid is distributed equally in all direction throughout the fluid let’s make it simple consider two cylinders with Pistons connected each other and filled with incompressible fluid (mathematical )

how do disc brakes work

The relation is as follows

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f1 applied force on left piston f2 received force at right piston a1 and a2 are surface areas of both Pistons p1 and p2 are pressure experienced by both Pistons pressure can be stated as a force experienced per area so p1 equals f1 by a1 and p2 equals f2 by a2 according to Pascal’s law pressure on both pistons are equal which gives us p1 equals p2 so when force is applied to the left piston the fluid will transmit the force to the right piston surface but it will be a the factor of the ratio of two-piston surfaces this concludes that with a small force f1 at left piston will give a higher force f2 at the right piston provided if a2 is greater than a1 with this the left piston can act at the peddle side and the right piston connect at the wheel side transferring energy from pedal to the brakes now we know the theory let’s see how this works in real let’s see the exploded view of a car wheel and the parts involved the wheel hub assembly the disc brake rotor the brake caliper assembly the wheel and the lug nuts the wheel hub assembly holds the wheel and the disc rotor and the bearing inside it allows their smooth rotation the disc rotor is the part to which the brake pads squeeze against this will create friction the treat ARDS the rotation of the wheel the disc rotor produces a lot of heat due to this friction and the drilled holes provide ventilation to remove this heat the brake caliper assembly uses the the hydraulic force from the brake pedal to squeeze the brake pads to the rotor surfaces.

Thus creating friction and decelerates the wheel the caliper assembly consists of the caliper bracket slider pins dust boots in a brake pad out a brake pad caliper frame and inside it the piston the caliper frame is having a banjo fitting through which the the fluid will reach till the piston the pressurized fluid from the pedal side is capable of pushing the piston with great the force also the caliper frame is free to slide along with the slider pins within the fixed extend now we know the parts let’s see how it works when you apply the brake the caliper will receive the high-pressure hydraulic fluid from the brake master cylinder the the fluid will push the piston which makes the inner brake pad to squeeze against the disc rotor surface as a result the fluids backward force will push the caliper frame along with the slide pin which makes the outer brake pad to squeeze against the other side of the disc rotor let’s see one more time from the top view the fluid pushes the piston and the the piston pushes the inner brake pad once the inner brake pad is pushed against the rotor the fluid will push the caliper frame the outer brake pad will now be pulled towards the other side of the disc rotor this is how the disc brake system works on the wheel side.


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