New Royal Enfield Meteor 350CC Bike Price – BS6 2021

New Royal Enfield  Meteor  350CC Bike


Royal Enfield is Very Popular All over the World and Most Popular Bike In India is Bullet ( Classic 350 ), and Now Company Launches its New Bike Royal Enfield Meteor.

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it is a royal Enfield after all and this bike will feature the new engine which is the j platform engine now of course we all know the UC engine will no longer be available in all the 350cc models and we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see what the changes will be to this bike
and if you are not familiar the meteor is actually the replacement for the thunderbird
x so the meteor is still an all-new bike designed from the ground up and it looks very good
the low slung body is crafted around this twin downtube spine frame it looks smooth and the 15-liter fuel tank the 41-millimeter front forks and of course the alloy wheels with disc brakes on the front and rear give it some new-age muscle it now has modern elements as well.
such as an led tail light and led around the halogen headlight, it also features a dual instrument pod including a digital pod for connected navigation
so we’ve had the bike for a few days now and I have to say that when we spoke to royal Enfield they told us that they’ve definitely designed this by keeping in mind that this will be a global product so they did want the quality and the finishing to be on a different level on a global uh level actually and I have to say after riding this bike and feeling it and touching it does have a significant improvement in terms of quality when you look at the older thunderbird x which really was very poor in quality in my opinion so the biggest changes now obviously as I mentioned.

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is the design elements and the engine but what really stands out about this bike is the ergonomics now uh in the top-end variant that I’ve got here at me which is the supernova the seat is extraordinary it is beautiful so comfortable so plush to sit on the highway when you’re riding even in the city it’s absolutely amazing now when I get on the bike you’ll notice the ergonomics are very relaxed riding and I love the way the handlebars are placed and the footpegs in place it’s a very very comfortable riding position so again a very nice cd position on this bike.
I actually love it for highway touring I’ve done some highway tuning already and this bike feels very very nice and plush on the road to make that plush ride the brother field had to make the suspension a lot stiffer and because of that stiffness. you will find that when you’re riding on broken roads or if you’re heading to Ladakh for example this would not be the ideal bike for that situation because this is primarily going to be a bike for uh long-distance touring the suspension really does not absorb bumps very well I had a few rough roads we rode on just today and really you know not the best feeling at all uh but on the highway at high speeds certainly, this bike feels very well planted on the road and you can easily cruise for hours and hours with total peace of mind another good thing is, of course, the fuel tank is fairly large it’s a 15-liter fuel tank so you don’t have to refuel a lot so that’s perfect for cruising again

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now coming to the engine the biggest changes of course as we know is that this is now the j platform engine uh and the field has done a great job of making it a much more refined unit now compared to the previous use to make the engine feel smoother and less vibey a real Enfield has included a primary balance shaft they’ve altered the fuel and air calibration
increased the board and reduced the stroke and tweaked the clutch just amongst many others now rolling field also wanted to retain the classic low-end grunt
and to do that they stuck with the two-valve setup and introduced an overhead cam to increase the revs. what you get now is a much more refined smooth and turkey engine
this obviously means though on paper the torque is down to 27 nm it still feels just as powerful as the previous engine.

obviously, this affects top-end power and you can feel that as you pick up speed as the bike runs out of breath but you get more power now with 20.2 bhp at a higher rev count of 6100 rpm so while the accelerating power decreases as you go faster you will still manage to get a higher top speed the 5-speed transmission also feels reassuring and it’s much better built now gear shifts are slick and click right into place so despite the specs that it has it’s certainly not the most powerful in this segment
you have the new honda highness and of course, you have the Benelli which are a little bit more powerful but in terms of refinement now this engine really took me by surprise I did not expect it to be.

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this refined and of course like I mentioned earlier Enfield said they wanted to make the quality on a global standard like the 650 twins this, however, is still not quite there it is definitely a lot more refined than before but the overall refinement level still you know could use some improvement if you’re riding let’s say less than 80 kilometers per hour the engine feels very nice and composed and there are no vibrations whatsoever around any of the body panels at all but when you go above 80 kilometers an hour you do feel a little bit of strain on the engine and you do start to feel small very small vibrations on the footpegs but they don’t bother you at all it’s not like that it’s gonna fall apart sensation at all it feels still pretty good and uh what even surprised me more was that this engine can actually ride at pretty high speeds so

on the greater nota expressway, we managed to ride for an average speed of about 120 kilometers an hour which is pretty fast for this bike and that’s also the top speed there was no traffic on the road whatsoever it was a nice fantastic wide-open highway and for about 15 minutes I was just cruising at 120 kilometers which is the speed limit by the way on that road and really the bike felt very carbon composed and the engine felt a little strange not too much to worry about though so really in that respect.

the engine did have significant improvements you still get good low-end torque you still got a good mid-range but the top-end power is obviously not there but still, you know with the price you’re paying for this bike it’s going to be less than 2 lakh rupees you can’t complain for a 350 cc model this has more than enough power for you to have a good time cruising at triple-digit speeds now the meteor is obviously a fantastic bike it looks good on the road it’s incredibly comfortable and smooth to ride and yes it still retains that iconic engine thumb character

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it also gets phone connectivity now and dual-channel abs across
all the variants but I do want to say there are still a few problems though with the meteor
besides the stiff suspension the brakes could be a bit more responsive they seem a bit weak though even though the abs system works really well and the digital tripper still has a few bugs that need to be fixed my navigation wasn’t responding at all but in all honesty, I would never connect my phone to a bike because I find it very distracting of course, this bike certainly is a massive improvement from the older uh thunderbird x models it really is showing the direction that ruin field is moving in it’s a good direction and the fact they’ve now got digital instrument clusters that are also now compatible for full connectivity and navigation is another step they’re taking towards getting younger riders onto the royal Enfield bandwagon but still, the brand is so very strong and they’ve been doing very well their new models have always been successful uh with exceptions of course the
but still, the main gist of it is that this new bike really is a good motorcycle that’s come out from the rolling field and something that we actually expected a few years ago it’s taken them some time to reach this level but we’re glad that we’re finally making products that are actually high in quality and feel good and are easy for anybody to

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Engine 349cc, Single Cylinder, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled
Torque Max Torque – 27Nm @4000 rpm
Power 20.2 BHP @6100 rpm
Gearbox 5 Speed Constant-mesh
Fuel Capacity 15 Liter
Ignition System Electronic Fuel Injection ( EFI )


Chassis Type Twin Downtube, Spine Frame
Front Tyres 100/90 -19″-57P ( TubelessTyres,Alloy Wheel )
Rear Tyres 140/70 -17″-66P ( TubelessTyres,Alloy Wheel )
Front Brake 300 mm Disc with Twin-piston floating caliper
Rear Brake 270 mm Disc with Single-piston floating caliper
ABS Dual-Channel
Front Suspension Telescopic, 41 mm forks, 130 mm travel
Rear Suspension Twin-tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6 steps adjustable preload


 Navigation in Meteor 

meteor meter 2021


 OnRoad Price  – 1.75 L to 1.90 L ( Approx )

 meteor 350 colours 

7 colour options Available 

  • Fireball Yellow
  • Fireball Red
  • Stellar Red
  • Stellar Black
  • Stellar Blue
  • Supernova Brown
  • Supernova Blue


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