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New Land Rover Defender Car – All Colours Variant

New Land Rover Defender Car – All Colours Variant 2021

Hello and thanks for taking the time to find out a little more about the land rover defender, in this post we will give you full information about the New Land Rover Defender Car – All Colours Variant and more than any other car the defender defines the land rover as a brand and it’s no surprise that the reimagining of this iconic vehicle took some time two wheelbases at launch a three-door compact 90 and a capacious practical five-door 110 form is still secondary to function all-wheel drive and a twin-speed gearbox are standard the move to an eight-speed auto a welcome refinement the 90 rides on coils and springs are standard whilst.

Full Review – New Land Rover Defender Car

New Land Rover Defender Car
New Land Rover Defender Car

The 110 is equipped with air suspension for a slightly smoother ride and height adjustment a full suite of terrain response systems ensure that the defender is always offering the best control and power delivery whatever the conditions outside certainly with this new model less expertise and effort is required from the driver to exploit the full capabilities of the vehicle off-road demands dictate a high ground clearance of up to 29 centimeters wading depth of 900 millimeters and wheels pushed to the corners for class-leading approach and departure angles.

The final design is instantly recognizable as a continuation of a line that began in 1948 but it is unashamedly a modern 4×4 with the latest technology respectful of the past but not shackled by it the classic silhouette is completed with the spare wheel bolted to the side opening back door alpine lights bathe the rear of the cabin with natural light the defiantly upright body is more than 95 percent aluminum reducing weight but also delivering the stiffest toughest chassis land rover has ever produced other cars may seek to hide these underpinnings but it seems entirely appropriate the defender wears.

Interior: Dashboard & Look

land rover 2021 dashboars
land rover 2021 dashboars

The chassis with pride exposing structural beams as part of the dashboard the powder-coated aluminum lending a cool tactile texture seating configuration allows for five or six occupants or up to seven in the 110. as standard you get a walk through space between the front seats and you can choose to replace that with a center console which can incorporate a fridge or a folding jump seat it isn’t a full-width seat but it is the one that takes me straight back to my childhood rambling around the broken tracks on my uncle’s farm alternatively in the 110 you can specify plus two seats for the rear you can’t have these with the jump seat and of course, the rear seats all fold flat to give you a large practical load space elsewhere the cabin continues a rugged practical theme with hard-wearing seat coverings a rubber floor with flat door sills to allow a thorough internal rinse and large utilitarian storage areas.


land rover 2021 INFOTAINMENT
land rover 2021 INFOTAINMENT

The technological heart of the new defender is our new Pivi pro infotainment system always on as soon as you get in the car the system is alert and waiting for your command PV pro is responsive quick and the whole implementation has a simple elegance climate control dials ensure you don’t need to go hunting in touch screen menus for the functions that you need most often a quick press on these dials accesses heated and cooled seat controls press the fan button and the dial controls ventilation press terrain response button and dials around to select drive mode it’s a minimalist interface but not one that has compromised usability in search of minimalist ideal passenger comfort and well-being is further addressed with the new air purification technology filtering out allergens and particulates and then using ionization to remove contaminants at a bacterial level air quality is constantly monitored and reported to the driver and the new air purge feature can be activated remotely from the phone app to refresh and purify the cabin air before passengers enter optional wireless charging allows compatible phones to charge without plugging in 3d surround cameras are standard and can simulate many different views around the outside of the car like a remote scout checking the terrain for obstacles you can even see the ground underneath.



The car to precisely position front wheels on off-road terrain or save the alloys driving down a narrow street with high kerbs the optional clear sight rearview mirror uses a camera mounted on the rooftop antenna to give a perfect view that will not be obscured by tall passengers or large loads and we’re land rover so we build a touch screen that you can operate with gloves on supplied with a 4g sim the connected system can update over the air ensuring that system updates are applied promptly and maps are kept current with voice control setting the destination is as simple as reading out the addressable car play and android auto is standard and the integration of your phone can be taken further with the dedicated app which allows remote lock and unlocks export of journey logs to an excel spreadsheet and remote start which allows the defender to securely de-ice and warm itself up ready for departure in winter and cool itself down before you get in for your comfort in summer the electronic locking differential option brings with it torque vectoring a system that allows for sharper cornering by applying the brakes to just the inside wheels and keeping the power on the outside wheels great for when you want to drive more enthusiastically.


landrover defender 2021 model price
landrover defender 2021

Whatever adventure you’re headed for the chances are you’ll be getting some of the ways on the tarmac and the new defender handles that challenge just as well as any other terrain clearly the off-road capabilities will be tested in every review but in many ways, it feels like a foregone conclusion when the best 4×4 company in the world set out to make the most capable 4×4, of course, it will perform the revolution is perhaps more in the on-road drive where there was substantial room for improvement over the original modern technology means that we no longer have to compromise we can have an extremely long-travel suspension and a taut comfortable ride that stays flat through corners the air suspension has a system we call adaptive dynamics allowing the stiffness of the dampers to be adjusted on the move giving a more comfortable ride on a smooth straight road and tightening up if you start throwing the car into corners and it reacts really fast.


New Land Rover Defender Car 2021
New Land Rover Defender Car 2021

The system sensors report 500 times a second if you hit a pothole with your front wheel at 70 miles an hour by the time the rear wheels are having to deal with it the suspension will already have adapted to minimize the impact on the ride always delivering the perfect balance of ride comfort and stability control standard kit is generous18-inch wheels led headlights power-folding mirrors surround cameras connected navigation cruise control climate control an 8-speed auto all-wheel drive low range every defender is capable of great things engine wise a three-liter straight-six diesel produces between 200 and 300 horsepower providing the low down torque that is so well suited to off-road use and towing and fuel economy well matched to clocking up motorway miles two and three-liter petrol engines provide 300 and 400 horsepower respectively the three-liter making the most of its electric supercharger to deliver defender to 60 miles an hour in just 5.8 seconds the 110 is also available as a plug-in hybrid or p-her combining a 2-liter petrol engine with an electric motor to offer zero-emission driving around town with no concerns about the range on longer journeys you just drive it as you would a petrol car and it will automatically switch between petrol and electric propulsion deploying both together when you need it for a combined output of 404 horsepower when you come home simply plug it in the charging socket mirrors.


Land Rover Defender 2021
Land Rover Defender 2021

The fuel filler on the other side of the vehicle and a wall box will recharge it fully in about three hours ready to deliver an electric-only range of up to 27 miles meaning many owners will complete their daily commute without even starting the petrol engine a sprightly north to 60 times of just 5.4 seconds makes it a satisfying dynamic choice as well the s model adds a grained leather interior heated power-adjustable front seats 19-inch alloy wheels keyless entry an auto dipping main beam and an interactive driver display replaces the standard dials with a customizable display in front of the drivers raise wheel size up to 20 inches adds the clear sight rearview mirror blind spot assist and electrically adjustable steering column and memory settings for seat and mirrors useful if you share the car with another driver.


land rover 2021 SPEAKERS
land rover 2021 SPEAKERS

All this is topped off with an enhancement to the stereo offering meridian’s 400 watts 11 speaker units adds a sliding panoramic roof a heated steering wheel a smooth Windsor leather interior continuing over the tops of the doors and the dashboard and a couple of driver technologies matrix led lights to create a cone of shadow around other road users so as not to dazzle them but maintain full-beam illumination everywhere else for unsurpassed night time vision and adaptive cruise control which uses radar to match the speed of the car in front slowing all the way down to a stop if necessary for relaxed motorway driving and stress-free control in stop-start traffic new x-dynamic variants of these models are treated to a range of changes designed to reflect the off-road character emphasizing wheel arches door sills and recovery hoops with a Narvik black finish and darkening the alloy wheels inside x-dynamic utilizes a durable new robust material along with illuminated defender tread Platesiga gray door handles and an ebony Morzine headlining range-topping x takes the power capability and technology to the max a 700 watt 14 speaker meridian stereo head-up display black contrast roof and bonnet enhanced brakes with orange brake calipers a configurable terrain response system to let the driver dial-up and save their personalized action control program and an electronic active differential to ensure the power is always delivered with control and precision with a raft of customizable options and accessories do check out the land rover online configurator for the full selection thank you.

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