Top 10 bikes to buy under 2 lakh

Nowadays, second hand (used) bike market is growing faster than the new bikes. Demand for used bikes has become more especially in this tough condition we are living in. So, here are top 10 such a fantastic motorcycles which will never make you sad and will be there with you forever.

10. Royal Enfield Classic 500

Royal Enfield Classic 500 Price, Mileage, Colours, Specs, Images ...

The Classic 500 is for those who wants to enjoy the ride and wants ride in atmost comfort. The bike also has an amazing high speed stability. The bike can do the top speed of around 120-125 kmph. The bike has so much vibration at top end. But the low end power of this bike is good. The Royal Enfield Classis 500 is powered by a 499 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine, which produces around 27.5 ps of power and 41.3 nm of torque. If you want to ride bike in hill areas, this can be your best friend. Because it has lot of torque which you can use while going in hilly areas. The bike also returns mileage of around 30-37 kmpl according to your riding style. You can get this bike for around 1.3-1.5 lakh rupees.

9. Honda CBR 150

Honda was producing the production of CBR 150 to compete with the Yamaha R15. And it did gave competition to R15 pretty decently. And if you want to buy this bike for new, you can’t as it has been discontinued by the company. So, used bike is the only option you have. This bike is available for 1 lakh to 1.1 lakhs in used bike market. The bike will be available for pretty decent amount. The sweet part about this is that engine. It’s very reliable, the performance is good and you can relay on the engines of Honda. The CBR 150 R is powered by a 149.4 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled engine which produces around 19 ps of peak power.

8. Yamaha R15 V3

Yamaha R15 V3 is the bike which is ruling the current entry level sports bike segment. The bike has more committed riding posture than the CBR 150 and it is more track oriented machine. The R15 V3 also has an amazing engine which not only smooth but also very reliable and powerful. This bike is powered by a 155 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled engine which produces around 19 ps of power. If you wan to take it to some occasional road trips, you can do that also. But you have to sacrifice small amount of comfort which you’ll get on the CBR 150. The bike also excels in mileage department also. This can return you around 45-50 kmpl of mileage if you ride it sanely. The bike is a great handler when it comes to city rides and curvy roads.

7. Duke 250

The Duke 250 is an amazing naked bike from the company KTM. This bike has perfect riding posture for some highway tours. The engine of this bike is very peppy but not as raw as the Duke 200 or the Duke 390. You can feel some amount of vibration in top end. But its mid range performance is really great. The Duke 250 is powered by a 248.8 cc, single cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid cooled engine which produces around 30 bhp of power. You can easily get this bike for under 1.8 lakhs easily.

6. Mahindra Mojo XT 300

Mahidra Mojo XT 300 is a great value for money product from Mahindra. The bike has an amzing top end performance with an incredible 300 cc engine. The engine produces around 27 bhp of power and 26 nm of torque. The bike also has decent mileage. The only demerit of this bike is that servicing might be a headache for some people who live in rural areas. This bike can be availble for around 1.2-1.5 lakh rupees.

5. Bajaj Dominar 400

This is the bike which is made for hyper riding. The bike has is an amazing value for money product even if you buy it as a new product. The bike also has a great top end and mid range performance with a great punchy KTM engine. The bike is powered by the same 370 cc engine which is used in Duke/RC 390 also. This engine produces slightly lesser power than the Duke/RC 390 which is about 40 bhp. If you want to travel the world, this is the great starter performance tourer bike which one could bike. The bike is available for around 1.3-1.4 lakh rupees.

4. Royal Enfield Himalayan

This is the only bike which you need if you want to go anywhere in the world. Be it offroad or nice hoghways. This bike excels in offroad condition and can also be used as a good tourer. This bike has an amazing low end punch which you need while offroading and decent top end performance which you can use while touring on highways. The bike is available for the price of around 1.4 lakhs in used bike market.

3. Honda CBR 250

This bike has amazing top-end power and this bike loves to rev. The engine is also butter smooth as it’s an Honda product. The bike is just amazing in terms of reliability. You ca easily tour on this bike and go anywhere you want. The looks of this machine is dope and has amazing road presence also. In used bike market you can get it for really low price. At rupees 100k it’s an absolute steal.The Honda CBR 250 R is powered by 249.6 cc single cylinder, liquid cooled, 4-stroke, Fi (Fuel-intected) engine. That butter smooth 250 cc engine produces 26.15 bhp and 22.9 nm of torque.

2. KTM Duke/RC 390

These bikes are meant for performance. One who is looking for an ultimate performance bike then you can consider buying these bikes. If you want to travel then go for Duke 390. If you want an ultimate bike for track usage then go with the RC 390. These bikes are the ultimate bikes in single cylinder category. You have to forget about mileage if you ride it how it meant to be ridden. These are the ultimate bikes you can buy under 2 lakh rupees.

1. Benelli TNT 25

If you want a premium motorcycle under 2 lakh rupees then nothing id better than the Benelli TNT 25. This bike is powered by a 249 cc single cylinder engine which produces around 29 ps of power and 22 nm of torque. Keep in mind that this is a premium motorcycle offered by a premium brand. So, the service cost will be slightly high.

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