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 Nissan Magnite  2020 


So finally a brand new Nissan I don’t remember seeing a brand new Nissan in a very long time now at the unveiling of this very important car.

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 2

Nissan Magnite BS6 2020 were tight-lipped about the dimensions variants or even the engine options of the magnet so this is more of a first impression of this SUV but it is safe to say at first glance,
This SUV really impresses thanks to the different approach it takes to the sub-4-meter SUV segment which includes its design, Where all the cars in this segment try to look macho the magnet is a little different
It tries to look sleek and sophisticated and clearly, New Nissan Magnite 2020 has nailed it as far as styling is concerned.
I’m going to start with the rear design of this car because clearly according to me it is the best looking back amongst all the segment, for example, it doesn’t look like it’s abruptly cut, it has the muscle to thanks to this boomerang-shaped crease and what adds to the style quotient are these sleek tail lamps and that sporty crease that runs all the way from the roof to the rear spoiler upfront the magnet looks more Datsun than the sun because it is always supposed to be a Datsun but anyway I’m not complaining.
Because of these sleek led headlamps, the hexagonal grille and the boomerang-shaped DRLS makes this car look very premium

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 9

in profile, the Nissan Magnite Car 2020 really surprises you because it looks
very proportionate as compared to any other car in its segment.
It also looks longer because of the pointy nose and the creases that run along the side
apart from that, even the wheelbase seems very big
which has a positive effect on the inside.
which is the rear seat space and comfort clearly there are lots of knee room
even the headroom is more than enough and apart from that the bench itself is comfortable you have a good amount of under the support
even the backrest is at a comfortable angle and even with the all-black cabin because of the big windows and the quarter glass over here.
you don’t feel hemmed in and clearly, the Magnite 2020 Car has one of the best back seats in its segment

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 25

as the rear seat, even the front seat of the magnet is comfortable and the driving position is just right commanding gets
sporty apart from that talking of the design the dash design looks really modern but when it comes to quality the fit and finish is closer to something like a Breeza
as compared to something like a sonnet or the venue
which is something that won’t really excite you but something that won’t really disappoint you either for example the fit and finish looks consistent and the modern dash design impresses you but as compared to something like a sonnet
or even the xuv30 it doesn’t feel as rich
or even the build quality doesn’t feel as solid
when it comes to practicality the New BS6 Nissan Magnite 2020 really impresses however not only you get a massive glovebox and big front and rear door pockets you get a lot of storage around the front center console area
even at the back, you get seatback pockets and cup holders in the center armrest the boot 2 at 336 liters is big but the loading lift is quite high you also get a 60 40 split-folding rear seat for added luggage space
but it doesn’t fold flat and there’s a huge hump that you have to make do with in terms of features the magnetite is quite well-loaded let’s talk highlights first it gets a 360-degree camera a good feature
but not well executed because the view from the camera is distorted and the camera quality is also not that great,
The second is android auto and apple car play which is wirelessly done which makes it one of the first cars apart from the sonnet to get this we also got to try it out and my android phone connected seamlessly and is definitely a welcome addition the third one is the digital instrumentation which can get a bit gimmicky but in this the execution is fantastic and this is how digital instrumentations should be done the 7-inch display is well laid out and easy to read but it is the smoothness and the finish with which the transition happens between different functions which really impresses you.

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 23

apart from these highlight features you also get an 8-inch infotainment system with automatic climate control.

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 27

rear air convents and a lot more at launch the 2020 Nissan Magnite and the top variant will also be offered with a tech pack which will include features like an air purifier pedal lamps ambient lighting a wireless charging pad and premium brand speakers the magnets feature list will be enough for most people
but we are spoiled by cars like the sonnet and the venue and you do miss out on some wow features for example you don’t get
leather seat upholstery no seat cooling and you also miss out

All New Nissan Magnite bs6 car 22

on a Sunroof in terms of safety features, the New Nissan Magnite offers a long list which you can see it right now on your screen.
so what’s missing in terms of airbags the New magnite offers too while the Triber the same car the BS6 Magnite is based on offers four Nissan hasn’t revealed the engine options on the Nissan Magnite 2020 except for the turbo petrol engine we think this engine will make around 100 ps of power and will come with a cvt automatic as well as a manual transmission option we aren’t expecting a diesel engine but we do think Nissan Magnite 2020 Car will put the one liter naturally aspirated engine from the driver in the magnet’s low variance to help achieve a wow starting price so overall the 2020 Nissan Magnite is a good package you get loads of space on the inside, it is well loaded with features you get a turbo petrol engine and you get a CVT transmission and not an AMT.
but that is something most of its rival is also offering so what is different with the magnet
the difference will be the price which we expected to be much lower than most of its sub 4 meter SUV rivals if Nissan manages to price the Nissan Magnite New Car aggressively
it will be a strong rival not only in its segment
but will also become a good alternative to people who are looking to buy premium hatchbacks like the Maruti Baleno and the Hyundai i20.

Q: What is the Price of Nissan Magnite Car?

 A: Price = 5.5 Lakh – 10 Lakh ( low to High Model ) Approx 

Q: What is the Mileage of Nissan Magnite Car?

 A: Mileage = 18 – 20 kmpl ( approx ) 

Q: Is Sunroof Available in Nissan Magnite Car?

 A: Yes Sunroof is Available. 

Q: What is The Price Of Nissan Magnite Car in My City?


Nissan Magnite Onroad Price in India

 A: Type your City Name in the Comment Box Our Team Will Reply With Onroad Price.

Q: nissan magnite launch date in india ?

 A: 21 January 


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