New Hero Passion Pro BS6, OnRoad Price, All 5 Colours List

New 2021 Hero Passion Pro BS6 Price, Mileage, All 5 Colours HD Images

Hero Passion Pro Full Review

We have the all-new hero passion pro with us now it does not only get a brand new bs6 engine but also a new wheelbase and a platform now the hero is focused on young buyers that’s why you can see it’s a stylish commuter’s bike.

Now apart from this it also comes with a couple of smart features so we will get into all the new features and what the new passion pro is all about design is an integral part of this bike and you can see straight away that gets a bigger headlamp, it retains a halogen lamp but you can also see that the wiser is a lot bigger.

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Now coming here forward you can see that the instrument cluster is also brand new it gets an analog speedometer and here is the digital screen which reads the trip meter the auto meter and how much fuel there is now moving forward to the tank you can see it’s a lot more muscular and these extensions here give a sporty flare to it.

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Now coming to the seat it is a bit soft where is ideal for short commutes you will not feel uncomfortable but on long distances yes you might end up sinking into
it so it can be a bit uncomfortable now moving forward when you come to the tail lamp it has a huge h design which is the signature for hero now hero also has improved the travel suspension of the rear as well as the front forks.
so this basically ensures that the ride quality is very comfortable

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Now the question arises how does the passion pro.
actually, behave on the road now the brand new 113 cc, the engine churns out 9 bhp and 9.89 mm of torque, now it’s a smooth operator it easily tackles slow-moving traffic but at the same time it remains stable in 60 to 80 kilometers per hour now yes at a higher speed you can feel niggling vibrations from the footpeg or from the tank but these are minimal stuff it’s not a deal-breaker as such now the best part about this bike is that
the four-speed gearbox has tall gear ratios.
so what that means is when you’re commuting in slow-moving traffic you don’t need to keep shifting gears so there’s no stress while riding and on top of that it’s a very fuel-efficient bike.

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Now in terms of ride quality, the passion pro is definitely a lot more superior than its previous edition, now it easily sails over potholes, and in terms of being rigid and ride handling qualities it is also a lot more superior thanks to the brand new the diamond frame now when you look at the practicality its ground clearance has also improved by 180 mm
now as mentioned earlier this motorcycle also offers intelligent features now we like to start off with the i3s feature which basically is the start-stop function by hero now if you come to a stop at a traffic signal, the engine automatically cuts off the power and the
the easiest way to restart it is just pulling the clutch lever it also comes with an auto sail feature now this basically ensures that the motorcycle crawls at slow traffic without you needing to change gears or again pull the clutch lever now these are very important
and practical functions it also comes with multiple sensors like it can read the air density if you’re riding at a high altitude place and the air temperature it also reads the throttle response so there are a lot of sensors and a lot of technology gone into this motorcycle
the passion pro is available in two variants the drum and the disk.

Now the passion pro easily is the best looking motorcycle in the segment it comes with vibrant colors it looks youthful and it has intelligent features now it is definitely still a value for money motorcycle and is backed by the vast hero network service.

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The 113 cc engine is really smooth there’s no stress it is mated with a four-speed gearbox
which has tall gearings so it ensures that the economy is not compromised at the same time you don’t keep shifting gears changing gears when you’re riding in slow-moving traffic now when it comes to intelligent features it comes with start and stops feature that helps you save fuel and it also comes with a crawling feature which is called auto sail so when you’re going through slow-moving traffic you just choose the gear and let the bike go by itself you don’t have to keep changing the gears or keep pressing the clutch now these are extremely practical and important features which none of the other motorcycles in this segment offer so if you’re in the market for a commuter’s bike and an intelligent bike then look no further than the passion pro thank you so much for reading this post and please do let us know what your feedback is.

hero passion pro bs6 2021
hero passion pro bs6 2021



  1. Type – Air-cooled 4 stroke
  2. Bore & Stroke – 50.0 x 57.8 mm
  3. Displacement- 113 cc
  4. Maximum Power- 6.73 kW @ 7500 / ( RPM ) revolutions per minute
  5. Maximun Torque – 9.89 Nm @ 5000 / ( RPM ) revolutions per minute
  6. Compression Ratio – 9.7:1
  7. Starting System – Electric start/Kick start

Transmission & Chassis

  1. Clutch – Wet Multi-Plate
  2. Gearbox – Constant Mesh
  3. Frame – Diamond


  1. Front Suspension – Conventional fork – Dia 30mm
  2. Rear Suspension – Twin shox


  1. Front Brake Disc – 240mm
  2. Front Brake Drum – 130mm
  3. Rear Brake Drum – 130mm – Tyres
  4. Front Tyre – 80/100-18″ TL
  5. Rear Tyre – 80/100-18″ TL
  6. Electricals – Battery (V-Ah) 3Ah MF


  1. Length – 2036mm
  2. Width – 715mm (Drum), 739mm (Disc)
  3. Height – 1113mm
  4. Saddle Height – 799
  5. Wheelbase – 1270
  6. Ground Clearance – 180
  7. Fuel Tank Capacity – 10 Litre
  8. Kerb Weight – 117kg (Drum), 118kg (Disc)

*All Specification for Disc variant Bike

 The ex-showroom price of Passion Pro BS6 – New Delhi 

Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi – INR  66,500 

Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi – INR 68,700 

 OnRoad price ( approx ) of Passion Pro BS6 – New Delhi 

Self Start Drum Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi – INR    78,900 

Self Start Disc Brake Alloy Wheel – Fi – INR   81,400 

OnRoad In Meerut – 83,400 ( approx )

 Mileage: 80kmpl  ( approx )


  • New Hero Passion Pro BS6 All 5 Colours Names List with Images

  1. Techno Blue
  2. Heavy Grey Metallic
  3. Moon Yellow
  4. Sports Red
  5. Glaze Black


  1. New Hero Passion Pro Techno Blue


2. New Hero Passion Pro Heavy Grey Metallic


3. New Hero Passion Pro Moon Yellow


4. New Hero Passion Pro Sports Red


5. New Hero Passion Pro Glaze Black


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