2021 Land Rover New Defender India Price List- Engine, Colors and Features

Land Rover Defender Introduction:

Read the full article on 2021 Land Rover New Defender India Price List to know more about it. Land Rover has just launched the new 2021 Defender in Indian market. The SUV is meant to go offroad and travel all over the world. Aesthetically it looks boxy which some people love to buy and some don’t. Now the SUV is also available with the Diesel engine along with petrol which is indeed a great thing. The new Defender is now available in 32 variants and 2 trims. Those trims are 90 and 110. 90 is a 3 door version and 110 is a 5 door version of the car.

2021 Land Rover New Defender India Price List:

Variants Price
90 P300 92.74 L
90 P300 S 96.96 L
90 P300 SE 1.00 Cr
90 P300 X-Dynamic S 1.00 Cr
110 P300 1.01 Cr
90 P300 X-Dynamic SE 1.04 Cr
90 P300 HSE 1.05 Cr
110 P300 S 1.05 Cr
90 P300 First Edition 1.06 Cr
90 P400 SE 1.08 Cr
110 P300 X-Dynamic S 1.09 Cr
110 P300 SE 1.09 Cr
90 P400 X-Dynamic SE 1.12 Cr
110 P300 X-Dynamic SE 1.12 Cr
110 P300 First Edition 1.12 Cr
90 P400 HSE 1.13 Cr
110 P300 HSE 1.14 Cr
90 P400 First Edition 1.14 Cr
90 P400 X-Dynamic HSE 1.16 Cr
110 P400 HSE 1.17 Cr
110 P300 X-Dynamic HSE 1.17 Cr
90 D300 SE 1.18 Cr
110 P400 X-Dynamic SE 1.19 Cr
110 P400 First Edition 1.20 Cr
110 P400 HSE 1.21 Cr
110 D300 SE 1.22 Cr
90 D300 HSE 1.23 Cr
110 D300 HSE 1.27 Cr
90 D300 X-Dynamic HSE 1.27 Cr
110 D300 X-Dynamic HSE 1.31 Cr
90 D300 X 1.36 Cr
110 D300 X 1.36 Cr


All the prices mentioned here are On-Road Bangalore. The prices throughout the country will be near to this mentioned price only. So please visit your nearby showroom to get the exact pricing in your city.



Engine Specifications:

As we told already, the SUV is available in 2 engine options. So here in this price list, P refers to Petrol and D refers to Diesel. But tuning of these engines are so different. So there are 2 different petrol mills are there on offer which includes a 2.0-L, Inline-4 Cylinder, DOHC, BS6, Petrol engine which puts out 296 bhp of power and 400 Nm of torque. The other petrol is engine is a 3.0-L, Inline-4 Cylinder, DOHC, BS6 unit which puts out 394 bhp of power and 550 Nm of torque.

The 2996 cc, Inline-6 Cylinder, DOHC, Turbocharged, 16 MHEV, Diesel BS6 motor produces 296 bhp of power and 650 Nm of torque. This motor is the most frugal one by returning 11.51 kmpl of mileage compared to 8.51 and 8.72 kmpl of mileage which petrol 3.0-L and 2.0-L respectively gives.



Land Rover has given this SUV 7 different colors to choose from. So the list includes Pangea Green Metallic, Santorini Black Metallic, Tasman Blue Metallic, Gondwana Stone Metallic, Eiger Grey Metallic, Indus Silver Metallic and Fuji White.

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