Who is the Owner of Bajaj Auto? Top 10 bikes List of Bajaj Auto? Basics Questions asked in HR interview QnA 2020

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Q: Tell me about the Bajaj Auto Company?

A: Bajaj auto is an Indian auto company which makes two-wheelers three-wheelers only, manufacturing hub and headquarter located in Pune Maharashtra, Bajaj auto Pizza part of the Bajaj group and it was founded in 1940 bye Jamuna Lal Bajaj, Jamuna Lal Bajaj is from Rajasthan, Bajaj auto make family purpose bike and a sports bike, Bajaj auto comes in top 3, third-largest manufacturing bikes in the world, and this is the second-largest in India.


Q: What type of vehicle Bajaj Auto sell?

A: Bajaj auto sale two-wheelers and three-wheelers only such as auto rickshaw, scooters, and motorcycle.


Q: Give the name of the top 10 Bajaj bikes [ list ].

A: all Bajaj bikes are West and all have different type of feature with different prices. Here is the list of top 10 Bajaj bikes,

1. Bajaj Pulsar ns200

2. Bajaj Pulsar 150

3. Bajaj CT 100

4. Bajaj Pulsar 220 F

5. Bajaj Pulsar 180

6. Bajaj Platina 110

7. Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

8. Bajaj Avenger Street 220

9. Bajaj dominar 400

10. Bajaj V 15


I took this bike in the top 10 list because these bikes are most selling bikes according to an Indian survey,


Q: What bike do you like most and why?

A: I like Bajaj Pulsar 220 F because this bike has more features, and it looks different from other bikes.


Q: What is the average weight of an Indian?

A: many auto vehicles running on the Indian Road, such as auto rickshaw,  hatchback cars entry-level sedan, luxury sedan SUV and motorcycles, etc…

Auto rickshaw weight is approx 400- 600 kg.

Hatchback Vehicles – 1.4 ton approx.

Entry-level sedans – 1.7 ton approx.

Luxury sedans – 2 ton approx.

SUV – 2.5 ton

Motorcycle- 100 to 250kg approx.


Q: how much weight in 1 ton?

A: if we talk about US ton then 1 ton have 907.18 kg approx.


Q: give the list of Indian bikes who have lightweight and what are the benefits of lightweight?

A: many bikes available in Bajaj and if we talk about lightweight then Bajaj CT 100 is the lightest vehicle in Bajaj which comes with 109 kg only and the benefit of lightweight is it gives you the better mileage, and you can lift it with little efforts.


Q: Name the heaviest bike in the world and how much weight it has?

A: Harley Davidson road glide special is the heaviest bike in the world if we talk about weight then this bike has 385 kg.


Q: can you tell me how heavy 250 cc , 350 cc 300 CC, 500 cc, 400 cc, 600 cc is?

A: yes, of course, 250 cc bike has around 350 pounds while 300cc models are similarly sized and 500 cc bike around 400 pounds, and the 600cc e-bike average weight is 410 pounds.


Q: how much weight in 350 pounds is?

A: if we talk about in program then 350 pounds is equals to 158.75 kg.


Q: What is ECU?

A: ECU it means engine control unit, the camshaft, and crankshaft position sensor to determine where the Pistons and valves in the engine are at any given time the ECU uses all the information to start and keep the engine running.


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