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New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India

New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India

last week honda announced a slightly more modern sporty sort of scrambler-looking version of their cb350 for the Indian market called the cb350rs and in today’s video we’ll go over the specs of this new machine from honda and find out what sets it apart from the CB 350 highness.

Now clearly it’s a very similar bike to the cb350 both use a 348 cc single cylinder air cooled engine thus capable of a peak of 21 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 30 newton meters of peak torque at 3,000 rpm clutch action should be nice and light with a slip assist design as well as smoothing out aggressive downshifts and there’s also a five-speed gearbox the engine is suspended low in a duplex cradle steel frame which honda says helps to keep the center of gravity low for easy going handling and in terms of dimensions the rs gets the same 800 millimeter seat height as the regular cb 350 although kerb weight is a couple of kilograms down at 179 whilst the all-important ground clearance in the indian market has gone up from 166 to 168 millimeters tank capacity remains at 15 liters though which should be plenty with a fairly economical little engine like this in terms of suspension the rs gets the same telescopic fork up front and the twin shocks at the rear braking comes in the form of a single 310mm disc at the front and a 240mm disc at the rear with dual channel abs on hand for added safety both bikes get honda’s selectable torque control which is their name for switchable traction control whether or not it’s truly necessary on a 21 horsepower bike though is perhaps questionable but in less than ideal riding conditions or on loose surfaces.

New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India
New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India

some riders might prefer to have it and for those that don’t you can always switch it off now one feature missing from the rs though is honda’s smartphone voice control feature which allows you to pair a phone and headset with the dash to control navigation music phone calls and messages using both voice commands and the controls on the switchgear this is present on the Dlx pro version of the regular cb350 and it’s certainly a tempting feature if you’re using navigation frequently or like to take calls when you ride

New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India

The thing is the rs is actually more expensive than that version the CB 350 starts at 1.85 lakh while the Dlx pro version with the smartphone control and fancier paint is 1.9 the rs comes in at 1.96 so what do you get for that extra cash really, it’s a styling job you can see hints of their bigger bikes in this rs design with a new headlight more modern-looking side panels mudguards and grab rails and what they call eye-shaped indicators as opposed to the circular versions on the cb350.

New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India
New 2021 Honda CB350RS Price in India

they’ve certainly tried to give it a bit of a scrambler look too with a tuck and roll style seat tyres with a more looking tread pattern and a revised exhaust with a heat shield that’s super common on that style of the bike there’s also a sump guard which might add a bit of protection to the underside of the engine and fork boots contribute to the styling whilst also potentially keeping a bit of dirt away from the innards both bikes get the same 19-inch front wheel but the rs has a 17-inches on the rear as opposed to the 18 on the CB 350 and it’s wider too were 150 millimeters rather than 130 that will give it a slightly more substantial sportier look from the rear but again at 21 horsepower the extra grip is basically academic and so that’s essentially the toss-up do you go for the more modern aggressive-looking rs version and stomach the extra cost or do you save some cash with the traditional looks of the CB 350 Dlx or Dlx pro and get the smartphone connectivity on the pro.

as always I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below I’m sure there are a few of you who would go for neither and just buy an Enfield meteor 350 instead so I’d love to hear from you too and if you’re new here then Bookmark this page.

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