What is Quick shifter and auto blipper? Difference , Comparision , QnA

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We have different types of Shifting technology like the Quick shifter, Auto blipper Air Shifter, the hydraulic Shifter, and gp shifter. So in this post, I will tell you about how they actually work, what they are, and what the differences between these,

The Quick shifter, they are a magnetic module which is connected to your shift rode, What it does, it detects your upshift motion, sends that message to the ECU. And for a given point of time for some milliseconds, the issue blips THE THROTTLE that so far with this technology with the wide-open throttle. We can up-shift without using the clutch. in the Auto blipper. The motion is just reverse for the up shifting the quick shifter and downshift the auto blipper. So we have the same mechanism. It will sometime we have the see the mechanism for both Quick shifter and auto blipper the differences  is: it detects both  the shifts, So in the autoblipper the ring-type module, detects our  downshift the


We are downshifting it sent the message to ECU and the issue blips THE THROTTLE for that given point of time for many milliseconds or so. And once we have completed our transmission, it revised the throttle of the same position which we have plucked up.

Third, we have air shifter or hydraulic Shecter. So in this shifter, we have a tentative module connected to the shift rode. Sometimes it has compressed air. and sometimes it has

Hydraulic oil. What it does, there’s a button and have a ball-type joint as we do have in the braking technology, hydraulic brakes and it detects the motion. It pushed the button into it. And with that compressed air or the compressed oil, it kicked the shifter to up or down.


The only difference is in the patterns is the normal shifter we have one down and five up the pattern in the GP shifter,  we have one up and five down pattern so these shifter helps us to upshift while we have lean on to the track, this shift is very messy. While we use it on roads or daily use the system majorly used by Moto GP riders, I do use the GP Shifter while I hit the track. So on Sunday on the second day of this month, I changed my shift pattern to the GP shifted.


With this, I can upshift. while I have lean over so well we do cornering do escape. And for this type of pattern in the normal shifting pattern for upshift, we need to put our leg inside this, ( see images ) below this and pull it up for upshift. And in this will foot our shoes to escape on the tarmac with the help of GP shifter on the goal. While we have lean over in the corner, we get upshift with just the to downshift motion and the GP shifter doesn’t have auto blipper into it.


The GP doesn’t have an air shifter in it. These all are different types of shifter, but the gp shifter can have all these three into it at the given the same time. So in the GP shifter, this is the basic advantage we have over the normal shifter.

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