What is ABS , BA and EBD? Questions Asked in HR Interview. QnA

What is ABS, BA, and EBD? Questions Asked in HR Interview?

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Q: What is ABS?

A: ABS is Very Important for Saftey Purpose, ABS Standa For Anti Lock Braking System. It Helps to Control Braking System Automatically During Aggressive  Driving , It Helps to Maintain the Balance of Vehicles on the Road , It Apply Brakes Automatically and Distributes Brake Energy to All four Wheels.


Q: What is EBD?

A: EBD Stands for Electronic Brake Distribution, it is the extension of ABS, it Check the speed and acceleration of each wheel and estimated the amount of load on wheels, EBD Distribute the Energy flow to different tyres according to the weight of passengers or luggage , and in emergency loaded side brake will apply according to need.


Q: What is Ba?

A: BA stands for brake assistance, a tap life automatically in emergency mode when the driver seems to fail to break during an emergency, BA automatically activates and apply break, it also reviews the behavior of driving and then alerts them true indication.


Q: What is AEB?

A: AEB stands for autonomous emergency braking, this is a very advanced system that takes steps automatically to prevent a collision. Whenever you drive a car it works all the time and detects driver’s activity through the sensor, if the driver’s response is not suitable and unflavored and can’t control vehicle during a crash and this system will automatically apply brakes or balance the car according to their need.

AEB hay varadar it measure the distance to any vehicle in front of it and then reacts if the sensor detects that vehicle is too close on the need to apply brake in emergency mode then this system will apply automatically break-in force mode.


Q: Name some car companies who have AEB system installed?

A: many companies who have this system, and here are some popular cars Companies

1. Audi



4. Honda

5. Ford



Q: Is abs available in bikes?

A: yes abs is available in bikes, all the bikes who have more than 125 cc engine, you will get abs, according to the Indian government abs must be installed in every vehicle, all the cars and all the bikes who have more than 125cc engine.


Q: what is the difference between abs and EBD?

A: abs full form is the Anti-lock braking system and EBD full form is electronic brake force distribution, anti-lock braking system works with the electronic brake-force distribution system it implemented Hindi ka to obtain the best braking impact without any damage to the passengers,


Q: can abs word without end?

A: yes EBD can work alone but both will work perfectly if they are together installed in car. Nowadays in vehicles have both abs and EBD pre-install.


Q: is abs available for all vehicles even bus and truck?

A: abs is very important to any vehicle so yes ABS is available for all vehicles even in bus and truck.

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What are ABS, BA, and EBD? Questions Asked in HR Interview. QnA

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