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Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021



The list is START WITH the CHEVY BOLT which is a small hatchback that starts around 32,000 dollars and should hit the market in mid-2021. the bolt has been around for a while and has always been fairly mediocre in my eyes when compared to something like a tesla model 3 because up until now they’ve been around the same price range i was never a big fan of the looks and performance of the bolt but the new bolt has been redesigned and also comes in a new variant called the bolt euv which stands for ( electric utility vehicle ) and is considered to be a crossover suv and has more space than the regular bolt as well as a slightly different exterior style the thing that excites me the most about the new chevy bolt and the bolt euv are the low prices the new bolt is actually 5,500 dollars  cheaper than the previous year’s model and the new bolt euv starts around 34,000 and if the new green act bill passes it could give gma 7000 dollars tax credit for 400,000 more electric vehicles which could potentially make the bolt and bolt euv start around 25,000 dollars and 27,000 dollars respectively that would be an insane deal the chevy bolt models are the most affordable EVs that have at least 250 miles of range with the bolt ev claiming to get up to 259 miles of range on a full charge.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

The bolt EUV launch edition will also be gm’s first vehicle to have their super cruise driver assistance package both bolt models are capable of dc fast charging of around 100 miles of range in just 30 minutes the only downside is there is no all-wheel-drive option on either of the bolt models only a single front motor but if you’re looking for a super affordable electric vehicle with a fresh new design and at least 250 miles of range the bolt is a great choice.



Now next up is probably the EV I’m looking forward to the most that are under 50,000 dollars and not a tesla it’s the NISSAN ARIYA which is a compact crossover SUV that starts around 40,000 dollars and should hit the market in the second half of 2021. now tesla gets a lot of credit for bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream but Nissan actually had the best-selling electric vehicle for a while with the NISSAN LEAF, So they are one of the ogs in the EV space and they know how to make a great electric vehicle with purpose, now when I first saw the NISSAN ARIYA I was initially skeptical about the design it kind of reminded me of a giant Duracell battery on wheels.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

but the more i saw it the more i became a fan of the sleek and sporty style, it comes in two battery size options either standard range or long range and either can be configured as front wheel drive or all-wheel drive and the full charge driving range is estimated to be between 200 and 300 miles based on the configuration with the standard range all-wheel drive having the least amount of range and the long-range front-wheel drive having the most amount of range the styling and features are the things that excite me the most about the NISSAN ARIYA it has an optional driver assistance system called pro pilot assist which looks promising and the interior tech looks amazing featuring dual 12.3 inch displays that serve as both the digital gauge cluster and the infotainment screen it also comes with apple carplay android auto and in-dash navigation, the quick performance should be a good competitor to the tesla model y with the aria expected to go zero to 60 in less than five seconds also nissan should still have the 7,500 federal tax credit even if the new green act bill doesn’t get passed which could bring the price down to around 30,000 for some customers.


Next is the VW ID4 which is a crossover SUV that starts around 40,000 and will be available for purchase in the first half of 2021.now where the Nissan Arya excelled in a sporty design with performance in mind the VW ID4 feels like it’s geared more toward being the quintessential family vehicle given the slower 0-60 acceleration speed of only 8.5 seconds on the rear-wheel-drive model now VW ID4 says the ID4 will be able to travel up to 250 miles on a full charge and comes in a few different options the pro first edition and pro s at first all VW ID4 models will offer only rear-wheel drive but the all-wheel-drive models will join the lineup later this year as well as a less expensive base model coming in 2022. the VW ID4 is capable of DC fast charging and in the U.S it will come with three years of free fast charging with electrifying America which is a nice perk.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

and the most exciting part about the VW ID4 is the quality you can expect for the relatively affordable price if you’re eligible for the current 7,500 tax credit this can bring the price down to around 33,000 which is awesome given the reputation that VW has built with their cars in the past it’s also capable of towing 2,700 pounds and the interior has a contemporary design with some high-tech features and ample cargo space cloth seats are standard but the optional statement package adds faux leather upholstery along with 12-way power-adjustable front seats and massage and memory functionality now the id4 comes standard with a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen that can be upgraded to larger 12-inch display navigation is standard with both displays and is expected to have apple car play and android auto as standard options as well all VW ID4 models also come with a 5.3-inch digital gauge display and voice recognition capability.



Now, this next EV is probably the one with a chance of the most mainstream success based on what I’ve seen so far the FORD MUSTANG MAKI is an electric crossover SUV that starts around 43,000 and is ready to order right now except for the top of the line GT model which comes in late summer it comes in two battery sizes in either rear or all-wheel drive and can provide anywhere from 211 miles up to 305 miles of range on a full charge depending on the configuration which in my opinion is way too many to choose.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

from now you may be wondering what makes this a mustang because literally nothing can be tied back to a normal gasoline mustang vehicle that we all know, well it seems to be that the main reason the name includes mustang is for brand recognition ford wanted to have a recognizable name for the main stream in order to have a desirable vehicle that can compete with tesla but it’s not just a name that competes with tesla the mustang maki packs a punch especially on the GT performance edition that goes zero to 60 in 3.5 seconds which matches the performance model Y but with that option you’re giving up about 70 miles of range compared to the performance model Y which is a stark differencehowever the maki still looks like a great vehicle the five passenger cabin is fitted with contemporary features and high-tech infotainment options as well as some unique cargo and storage solutionsit has a 10.2 inch digital instrument cluster along with a vertical 15.5 inch center touchscreen ford also promises over-the-air software updates plus it’s compatible with apple carplay and android auto and when paired with the tax credit the price comes down to around 36,000 which goes a long way for a vehicle like the MAKI.



Next is an EV that literally just got announced this week the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is a crossover SUV as of now it’s estimated to start around 45,000 dollars and is inspired by Hyundai’s 45 concepts, it’s based on Hyundai and KIA’s new electric global modular platform which uses an 800-volt architecture that provides impressive charging speeds the ionic 5 is estimated to travel up to 300 miles on a full charge and it marks the debut of Hyundai’s new all-electric ionic sub-brand which they say will bring 23 electric vehicles by 2025.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

The HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 should come standard with all-wheel drive and will be available with two battery options 58-kilowatt hour and 73-kilowatt hour the ionic 5 will also feature fast charging capability which is said to allow its battery to recharge to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes and can regain about 60 miles of range in just 5 minutes based on an overhead shot released by Hyundai the HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 ‘s interior will take advantage of its all-electric packaging which should provide a flat floor for maximum space it also looks like the giant display that spans nearly the entire Dashboard could be part of the final version for infotainment and connectivity features it should have voice recognition technology and be compatible with apple car play android auto and a wi-fi hotspot this is a very intriguing vehicle for fans of a futuristic design at a reasonable price it looks sleek and very high-tech and could cost under forty thousand dollars for some customers with the current federal EV tax credit.



Next is the EV that we know the least about right now but still made the list because of the anticipation the KIA CV also called the EV5 is the last crossover SUV on this list which yes i do apologize this list has been crossover heavy so far but the Kia CV looks amazing and is estimated to start around 45,000 KIA’s president Song Ho-sung, recently announced some of the CV’s highlights saying a full charge will allow a range of more than 500 kilometers or 311 miles similar to the IONIQ 5 it will also have the 800-volt architecture which enables ultra-fast charging.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

it claims to regain 60 miles of range in about four minutes some spy photos of the kia CV’s interior show two floating displays one being the instrument cluster and the other is the center infotainment display now the screens are positioned on a panel to give the impression of a single seamless screen wrapping around the cockpit as a single curved panel, however the most exciting part may be the performance the kia cv gt model is estimated to go zero to 60 in just three seconds which is quicker than the performance model Y and the porsche tycon turbo which costs a measly 150,000 dollars now the kia CV will also have a charging advantage over all of our previously mentioned similar size crossovers on this list like the id4 and the arya since they only support 400 volt charging and the peak power of their dc charger is 125 kilowatts and 130 kilowatts respectively now with the kia cv’s 800 volt charging system it would be possible to charge at 350 kilowatts charging the battery from zero to 80 percent could only take 18 minutes the kia cv will certainly be a forcein the ev market in 2021 now you know i couldn’t leave out.



This next electric vehicle even though it may not make it until early 2022. the tesla cyber truck starts around 40,000 for the single motor rear-wheel-drive variant but that’s not going into production until late 2022 so that’s why it’s here at this spot because the dual motor and tri-motor versions will be produced first in late 2021 and starting around 50 thousand dollars and 70,000 respectively the cyber truck is, of course, a futuristic cyberpunk inspired truck that has a nearly impenetrable exoskeleton made of ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel.

Top 10 electric vehicles in 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in 2021

i was lucky enough to attend the unveiling event in 2019 and got to ride in it and from first hand experience this thing is huge inside and out it can sit up to six people and can tow up to 14,000 pounds and has 100 cubic feet of storage and all of these storage spaces combine including the trunk bed which is referred to as the vault it can travel anywhere from 250 miles to over 500 miles on a full charge depending on the configuration and the performance is insane with a 0 to 60 speed of less than 3 seconds on the tri-motor all-wheel drive version just like with all tesla vehicles that come standard with their advanced driver assistance system autopilot and it has access to the best in-class nationwide tesla supercharger network and can charge up to 1,000 miles an hour on V3 superchargers tesla describes it as a better utility vehicle than a truck with more performance than a sports car and from the looks of it that seems to be true what else can be said about the cyber truck there’s nothing else like it for the price-to-specs ratio you can’t beat iti can’t wait to see it on the roads and experience it for myself.



Next up are probably the most hyped electric vehicles out of this entire list we’re talking about the RIVIAN R1T and RIVIAN R1S which start around 67,000 AND 70,000 respectively before any tax credits or rebates now it’s funny these are some of the most hyped vehicles yet they’re from the newest company Rivian was only founded in 2009 and since then they’ve gotten a lot of attention for their upcoming pickup truck the r1t and their SUV the r1s they’re backed by amazon and ford and they have a very specific target audience in mind and pretty spot-on branding with a focus on high-end luxury yet adventurous utility.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

if you want an all-electric pickup truck but hate the cyber truck then the r1t may be for you it promises at least 300 miles of range on the large battery pack and over 400 miles on the max battery pack with crazy performance using a quad motor all-wheel drive setup delivering a 0 to 60 speed of 3 seconds and up to 11,000 pounds of towing capacity, now the r1s suv only has the large battery pack option of 300 plus miles and can be configured as a 5 seater or 7 seater but it also comes in a quad motor setup with the same 0 to 60 speed of 3 seconds as the r1t, i was lucky enough to see both of these vehicles in person last year at fully charged live north america and they look just as good in person as they do in photos, unfortunately nobody got to drive them or sit inside them but the precision and attention to detail was obvious and the interior looks very premium and welcoming i think rivian will be hugely successful as long as they can keep up with the production demand and meet service needs as their customer base grows.



Next is a new edition of the reigning king of all EVs the tesla model S plaid plus starts around 140,000 and is expected to deliver in late 2021. the model s is what made me fall in love with tesla years ago but ever since the model 3 came out I was never a fan of the outdated model s interior it was the same for way too long with that vertical touchscreen layout well now tesla has refreshed the interior on the model s and model x and it looks amazing it has three total displays now a 12.3-inch driver display behind the all-new yoke steering wheel a new 17-inch center touchscreen with a resolution of 2200 X 1300 and a brand new 8-inch second-row display for backseat passengers don’t worry though.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

If you don’t like the new steering yoke based on that photo of a test model S it looks like you can choose a normal steering wheel however both wheels seem to have the new touch capacitive buttons since there are no longer any stalks on the steering wheel for controls it’s all done through the steering wheel or touch screen or even by the car guessing what you’re going to do according to Elon but the most exciting part may be the specs and performance model s plaid plus claims to have the quickest 0-60 in the quarter-mile acceleration of any production car ever made with the 0-60 coming in at less than 1.99 seconds in the quarter-mile at less than nine seconds which is absolutely bonkers it has over 1100 horsepower with three high-performance motors and carbon sleeved rotors and the best part is it can travel an estimated 520 plus miles on a full charge which is the longest range out of any EV on the market in 2021 needless to say the model s plus is the new EV king.



Last but not least the most expensive vehicle on this list the lucid air comes in a few different models but the one that will deliver first in 2021 is the dream edition which costs a whopping 169,000 dollars before any tax credits or rebates obviously this car is not in most people’s budget but they will have more affordable versions starting around seventy 70,000 comings later now the lucid air just screams luxury and innovation the estimated range on a full charge goes up to 517 miles depending on the version with over 1,000 horsepower on a dual-motor all-wheel-drive architecture.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021
Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021

now before the new model s plus was announced the lucid air claimed to be the longest range ev on the market led by tesla’s former VP of engineering lucid created the air to be the world’s most powerful and efficient luxury electric sedan it’s also the fastest charging electric vehicle right now with a 900 volt architecture in the capability to charge at rates of up to 20 miles per minute on a DC fast charger that translates to 300 miles of range and about 20 minutes of charging the air offers a full-size luxury class interior while maintaining an agile sport sedan footprint which results in the largest frunk of any EV to date, the lucid air interior is super futuristic and elegant with a 34 inch curved glass cockpit 5k display along with a retractable central pilot panel for a deeper control of the vehicle systems and functions it also has a promising competitor to tesla autopilot called the lucid dreamdrive advanced driver assistance system with 32 sensors covering vision, radar and ultrasonics and lidar this car will certainly be a sight to seetruly a car of the future and i hope to be able to experience it soon for you guys.

Top 10 electric vehicles in the world 2021 – List



  • VW ID4



  • KIA CV / EV5






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