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2021 KIA Seltos SX [ BS6 ] On-Road price , Mileage , Images

 2021  KIA Seltos SX [ BS6 ] 

when you’re named after the son of Hercules’s expectations are high that you’ll be a world-class winner for KIA to name its latest global car as the Seltos XUV SX 2021 means that we could expect great things from this crossover.

In this post, we get to check out and see if it lives up to its mythical name let’s do this

hello guys I’m Autojournalist, we are now here to tell you full Details, feature, and drive impression of the top-spec New Kia Seltos 2021 SX Model.

The New Kia Seltos 2021 is a global crossover that is targeted at young tech-savvy millennial car buyers there are three versions of this vehicle a larger one that is made in South Korea it’s meant for developed markets and two smaller ones that are built-in India and china.

That is meant to be sold in emerging markets luckily the celtuce version that we get here in the country is the one that starts from south Korea and that also explains the pricing of this vehicle this top-spec selfless asset that I have here retailed for 22,70,084.89 Indian Rupees or 30,909.48 United States Dollar or 2,07,019.33 Chinese Yuan.

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Now that may seem a bit pricey for a sub-compact crossover but then again the New Kia Seltos is a bit larger than other sub-compact crossovers in the market like the Hyundai Kona and you do get a car that is built in Korea now that has got to count for something yeah now one of the dead giveaways that we got the Korean version of the New Kia Seltos 2021 is the hood line.

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You see the Korean-built Seltos have a hotline that ends before the Kia logo upfront while the Indian and the Chinese versions have a hotline that extends all the way past that Kia logo now this top-spec that we have here gets the full led headlight treatment in a housing that is truly unique and truly far out it’s a large and it’s shape is good and to further add to that far outlook guys.

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the DRLS of the headlights extend all the way past the headlight housing and into the tiger-nose front rail right here you also get your turn signals that are in their separate housing right here at the bottom part and I am truly liking this look guys now it just goes to show that the Chinese crossovers aren’t the only ones that have a flare for outlandish design and to further add on to that outlandish design.

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this New Kia Seltos also has a knurled finish here at the top of the headlight housing and it also has a knurled finish on the tiger-nose front grille this is a welcome departure from your usual like black diamond or chrome front grille finishes and I am truly digging it now this top-spec New Kia Seltos SX we have in the country also has a full led fog lights in the tasteful housing here and to complete that look you’ve got a front skid plate right there in the center that gives off that brutish yet playful vibe now guys I must admit this Seltos KIA CAR that we have here it is a definite head-turner.

Now when you check out the side profile of the KIA SUV Seltos you’ll see that it’s proof that one of Kia’s precedents is a decorated car designer because his side profile is beautiful af the top specs Seltos here in the country gets functional roof rails and if you notice the design of the roof rails it is gorgeous as well you also have a blacked off roof and a blacked-out a pillar here that goes well and ties together to the black plastic claddings found at the bottom part of the KIA Seltos SUV 2021 which gives the body a truly slim and sleek look now when you go over to the rear part you’ll see that the c-pillar pinches upward here and meets into this uh thickened.

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the satin-finished metallic garnish and it gives off a look and visual illusion that the roof is sloping downward but guys trust me the roof does not slope downward it just looks that way now for wheels you get 17-inch wheels here that are wrapped in two one 555 r17 tires.

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I would have wanted to see an 18-inch option in our country the same ones that they’ve released in u.s market you know those wheels come with a beautiful red center caps and those wheels look really badass now for your ground clearance guys well the Seltos KIA CAR that we have here has a ground clearance of 117 millimeters so it’s safe to say that you won’t be taking this out to the trail but rather you’d be keeping it on city roads only now.

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the gorgeous design theme continues on to the rear end of the New 2021 KIA Seltos SUV this has got to be one of the most beautiful looking rears ends that I’ve seen in a crossover and trust me guys I’ve seen a lot of rear ends in crossovers I mean all right so it starts off with this nice satin finish center strip here that ties the two led lights together it’s beautifully designed and i love how they incorporated the reverse lights into that center strip it gives off a truly modern and unique vibe to it.

I also love the fact that well Kia never used any chrome on the exterior part of the KIA Seltos SUV 2021 rather they opted for this satin metal finish treatment here and it seems that they really did their homework when it comes to the millennial car buyers they know that well millennials don’t really like chrome too much so yeah the satin finish looks way better at least on the New KIA Seltos SUV Model now despite having such a beautiful and gorgeous rear-end the Seltos KIA CAR also doesn’t escape some of the design fails at least in my eye when you see the reflectors here you see that the reflectors are a little bit high up and a bit out of place right there.

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it would have looked better if they just integrated this in the rear bumper but when you go down to the rear bumper you’ll see that you get twin fake exhaust garnishes down here now it would have been more streamlined looking if the reflectors were just here but no the designers of the 2021 KIA Seltos SUV really just had a difficult time deciding what to put at the rear end whether a reflector or a fake exhaust garnish so, in the end, they decided to post both reflectors and that twin fake exhaust garnish right there.

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now when you open the manual liftgate you’ll see that the Best SUV KIA SELTOS INDIA can accommodate 433 liters of trunk capacity now translated to Reagan’s luggage test we have here a piece of hand-carry luggage and I’ll put this in the middle here and as you could see there you go it’s large enough well to accommodate a single piece of hand-carry luggage now the 433 litters would be good enough for maybe a large 30-kilo suitcase or maybe a couple of medium-sized suitcases as well.

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Now let’s head over to the front and see what kind of motor powers the philippine spec New Kia Seltos all Kia Seltos variants in the Philippines gets the same two-liter new engine that can be found in the same surfaces that are sold in the Australian market this 2-liter baby can muster 147 horses and 179-newton meters of torque now while having a two-letter engine in this cell this is a refreshing change from all of the 1.5-liter crossovers that we’ve been seeing of late well we still don’t get the more powerful turbo petrol engine that the other markets get or even a dual-clutch transmission rather this two-letter baby here is mated to Kia’s intelligent viable transmission order version of a CVT well later on.

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in the test drive we’ll just see how intelligent this transmission can be now quoted the fuel economy figures for this two-liter motor stands at nine kilometers per liter in the city and as much as 20 kilometers per liter in the highway now how in the world can this 2-letter motor muster 20 kilometers per liter you say well it is an Atkinson cycle engine which prioritizes fuel economy over performance the Kia New Kia Seltos is marketed as a vehicle for a tech-savvy millennial.

So I have high expectations when it comes to its kit and cabin amenities let’s see how it fares first up the seats of the stop spec SX Seltos KIA CAR that we get here are not completely wrapped in leather instead you get cloth seats that have leatherette inserts on the sides to its credit though the seats are soft and quite plush and they don’t really spell Econo seats to me now thankfully your steering wheel is leather-wrapped here and the wheel also has a myriad of buttons that are quite a premium feeling to the touch the buttons control your Bluetooth calling some infotainment buttons as well and a cruise control setup here.

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the steering wheel also tilts and telescopes see and that would be a big blessing to a lot of taller drivers out there moving from your steering wheel you move on to your instrument gauge cluster and you have here a fully analog instrument gauge system you’ve got a tachometer a speedometer and a black and white or even a grayscale multi-information display in the center that shows your vital stats now having seen a lot of other crossovers in the segment that are sporting fully digital instrument gauge clusters the fact that we have this analog setup here is a little bit on the disappointing side thankfully from your traditional analog gauge cluster here you can move to your infotainment system and the infotainment system of the 2021 KIA SELTOS SUV is a saving grace in the cabin this baby here is an eight-inch touchscreen system that has Bluetooth connectivity apple car play and android auto you also get a rearview camera here for the top-spec SX KIA SELTOS 2021  you don’t get a 360 degree view camera but guys for a car this small you don’t really need a 360 degree view camera.

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now this top-spec SX 2021 SELTOS also gets some rear parking sensors so the sensors coupled with the rearview camera is more than enough to help you with most parking duties the good thing here as well is you get physical knobs and buttons on the side of your infotainment system which should help you when it comes to fiddling around on your setup whenever you’re going out for a drive that way well you won’t have any accidents or you wouldn’t get the chance to try the safety features that are found in the NEW SELTOS SUV.

The top-spec 2021 SX XUV SELTOS here also gets an engine start button and a single-zone automatic climate control system, as well as a drive mode selector that can be found at the side of the shifter this drive mode will take you from eco to normal to sport mode now another frustration that I’ve encountered inside the New BS6 Kia Seltos, is the fact that it doesn’t have an electronic parking brake or an auto-hold feature now that is a very millennial feature in most crossovers nowadays but instead of an electric parking brake well you get a tito mechanism right here you also get a couple of cup holders a little bit on the small side let’s see how it fares in my clean canteen test so I have my clean canteen flask right here.

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see if it fits but it doesn’t go all the way in so this is a fail when it comes to my clean canteen test now from your cup holders you also get well uh leatherette wrap center armrest here in the middle to rest your well your arms you also have a few charging ports in the front area I got a couple of 12-volt charging ports and a sole USB port as well now when you look at the entire cockpit layout of the New Kia Seltos you could see that it is a very pleasant environment to spend time in it’s quite well put together its design is quite intuitive and quite coherent in terms of well set up but when you start touching stuff like when you touch the door panels and the dashboards.

you’ll see that you are actually surrounded by some pretty hard plastics it’s um it’s nice-looking it’s well put together but well it is still hard plastics thankfully though the armrest on your door panel is still wrapped in leatherette and you as I mentioned you also have that leatherette wrap center armrest right here in the middle so with that guys let’s go over to the back seat and check out if there are any toys or cabinet amenities for your rear passengers now the back seat of the KIA set us to recover some brownie points.

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when it comes to space I’m five foot six guys and as you can see I got a good amount of headroom here I’m calculating maybe around five inches of headroom before I touch my the headliner now the driver’s seat is positioned to somebody of my height as you can see I got like around seven inches worth of space in terms of knee room and in terms of legroom i got a ton of space as well now the brownie points earned for the back seat ends there because when it comes to toys well even the stuff spec New Kia Seltos SX doesn’t really get any toys at all you don’t have rear ac vents here you don’t even have a USB or a 12-volt charging port in the center you don’t even get a center armrest with a cup holder so if you’re ferrying some of your millennial friends.

well, they better hang on to their Starbucks frappuccinos because there’s really no place to put it unless you want to put it right here beside the door but I don’t think this place is big enough to hold a frappuccino so it’s quite obvious guys that the NEW KIA SELTOS SX SUV CAR is marketed really for that young millennial who probably doesn’t really have a family to ferry around or maybe doesn’t really have too many friends as well that will be sitting in the back seat because there’s really nothing that can be found here in the back seat thankfully though the rear passenger gets a couple of map pocket a map pocket here it’s also finished in leather but the driver’s side doesn’t get any map pockets at all you do have some Isofix testers.

2021 KIA Seltos seats Price feature on road comparision autojournalism website 32

so thankful if you have like small babies you could use those and anyway small babies don’t really need like charging ports or cup holders or whatnot so guys at this point let’s hop back to the driver’s seat and take this NEW SELTOS SUV 2021 out for a short drive just to show you how it feels on the road all right so we’re now behind the wheel of the 2021 KIA SELTOS SUV sx80 now guys if safety is a big thing for you well you better pony up for the top-spec variant of the New Kia Seltos here in the country why because well this baby sports six airbags plus it’s got a plethora of all the safety features that you need such as well abs you got stability control you’ve got traction control you’ve got heal start assist and he’ll descend control as well for the lower variance of the SELTOS KIA 2021 well you don’t really get all those safety goodies you get a couple of airbags and abs and well seat belts.

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now in terms of visibility guys well the 2021 New Kia Seltos is a subcompact crossover and as some compact crossovers go well this baby is pretty average when it comes to visibility my sitting position isn’t really that high it’s actually quite average it’s quite normal so it’s a perfectly decent well visibility and setting position for me granted i’m only five foot six so maybe if you are a taller driver and given the fact that we’ve got a good amount of headroom here would mean that you’d probably have more visibility if you are taller than me the New Kia Seltos 2021 is meant to be a global crossover after all now let’s try the acceleration of this ivt i am in sport mode right now guys and i must say that well it while it’s not as spirited as well some of the sportier crossovers that i’ve tried out in the past this baby can acquit itself quite well in that short break of acceleration that i’ve tried it on the ivt in sport mode feels more like a traditional six-speed automatic believe it or not the sport mode’s tuning is quite decent especially for well a cvt.

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now there are some poorly tuned CVTs out there and I am happy to say guys that this baby is not one of them this 2021 SELTOS KIA SX has a CVT that feels more like an actual automatic transmission and that for me is quite a good thing it may not have the lightning-fast shifts of a dual-clutch transmission that the other markets would get but this ivt well it acquits itself pretty decently moving now in slow-going traffic I got a pretty slow car in front of me right now it’s quite well composed when it comes to shifting it doesn’t feel like it’s hunting for gears and all that which is normally the case when you’re driving let’s say a dct transmission at slow speeds now when it comes to steering feel well the steering wheel of the SX Seltos KIA CAR is one of the lighter ones that I’ve tried it also has a dinky sounding horn check it out that is so dinky.

anyway, guys, as I was saying well the steering wheel up there’s some traffic up there I’m gonna avoid that I’m gonna do a u-turn yep turning radius of the NEW SELTOS SUV is a little bit on the wide side for a small crossover you see I didn’t I wasn’t able to do the full turn despite occupying like almost three lanes there so the turning ranges of this baby is a little bit on the wider side so you have to take that into consideration as well now as I was saying the steering feel well this baby has one of the lighter wheels that I’ve encountered it has a decent amount of feedback though it’s not as anesthetic as some of the other wheels that I’ve encountered in the past suspension feel is a little bit on the sporty side it could take corners with a little bit more gusto than your regular average subcompact crossovers out there.

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I could even say that it almost rivals the handling characteristics of a Mazda cx-30 believe it or not NVH is also quite good it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a subcompact crossover that’s already tickling the premium crossover level it’s quite decent and quiet inside in this cabin and that’s actually nice sounds really good as well, of course, this is just a test unit with a little bit over 2000 kilometers on the clock so in terms of suspension it doesn’t really have any worrying noises underneath your car the thing is I’ve owned the KIA for almost 10 years I have a Sorrento with a 2011 model and when it comes to the suspension tuning in Nokia really knows how to make quite sturdy suspension systems and I would be very very confident that the 2021 KIA Seltos SUV would also sport the same characteristic.

so overall guys well the KIA New Kia Seltos 2021 has it really lived up to its name as the son of Hercules I must say that yes this baby has what it takes to be a global crossover and that is its main mission its quest if you may in its life which is to be a global crossover that would please like a wide expanse of car drivers and buyers out there all over the planet I must say that well KIA has already ticked all the right boxes when it comes to the 2021 KIA Seltos SUV well when it comes to being a global subcompact crossover the KIA 2021 New Kia Seltos is a welcome addition to KIA’s local crossover lineup with its dashing good looks and decent drive the large Kia Seltos 2021 interior space inside well that’s perfect for the millennial that lives an active lifestyle while this handsome exterior design is perfect eye candy for whenever you alight at the driveway of a five-star hotel once again.

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