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New Tata Harrier Camo Special Edition – All Variants Colours

  New  Tata Harrier  Camo Special Edition 


The brand new tata harrier XZA plus ( XZA+ ) camo special limited edition first of all this camo special limited edition is a cosmetic special edition launched by tata motors similar to the dark edition this includes a new exterior color theme and a different interior treatment this camo special edition package is available with the  XT, XT plus ( XT + ) XZ, XZA, XZ plus ( XZ+ ) and XZA+ Variants this car being the XZA plus you get all the features available on the regular XZ plus variant as well.



So first of all talking about the exteriors, of course, you can see that nothing has been changed in terms of the overall design and all the exterior features including the xenon projector headlamps remain exactly the same.
The main highlight of this camo special limited edition is the availability of this brand new camouflage foliage green color along with this black stone dark gray alloy wheels this dark gray alloy wheel color is also the same on the XT variant which gets a different 17-inch alloy wheel design you may have already seen this camouflage green color or the foliage green color on the brand new basic tata Nexon,
however, on the TATA area, it looks really really very good and kind of resembles the military vehicles, such as the army spec tata safari storm there are no specific feature additions on the camo limited editions, and the equipment list along with the specification remains exactly the same respect of the variant you choose all the variants to get reared led tail lamps however rear fog lamps are standard only on the XZ and the XZ plus variants while a rear windshield wiper washer and defogger are standard from the XM variant itself only the XT variant onwards this car receives a reverse parking camera a panoramic sunroof is available as standard only on the XT plus XZ plus and the XZA plus variance.

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However, to make your tata harrier camo special edition stand out even further tata motors have launched the new stealth package accessories this new stealth axillary package includes special body graphics on the bonnet on the sides of the car and the roof harrier mascot badging on the bonnet finished in black functional roof rails special design rear seat organizer special design omega arcs cuff plates harrier branded 3d trunk mats and printed carpets interior anti-skid mats rear seat sunshades special design side steps
and front parking sensors so that was all about the exterior of the brand new tata harrier camo special limited edition let’s just get inside to check out what are the differences over there, yes folks I am right now inside the brand new tata harrier camo special limited edition XZA plus based variant and this is how the interior looks like for the first glance immediately you will mistake this for the dark edition because the dark edition also looks almost exactly the same in terms of the dashboard design layout and the color theme this is an all black cabin as you can clearly see and even the seats are finished in black and these are the beniki calico leather upholstery.

so well what makes this camo edition uh differentiate from the regular dark edition are the
small finer details, of course, the exterior color is a big difference apart from that you get to see these contrast green stitch lines on the seats instead of white and these are basically the only difference on the inside because apart from that everything else remains exactly the same you get the very same black stone matrix finish on the uh dashboard instead of the wood finish you would get on the regular XZ plus and the XZA plus variants.

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so well that is all and every other feature on the XZA plus remains exactly the same as before so starting with the steering wheel of course you get the beautiful beninki calico leather-wrapped steering wheel which is really chunky and superb to hold however this center part of the steering wheel is just about okay in terms of the overall look and quality because this material it is a plastic material and it just feels quite different when you compare with all the other high-quality materials available in this interior.
so apart from that, the good parts are that you get tilt and telescopic adjustment as standard on all variants and this being the XZA plus you also get cruise control with a semi-digital instrument cluster automatic headlamps automatic wipers push-button start which is located on the right side of the steering wheel and you also get this massive 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system which comes with nine speakers from JBL

so that is also really very good and this here is the brand new six-speed torque convert automatic transmission borrowed from the Hyundai to so on this transmission is also mated to the multiple terrain response modes available on the standard tata harrier XZ and the XZ plus variants so this is also a really good system to have in terms of off-road capability so that was all about that apart from that you also get the climate control and you also get multiple drive modes for the engine that is the regular city mode then there is the economy mode sports mode and you also get front fog lamps and rear fog lamps on this top spec variant so let’s just turn on the displays and the power this is how the interior of the
new camo special limited edition tata harrier plus looks like in terms of the user interface and display quality it remains exactly the same however when you combine that with the all-black design cabin it feels kind of more premium than the regular brown and wood finish on the regular variants.

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so this is how everything looks like this instrument cluster is very very detailed as you
already know and the display can be controlled using these buttons on the right side of the steering wheel as you can see it has got trip meters power torque meters
average efficiency distance to empty and it can even show what song or fm is being played
on the infotainment system reflected on the instrument cluster itself so this here is the infotainment system and it also gets android auto apple carplay as you can clearly see the interface has been smoothened much better than before however it is still some way off for the benchmarks of this segment in terms of fluidity and say overall crispness but still this is a good system nonetheless the audio quality especially is fantastic from these JBL speakers you also get voice commands through which you can easily use the air conditioning and FM bluetooth whatever you want contacts messages and of course android auto and apple car play as well so in terms of overall practicality and usability there is no hassle at all it is one among the most say convenient systems to use if not the smoothest so that’s all about the infotainment system uh well coming further down, of course, I already showed you the terrain response modes the transmission lever and this here is the armrest which also gets the very same green stitch lines exclusive on this camo edition apart from these green stitch lines basically there is nothing that is different when you compare with the dark edition because the seat material the design of the seats themselves are exactly the same it could have been even further different from the dark edition if they had provided a different finish on the dashboard center but still they have used the very same Blackstone matrix kind of finish and of course this being the XZA plus you also get a massive panoramic sunroof which is also now available on the XT plus variant of the tata area and coming towards the roof of course you get this auto dimming irving which is the latest addition on the bs6 tata harrier and available only on this XZA
plus and the XZ plus variants and additionally you also get power-adjustable driver seat let me just show you that quickly,

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of course, these here are the controls for the power driver seat and this makes the tata area even more comfortable and easier to get comfortable in the driver’s seat coming towards the driver door, of course, well nothing here is actually different this here is the very same beniki calico leather finish on the grab handles on the armrest without any stitch lines so all the difference you get on the camo edition are these green stitch lines only on the seats because nowhere else you get to see these stitch lines only on the seats you get those and basically that’s it so let’s just quickly get to the back seat to check out what’s different over there yes folks I am now in the back seat of the brand new tata harrier camo edition XZA plus variant and this is how the dashboard looks like from the rear it is exactly the same dashboard layout and design and even the color theme seen on the dark edition.

So nothing different over here well the only difference are the stitch lines on the seats well let me show you that of course, you get the green stitch lines on the back seats as well
however those stitch lines are visible only on the further edges of the rear seats because at the center as you can clearly see no stitch lines no other detailing it is just a plain black leather seat so uh well in terms of overall value addition this camo edition may not be so special because there is no addition of features or even certain interior differences but the main differences are on the outside which include this brand new foliage green camo green color and the black stone alloy wheels so on the inside everything is very very good in terms of overall quality and even the equipment levels are quite good including this massive panoramic sunroof led lamps for all the passengers and voice commands included in the 8.8-inch screen footage system and nine speakers from jbl so the overall space remains exactly the same which is really really great and the seats themselves are
almost sofa like so nothing to fault in terms of overall comfort and convenience well that was all about the interior of this brand new camo edition xza plus variant of the tata header let’s just talk about the pricing of this limited edition.

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so that was a detailed video on the brand new tata hardier limited camo special edition quite similar to the dark edition this special edition is also all about the cosmetic appeal and the brand new color theme on the outside on the inside of course it is almost similar to the dark edition and there has been no addition of extra features but of course, you also have the option of personalizing your tata harrier camo special edition using the stealth accessory packages irrespective of the axillary packages this camo special edition theme is available only for an extra 15,000 rupees over the price of the regular tata harrier variants and for the additional cool appeal and greater looks I think it’s completely worth it so do let me know in the comment section below what do you think about this brand new tata harrier camo special edition and the stealth package



 Advanced ESP with 14 Additional Functionalities 

1. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
2. Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
3. Corner Stability Control
4. Off-Road ABS
5. Electronic Traction Control
6. Electronic Stability Control
7. Hill Hold Control
8. Hill Descent Control
9. Roll Over Mitigation
10. Brake Disc Wiping
11. Electronic Brake Pre-Fill
12. Hydraulic Brake Assist
13. Hydraulic Fading Compensation
14. Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake

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• Kryotec 2 L Turbocharged 170 PS BS6 Diesel Engine
• 6 Speed Manual Transmission
• Power Steering
• Tilt & Telescopic Adjustable Steering Wheel
• Projector Headlamps
• Dual Function DRLs with Turn Indicators
• Dual Airbags (Driver & Co-Driver)
• Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
• Hill Hold Control
• Traction Control
• Roll Over Mitigation
• Corner Stability Control
• Brake Disc Wiping
• ABS with EBD
• Rear Parking Sensors
• Perimetric Alarm System
• Central Locking
• 3 USB Ports (front & rear)
• Power Windows



 All features of XE plus 

• Multi Drive Modes 2.0 (Eco, City, Sport)
• Floating Island 17.78 cm (7”) Touchscreen Infotainment System
• 6 Speakers (4 Speakers + 2 Tweeters)
• Steering Wheel with Controls
• Follow Me Home Headlamps
• Front Fog Lamps
• Rear Parking Sensor with Display on Infotainment
• Electrically Adjustable Outer Mirrors
• Rear Wiper Washer
• Remote Central Locking
• 6 Way Adjustable Driver Seat




 All features of XM plus 

• R17 Alloy Wheels
• Soft Touch Dashboard with Anti Reflective ‘Nappa’ Grain Top Layer
• 8 Speakers (4 Speakers + 4 Tweeters)
• Android AutoTM & Apple CarPlayTM Connectivity
• Reverse Parking Camera
• Push Button Start (PEPS)
• Fully Automatic Temperature Control (FATC) with HVAC
• Dual Function LED DRLs with Turn Indicators
• Rain Sensing Wipers
• Auto Headlamps
• Cruise Controls
• Electrically Foldable Outer Mirrors
• Rear Armrest with Cup Holders
• 6 Way Adjustable Driver Seat with Lumbar Support



 All features of XT plus 

• Panoramic Sunroof




 All features of XT plus 

• Xenon HID Projector Headlamps
• Front Fog Lamps with Cornering Function
• Signature Oak Brown Interior Colour Scheme^
• Premium Benecke-KalikoTM Oak Brown Perforated 1 Leather Seat Upholstery & Door Pad Inserts
• Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel & Gear Shift Knob
• Terrain Response Modes (Normal, Rough, Wet)
• Floating Island 22.35 cm (8.8″) Touchscreen Infotainment System with High Resolution Display
• 9 JBLTM Speakers (4 Speakers + 4 Tweeters & Subwoofer) with Amplifier
• Acoustics Tuned by JBLTM
• Shark Fin Antenna
• Instrument Cluster with 17.76 cm (7″) Colour TFT Display
• 6 Airbags (Driver, Co-Driver, Seat Side & Curtain)
• Hill Descent Control
• Off Road ABS
• Child Seat ISOFIX Anchor Points: Rear Outer Seats
• Foldable 60:40 Rear Seat Split
• Dual Tone (Optional)




 All features of XZ/XZA plus 

• Panoramic Sunroof
• 6 Way Power Adjustable Driver Seat with Adjustable Lumbar Support
• Auto-Dimming IRVM
• R17 Two Tone Diamond Cut Alloys
• Dual Tone (Optional)


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Architecture (Optimal Modular Efficient Global Advanced Architecture)
derived from Land Rover’s D8 Platform

 Engine Max Power:  [email protected] 125 kW (170 PS) @ 3750 rpm
 Max Torque:  [email protected] 350 Nm at 1750-2500 rpm
 Type Kryotec  2.0 L Turbocharged Engine
 Fuel, Emission Norm Diesel BS6
 Capacity, Cylinders 1956 cc, In-Line 4-Cylinder
 Transmission Type 6 Speed Automatic/ 6-Speed Manual
 Dimensions Length x Width x Height (mm) 4598 x 1894 x 1706 (width without mirrors)
 Wheelbase  (mm) 2741
 Brakes  Front, Rear Disc, Drum
 Suspension  Front Independent, Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with Coil Spring & Anti Roll Bar Rear Semi-Independent Twist Blade with Panhard Rod & Coil Spring
 Tyres  Type (XE, XM/XMA) 235/70 R16 Steel | (XT, XZ/XZA, XZ+/XZA+) 235/65 R17 Alloys Spare 235/70 R16 Steel
 Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 50
 Boot Space  (Litres) 425
Boot Space with Rear Seats
 Folded (Litres) 810
 Seating Capacity  5 Seater

 Colors     Calypso Red, CAMO Green, Atlas Black- #Dark, Sparkle Cocoa, Orcus White
and Telesto Grey 

XE available only in Orcus White | Dual Tone options available in XZ/XZA/XZ+/XZA+ with Contrast

Black Roof only for Orcus White and Calypso Red | Atlas Black and CAMO Green only available in XT/XT+, XZ/XZA and XZ+/XZA+


tata harrier car all colours variants bs6 models price in india autojournalism 5



 Ex Showroom ( Delhi ) – PRICE LIST 


price list tata harrier 1
tata harrier price list 2
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 On Road Price – 

 Ex – 16.50 lakh and 19.69 lakh OnRoad Delhi – TATA Harrier XT Dark Edition 


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