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Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022

In this post, we will give you information about the Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022, Put on your work clothes because it’s time to unload yet another shipment of electric car use the flywheel of the Eve revolution keeps spending faster and today we’ll acquaint you with the newest models from all over the globe and across all price and body style segments as always all the ranges estimated costs and other vital technical data will be at your disposal, enjoy the ride through the post.

Bonus – KIA EV6 ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

KIA EV6 based on the new EGMP platform the company’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle previous Kia’s future design language its biggest change is the revamped front end where the familiar tiger-nose grille is reimagined into the digital tiger face with slim led headlights and athletic fenders this leak roofline gives the crossover an aggressive duplex profile while the rear is dominated by the full-length light bar tail lights spanning from edge to edge the company is yet to reveal the performance numbers but taking into account those of the platform sharing Hyundai ionic 5 we can expect a power output between 215 and 310 horsepower and the maximum range of 300 plus miles depending on the drum official images also give us a glimpse of the ev6 like the interior which boasts a curved high definition dual-screen layout and a minimalistic two-spoke steering wheel.

Bonus – BMW i4 ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

BMW i4 unlike previously anticipated the production-ready version of BMW’s electric sedan arrives three months ahead of schedule based on the modular cluster architecture aka cloud platform it shares underpinnings with the upcoming internal combustion for series gran coupe the finished model is nearly identical to the last year’s concept hence there are blue accent lines aerodynamic wheels and smooth door handles the model will be equipped with the latest generation i-drive powertrain and offered in the rear motor and dual mower all-wheel-drive configurations the am batched versions are likely to crank out up to 530 horsepower and below 4 seconds 0 to 60 acceleration the largest battery in stock for the BMW i4 is 80 kilowatt-hour and it stores enough juice to cover 300 miles at 150 kilowatt stations empty to 80 recharging takes 35 minutes.


Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 5 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

CHEVROLET BOLT EUV AND BOLT EV despite the consumer consensus that the first generation pulse was a solid EV gm never expected it to turn profit and treated the model as a compliance vehicle hopefully this approach will change with the arrival of the second generation and the newly discovered passion of the American conglomerate for the electric cars the newcomer abandons its former duality and embraces two distinctive body styles a classic x-shaped hatchback and a sub-compact crossover EUV in the popular fashion the headlights are split into two sections raising the narrow led DRLS and lowering the major beams closer to the bumper the models retain the 200 horsepower motor and competent 250 miles of range plus add semi-autonomous supercruise system one battle driving and all-new interior with 10.2 inch touch wireless smartphone connectivity and upper market finishings make your contribution into the promotion of electric cars by smashing the like button and sharing this POST with your friends.

9) VOLVO C40 RECHARGE ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

VOLVO C40 RECHARGE basically a coupe SUV offshoot of the all-electric xc40 this new Volvo boasts evolved styling that will be seen in all other future electric cars by the brand the closed staff crow is slightly redesigned there are pixel tack led headlights while in the rear the c40 features a sporty spoiler and new taillights the car’s propulsion system is represented by two electric motors one per axle and a large 78-kilowatt hour battery with 75-kilo hour usable capacity the setup should deliver 408 horses 4.9 seconds 0 to 60 and 261 WLPT miles as for the top speed we are unlikely to find out the real one since like the rest of the company’s cars the c40 will be restricted to 112 miles per hour on the inside Volvo promises you a complete lather three interior and a large infotainment screen with android software another bonus is fast charging at 150 kilowatts.


Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 7 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

PORSCHE TAYCAN CROSS TURISMO in recent years the Panamera sport Turismo has been successfully fueling the fading love for the station wagons within Porsche’s electric portfolio this duty will be inherited by the cross-tourism version of the Taikan that brings extra utility and a hint of ruggedness to drive beyond carefully paved autobahns the model sits a whopping 0.8 inches higher than the regular tycoon or an extra 0.4 inches if you opt for the off-road design package besides the raised clearance it brings more plastic body cladding and a new gravel driving mode this electric wagon is exclusively solved with an air suspension and two motor all-wheel-drive powertrain making from 469 horsepower and the 4 trim and up to 750 in the 2 bow s the battery pack maintains its 800-volt architecture with ranges between 185 and 257 miles.

7) IONIQ 5 ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 8 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

IONIQ 5 built in the dedicated EGMP platform the ionic 5 is a mid-sized EUV that inaugurates the all-electric ionic sub-brand by Hyundai the model is inspired by the 1975 pony hatchback the company’s first production car but it has a clear focus in the future there will be two battery and single rear or dual-motor all-wheel-drive configurations that will determine specifications of the model the 58 and 72.6-kilowatt-hour packs support both 400 and 800-volt charging infrastructure hence 60 WLCP miles can be replenished in just 18 minutes while the maximum achievable range is about 290 miles besides powerful un road performance the ionic 5 crossover follows the premium yet sustainable living space interior theme and embraces the brand’s latest connectivity and level 2 autonomy attack.

6) CANOO PICKUP ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 10 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

CANOO PICKUP it seems that designers from the California startup canoe got 20 of the recent huge pickup truck sales numbers and decided to quickly reconfigure the brand’s minivan into this unusual looking pickup according to canoe the model is built on the common modular platform but it has been purpose-designed both for work and everyday use as standards the trucks bed measures 6 feet in length but it can be extended to 8 feet additionally it comes equipped with 2 flips down side tables and bed dividers that help keep the transported items secure the front of this canoe houses a large storage area with a work table and electrical outlets to power your tools and equipment while the side gets an integrated step with more storage the pickup will get rear and dual motor versions offering around 200 miles of range.

5) AUDI Q4 E-TRON ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 11 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

AUDI Q4 E-TRON the model that effectively doubles the current electric SUV portfolio of Audi was recently teased in camo and we got a chance to see its finished interior design the q4 e-Tron SUV and its Sportback modification are the first Audi s built on the modular electrification platform MEB which in this case gets a 300 horsepower dual-motor all-wheel-drive configuration and a large 82-kilowatt hour battery sufficient for 280 miles the vehicle supports charging at 125 kilowatts the ride is smoothened with an adaptive suspension and 0 to 60 takes 6.3 seconds the production-ready cabin features an 11.6-inch MMI infotainment augmented reality head-up display and a digital dashboard obviously wireless connectivity and charging a wi-fi hotspot and rich driver assistance features are all expected to be on offer.

4) SION BY SONO ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price 13 scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

SION BY SONO at the 2021 – SONO confirmed that the development of the world’s first mass-produced solar electric vehicle is still underway the next generation prototype of the Xeon embeds 248 photovoltaic cells directly into the clear black polymer body panels without any exterior paint application the hatch stores enough range to cover 158 miles but restores up to 21 miles a day without plugging in the CVS powered by 200 horsepower electric unit from continental tops at 87 miles per hour and uses a unique moss-based air filtration finally alongside the Xeon there was a surprise announcement of the world’s largest solar trailer that can generate up to 80-kilowatt hours per day it was developed in conjunction with the Finnish solar manufacturer Valo and opens up possibilities for the future solar trucks.


Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

HYUNDAI KONA ELECTRIC following in the footsteps of its gasoline siblings the Kona electric boasts a similarly revised exterior with a few EV specific updates the closed off Corel is redesigned there are new led DRLS plus of course the asymmetric charging port is still there other changes include sharper headlamps stretch to your lights and a 1.6 inch longer body no changes happen on the drivetrain front so the s customers are still getting the usual combo of a 204 hp motor and 64-kilowatt hour battery with 258 EPA miles in Europe the lesser capacity Kona electric continues to be on sale inside the cabin you should notice the all-new 10.25-inch driver’s instrument cluster and infotainment of the same size with updated software bluelink and Hyundai live services the car now offers wireless charging for your phone plus the rear row passengers yet new USB ports and slightly more legroom.

2) ALPHA WOLF ( Electric Car )

Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 Price scaled
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

ALPHA WOLF with their newly developed modular skateboard platform the California startup alpha rushes to fill in every hot market niche first the brand revealed the ace coupe next game at the jack SUV and now they’re ready to present the wolf pickup thus extremely compact single cap model measures just 185 inches in length seats 2 and tails up to 3 000 pounds the payload capacity is not disclosed at this time but we do know that there is a front trunk tool storage at the bed and enough space for a tonneau cover integrated solar panel the truck has retro styling led headlights and a minimalistic cabin with quilted seats and large drivers and infotainment displays alpha promises both a single motor front-wheel drive and dual motor four-wheel-drive modifications covering up to 275 miles on recharge.


Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )
Top 10 Upcoming Electric Cars in 2022 ( Price )

SKODA ENYAQ SPORTLINE IV this is a new sporty iteration of the Aniak that gets the lower chassis standard 20-inch wheels but still sits one step below the range-topping Aniak rs iv other distinctive exterior features include extensive black drum details beefier side skirts and standards matrix led headlamps the entry-level sports line wires a 179 horsepower rear-mounted motor with a 62-kilowatt-hour battery while the bigger battery option with 82-kilohertz capacity is linked to the 204 hp rear motors and offers the maximum range of 323 miles sacrificing a bit of range you can opt for the most powerful Sportsline iv80x that adds another motor to run the front wheels and has the combined output of 265 ponies would you agree that electric car news is getting more and more exciting which model.

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