Top 10 Biggest Tank Transporters in the World (Trucks)

Top 10 Biggest Tank Transporters in the World (Military Trucks)

Today we will give you the list of the Top 10 Biggest Tank Transporters in the World (Military Trucks) with Specifications and Images. Military logistics play a crucial role in ensuring the rapid deployment and strategic movement of heavy armored vehicles, especially main battle tanks. The backbone of this logistical prowess lies in the formidable tank transporters – massive military trucks designed to carry loads exceeding 70 tons over various terrains. So, In this article, we will explore the top 10 biggest tank transporters in the world, highlighting their specifications, capabilities, and the military forces utilizing these behemoths.

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#10. KamAZ-65225 Tank Transporter

The KamAZ-65225, a robust 3-axle truck, joined the Russian Armed Forces in 2013. With a load capacity of 50 tons, it excels on hard surface roads, although its off-road capability is limited. Powered by a 400-horsepower engine, it can reach speeds of 80 kilometers per hour and cover long distances with a range of 1,000 kilometers. The KamAZ-65225 is a staple in transporting Russian battle tanks like the T-90.

Specification Details
Model Articulated vehicle
Brakes Brake lining width of 180 mm
Cab Sleeper cab configuration
Engine KAMAZ-produced diesel engine with eight cylinders
Displacement of almost 12 liters
Usage Russian military tank transporter
Notable Transported Equipment Msta-S self-propelled artillery system
Parade Rehearsals Used in rehearsals for the 2012 Victory Day Parade
Tractor Truck Specifications
Engine KamAZ 740.50-360 turbocharged diesel engine
Horsepower 360 hp
Emissions Complies with EURO 2 requirements
Sleeper Berth One
Transfer Case According to the design documentation
Wheels Tubed tires
Sun Visor Aerodynamic
Differential Lock Inter-wheel
Spare Wheel Holder Included
Additional Engine Option Also available with a 400 hp engine
Manufacturer KamAZ
Founded 1969
Headquarters Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
  • The KamAZ-65225, a Russian military tank transporter, stands out for its articulated vehicle design and impressive specifications. With a powerful KAMAZ-produced diesel engine, it has been widely adopted by the Russian armed forces, playing a crucial role in transporting heavy military equipment such as the Msta-S self-propelled artillery system. The tractor truck variant, equipped with a 360 hp engine, adheres to EURO 2 emission standards and features various amenities such as a sleeper berth, aerodynamic sun visor, and inter-wheel differential lock. KamAZ, founded in 1969 and headquartered in Naberezhnye Chelny, is a prominent Russian manufacturer of trucks, buses, and engines.

#9. MAZ 537 Tank Transporter Tank Transporter

A Soviet veteran, the MAZ 537, has been in service since 1963. This high-mobility truck is built to endure extreme temperatures and traverse remote areas. Weighing 22 tons and boasting a load capacity of 50 tons, it features a central tire inflation system for adapting to different terrains. The MAZ 537, equipped with a 525 horsepower engine, remains operational in countries like Russia, transporting various battle tanks.

Specification Details
Type Heavy Military Truck Tractor
Model MAZ-537
Load Capacity (Original Version) Up to 50 tons
Load Capacity (Later Versions) Up to 65 tons
Manufacturer Minsk Automobile Plant, Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant
Production Years 1963 to 1990
Engine 12-cylinder, naturally aspirated diesel
Engine Model D12A-525
Displacement 38.88 liters
Power 525 horsepower (386 kilowatts)
Maximum Torque 220 kpm (2157 Newton meters)
Fuel Consumption 125 liters per 100 kilometers
Fuel Supply 2 × 420 liters
Transmission Hydrodynamic flow transmission
Transfer Case Two-speed
Maximum Road Speed 55 kilometers per hour
Weight 22 tons
Length 9.13 meters
Height 2.89 meters
Intended Use Tank and Rocket Transport, Aircraft Tug
Towable Weight Up to 50,000 kg
Notable Features Hydro-mechanical transmission, Bogey arrangement
  • The MAZ-537, a Soviet-made heavy military truck tractor, was a formidable force in strategic military logistics. Originally designed to carry loads up to 50 tons, later versions increased the capacity to an impressive 65 tons. Manufactured by the Minsk Automobile Plant and the Kurgan Wheel Tractor Plant from 1963 to 1990, the MAZ-537 featured a robust 12-cylinder diesel engine producing 525 horsepower and 2,200 Nm of torque.
  • Primarily used as a tank and rocket transporter, the MAZ-537 demonstrated its versatility by serving as an aircraft tug. Equipped with a hydro-mechanical transmission and a two-speed transfer case, it could navigate both roads and rugged terrain. With a bogey arrangement, the MAZ-537 was capable of towing semi-trailers carrying medium and main battle tanks, with a towing capacity of up to 50,000 kg.
  • Designed for strategic military purposes, the MAZ-537 played a crucial role in towing special semi-trailers with missiles. With production commencing in 1964, it became an iconic symbol of Soviet military might and logistical prowess.

#8. FAUN SLT-50 Elefant Tank Transporter

Originating from Germany in 1971, the FAUN SLT-50 Elefant is a high-mobility truck designed for stability and safety on difficult terrains. With a load capacity of 52 tons, it accommodates four occupants and can transport heavy loads, including “Leopard” tanks. Weighing 22 tons and powered by a 730 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 65 kilometers per hour. Used by the German and Polish armies, it has a range of 600 kilometers.

Specification Details
Model Faun SLT-50 Elefant
Intended Use Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporter
In Service Developed in the 1970s
Upgraded Standard (SLT-50-3) 1990s upgrade with fuel-efficient engine
Features Two hydraulically driven winches
8×8 all-wheel drive
Full automatic gearbox
12-cylinder air-cooled 700hp Deutz engine
Steered trailer axles
Additional Trailer Sometimes used with SLT-56 Franziska
Specifications for SLT-50 Elefant
Length 8.83 meters
Width 3.07 meters
Height 3.3 meters
Weight 22,800 kg
Engine Deutz MWM diesel TBD 234 V12
Power 734 bhp at 2100 rpm
Transmission 4-speed ZF W500-10 4PW 200 H2
Speed 65 km/h on road, level ground
Range 600 km
SLT-50-2 Engine 730 hp V8 twin-turbo diesel
SLT-50-3 Engine 735 hp V12 twin-turbo diesel
SLT-50-3 Engine Advantages More fuel-efficient, higher torque
Special Features 8×8 drive, 4-wheel steering, full suspension
Drivetrain with an adder
Pneumatic carriage outriggers
Remotely raised carriage ramp
Designed For Moving main battle tanks and heavy equipment
Historical Use Later Cold War
  • The Faun SLT-50 Elefant stands as a robust and specialized heavy equipment and tank transporter, serving the German and Polish armies. Developed in the 1970s, it replaced the Faun 1212/45 and underwent an upgrade in the 1990s to the SLT-50-3 standard, featuring a more fuel-efficient engine and a higher payload capacity.
  • With distinctive features such as two hydraulically driven winches, 8×8 all-wheel drive, a full automatic gearbox, and a powerful 12-cylinder air-cooled 700hp Deutz engine, the SLT-50 Elefant demonstrates its capability as a versatile and powerful transporter. Often used in conjunction with the newer 6-axle semi-trailer SLT-56 Franziska, it showcases flexibility in various transport scenarios.
  • The specifications for the Faun SLT-50 Elefant outline its dimensions, weight, and key performance metrics. Notably, the SLT-50-3 variant boasts a 735 hp V12 twin-turbo diesel engine, offering enhanced fuel efficiency and torque. Designed for moving main battle tanks and heavy equipment, the Faun Elephant HET has left its mark on history, serving during the later Cold War as an integral part of military logistics.

#7. Renault TRM 700-100 Tank Transporter

Manufactured in France in 1995, the Renault TRM 700-100 is a high-strength truck designed for the French army. With a load capacity of 60 tons, it transports main battle tanks like the “Lerlec.” Weighing 16 tons and equipped with a 700 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 75 kilometers per hour. Specially reinforced for heavy loads, it boasts a range of over 800 kilometers, and more than 170 units have been manufactured.

Specification Details
Model Renault TRM 700-100
Type French Military Tractor Truck
First Revealed 1987
Intended Use Transporting the Leclerc MBT
Carrying Capacity Up to 60 tons of tank
In Service Since 1993
Units in Service 179 (with the French Army)
Engine Renault E9 turbocharged diesel engine, 700 hp
Seating Driver and four passengers
Drive Full-time all-wheel drive
Cab Tilts forward hydraulically for engine maintenance
Towing Capable of towing the SOFRAME SRPB 60 trailer
Additional Information Developed in the 1980s
Used by the French Army
  • The Renault TRM 700-100, a French military tractor truck, was unveiled in 1987 and designed specifically for transporting the Leclerc MBT. With a remarkable carrying capacity of up to 60 tons, this robust vehicle has been in service since 1993, with 179 units serving in the French Army.
  • Powered by a Renault E9 turbocharged diesel engine generating 700 horsepower, the TRM 700-100 features a seating arrangement for the driver and four passengers. Its full-time all-wheel drive capability ensures reliable performance in various terrains. The cab is designed to tilt forward hydraulically, facilitating engine maintenance.
  • One of its notable features is the ability to tow the SOFRAME SRPB 60 trailer, enhancing its logistical capabilities. Developed in the 1980s, the Renault TRM 700-100 continues to play a crucial role in the French military, showcasing the importance of specialized vehicles in the transportation of heavy military equipment.

#6. DAF Tropco Tank Transporter

The DAF Tropco, a Dutch military truck based on the DAF XF95, entered production in 2005. With a load capacity of 65 tons, it transports heavy equipment for the Royal Netherlands Army. Weighing 15.5 tons and powered by a 530 horsepower engine, it features two 24-ton recovery winches. In service with the Royal Netherlands Army, it transports the “Leopard 2” main battle tank and self-propelled howitzers.

Specification Details
Type 6×6 Tractor Unit with Winch System
Year of Army Replacement 2005
Intended Use Tank Transporter
Engine Variants
DAF YTZ95.530: 530 hp, Max Payload 65,000 kg
DAF YTZ95: 480 hp
DAF TROPCO 400KN: GVW 40,000 kg (Light Version)
Specifications for DAF Tropco Tank Transporter
Length 19.6 meters
Width 2.9 meters
Height 4.5 meters
Engine Options Rigged, Textured, or Ready for 3D Printing
Additional Models
DAF Tropco 650KN: Lowloader
DAF Tropco 400KN 6×6 with 4 Axis Semi-Lowloader
DAF Tropco with Tank: Model Kit with Trailer & Tank
Other DAF Products DAF XF: Range of Semi Trucks
  • The DAF TROPCO, a 6×6 tractor unit with a winch system, became a significant asset for the army when it replaced the Mercedes TROPCO in 2005. Designed for tank transportation, it comes with two engine variants: the more powerful DAF YTZ95.530 with 530 hp and a max payload of 65,000 kg, used for transporting main battle tanks, and the DAF YTZ95 with 480 hp. The DAF TROPCO also offers two similar versions, including the lighter DAF TROPCO 400KN with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 40,000 kg.
  • The specifications for the DAF Tropco Tank Transporter Mid-Poly 3D model highlight its accuracy to real-world scale, with dimensions of 19.6 meters in length, 2.9 meters in width, and 4.5 meters in height. The model is not rigged, textured, or ready for 3D printing, and it is not game-ready.
  • In addition to the main tank transporter models, there are other variants and models within the DAF TROPCO series, including the DAF Tropco 650KN (low loader), DAF Tropco 400KN 6×6 with 4 Axis Semi-Lowloader (item number 63808), and DAF Tropco with Tank (a model kit with a heavy-duty trailer and army tank).
  • It’s worth noting that DAF also produces a range of semi-trucks called the DAF XF, showcasing the brand’s versatility in the commercial and military vehicle sectors.

#5. Scammell Commander Tank Transporter

A versatile and maneuverable truck manufactured in the United Kingdom, the Scammell Commander has been in use since 1984 by the British Army. With a load capacity of 65 tons, it carries battle tanks like the “Challenger 1 and Challenger 2.” Weighing 19.9 tons and powered by a 625 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 60 kilometers per hour. It played a vital role in Operation “Desert Storm.”

Specification Details
Model Scammell Commander
Type Heavy Equipment and Tank Transporter
Development Period Mid-1970s
First Delivery March 30, 1984
Intended Replacement for Thornycroft Antar in the British Army
Maximum Towing Capacity Up to 65 tons
Semi-Trailer Features Tail-loaded with tanks using a 20-ton winch
Primary Use Towing Challenger 1 and Challenger 2 tanks
Operation Desert Storm (1990) 70 Scammell Commanders used to transport cargo
Acquisition After Scammell Bankruptcy Unipower acquired the Commander
Briefly Marketed as Unipower Commander
Production Resumption Production was not resumed
Specifications for Scammell Commander
Dimensions (Tractor Truck) 19.9 tons
Gross Combined Weight (GCW) 104 tons
Chassis Wheeled chassis, 6×4
Engine Perkins CV12 TCE V12 turbocharged diesel
Mobility 62 km/h on road
Obstacle Crossing 20%, 0.8 meters
Protection None, soft skin vehicle
Cargo Capacity Trailer
Semi-Trailer Features 20-ton hydraulic winch for tank loading
Additional Engine Information Rolls Royce Perkins V12 48 valve, Twin Turbo
Operating Speed 40 mph
Max All-Up Weight 100 tonnes
Production Period 1983–1985
Designed to Replace Thornycroft Antar in West Germany
Usage in Gulf Wars Used in both Gulf Wars
  • The Scammell Commander, a heavy equipment and tank transporter, was developed in the mid-1970s as a successor to the Thornycroft Antar in the British Army. The first Commander was delivered on March 30, 1984. It was designed to tow loads of up to 65 tons using a special semi-trailer tail-loaded with tanks through a 20-ton hydraulic winch.
  • With a wheeled chassis in a 6×4 configuration, the Scammell Commander was equipped with a Perkins CV12 TCE V12 turbocharged diesel engine, allowing a maximum on-road speed of 62 km/h. The vehicle had an obstacle-crossing capability of 20% and could manage obstacles up to 0.8 meters.
  • During Operation Desert Storm in 1990, the Scammell Commander played a vital role, with 70 units transporting 40 types of military cargo. Following Scammell’s bankruptcy, the Commander was acquired by Unipower and briefly marketed as the Unipower Commander, though production did not resume.
  • The Scammell Commander, in production from 1983 to 1985, served as a significant asset, especially in the Gulf Wars, showcasing its prowess as a heavy-duty transporter in various military operations.

#4. BMC Tugra 8×8 Tank Transporter

Manufactured in Turkey, the BMC Tugra 8×8 meets the requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces. With a load capacity of 70 tons, it transports main battle tanks like the “Altay” and “Leopard 2.” Weighing 20 tons and powered by a 620 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 90 kilometers per hour. Its versatility includes movement on hard surfaces, a wading depth of 75 centimeters, and a range of 950 kilometers.

Specification Details
Model BMC Tugra 8×8
Type Tank Transporter
Developed by BMC
Intended Users Turkish Armed Forces, European Inventory
Engine Diesel, 620 hp
Towing Capacity 70 tons
Gross Combined Weight 120 tons
Wheelbase 7100 mm
Vehicle Length 14000 mm
Overall Width 3000 mm
Maximum Height 3065 mm
Inner Height 2380 mm
Front Overhang 2950 mm
Rear Overhang 3950 mm
Front Track Width 2170 mm
Additional Features Front-mounted winch, Loading winches behind the cab
Capability to transport crew members of the hauled vehicle
Purpose Transporting the Turkish ALTAY® Main Battle Tank
BMC Military Truck Product Range
8×8 Tank Transporter
Hidden Armored Bus
Riot Control Vehicle
  • The BMC Tugra 8×8 stands as a powerful tank transporter developed by BMC to meet the specific needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and is also present in the European inventory. As the largest member of the BMC TWV Family, it was designed to transport the Turkish ALTAY® Main Battle Tank.
  • Equipped with a diesel engine boasting 620 horsepower, the BMC Tugra 8×8 demonstrates impressive capabilities with a towing capacity of 70 tons and a gross combined weight of 120 tons. Its dimensions, including a substantial wheelbase, vehicle length, and overall width, contribute to its ability to handle heavy-duty transport tasks.
  • The BMC Tugra 8×8 features front-mounted and loading winches behind the cab, facilitating efficient loading and transport operations. Notably, it has the capability to transport some or all of the crew members of the vehicle it hauls.
  • BMC, as a Turkish company, specializes in the production of military trucks, showcasing a diverse product range that includes the 8×8 tank transporter, 6×6 vehicles, hidden armored buses, and riot control vehicles. Additionally, BMC is involved in the production of construction trucks, further highlighting its expertise in both military and civilian applications.

#3. XH81 Mammut Tank Transporter

Introduced in Germany in 2013, the XH81 Mammut is a high-mobility truck designed for transporting main battle tanks and heavy military loads. With a load capacity of 73 tons, it features a protected cabin and a range of 800 kilometers. Weighing 27 tons and powered by a 680 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 88 kilometers per hour, serving the German armed forces.

Specification Details
Model HX81 Mammut
Length 9.15 meters
Development Collaboration MAN and Rheinmetall
German Army Designation SLT-2 Mammut
Manufacturer Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV)
HX Family Tactical Military Trucks
Family Includes High-Mobility Operational and Logistic Vehicles
Use Heavy-Duty Military Truck
Towing Capacity Can tow trailers with a useful load of 73 tons
Gross Combination Weight (GCW) 130 tons
Weight (with Armored Cab) 27 tons
Doll Semi-Trailer Models Three models with different performance
Specifications for RMMV HX Range
Width 2.5 meters
Height 3.3 meters
Crew Driver + 2
Armor Options RMMV MAC or IAC, or KMW IAC
  • The HX81 Mammut, a heavy-duty military truck jointly developed by MAN and Rheinmetall, is a key asset for the German Army, where it is designated as the SLT-2 Mammut. Forming part of the HX family of tactical military trucks produced by Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV), the HX81 contributes to high-mobility operational and logistic capabilities.
  • With a length of 9.15 meters, the HX81 Mammut is specifically designed as a heavy equipment transporter, capable of towing trailers with a useful load of 73 tons. The truck has a gross combination weight (GCW) of 130 tons and weighs 27 tons when fitted with an armored cab, emphasizing its robust and durable construction.
  • The HX81 Mammut offers versatility with three Doll semi-trailer models, each designed to meet different performance requirements. The RMMV HX range of tactical trucks, to which the HX81 belongs, shares common specifications, including a width of 2.5 meters, a height of 3.3 meters, and crew capacity for a driver plus two additional occupants. The armor options include RMMV MAC or IAC, or KMW IAC, providing flexibility based on operational needs.

#2. Oshkosh M1070A1 Tank Transporter

Manufactured in the United States, the Oshkosh M1070A1 is a versatile and resistant truck designed to carry main battle tanks like the “M1 Abrams.” With a load capacity of 75 tons, it measures 9 meters in length, weighs 20 tons, and has a range of 720 kilometers. Powered by a 700 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 80 kilometers per hour and entered service in 2012, utilized by the United States and the United Kingdom.

Specification Details
Model Oshkosh M1070A1
Use Heavy Equipment Transporter
Developed by Oshkosh Truck Corporation
Year of Introduction The early 1990s
U.S. Army Usage Since 1993
Improved Version Yes, an upgraded version of the original M1070
Production Period 2010 to Present
Total Production Nearly 1,600 units
Engine 18.1-liter Caterpillar C18 turbocharged diesel
Horsepower 700 hp
Configuration 8×8
Steerable Axles First and last
Height 146 in (3708 mm)
Wheelbase 215 in (5461 mm)
Maximum Speed 50 mph (80 km/h)
Operating Range 325 miles (523 km)
Fuel Capacity 250 gallons (946 L)
Gross Combination Weight Rating (GCWR) 231,400 lbs (105,056 kg)
Average Speed 30 mph (48 km/h)
Curb Weight 40,900 lbs
Dimensions 30′ x 8′ x 12′
Cruising Speed 53 mph
Seating 6
  • The Oshkosh M1070A1 stands as a heavy equipment transporter developed by Oshkosh Truck Corporation in the early 1990s. It has been a crucial asset for the U.S. Army since 1993, primarily used for transporting the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank and other trailers.
  • As an improved version of the original M1070, the M1070A1 features enhancements such as a more powerful 18.1-liter Caterpillar C18 turbocharged diesel engine, upgraded electrical systems, anti-lock brakes, traction control, and an armored cab. The vehicle operates on an 8×8 configuration with steerable axles at both the first and last positions.
  • With a height of 146 inches and a wheelbase of 215 inches, the M1070A1 achieves a maximum speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). It has an operating range of 325 miles (523 km) and a fuel capacity of 250 gallons (946 L). The gross combination weight rating (GCWR) is 231,400 lbs (105,056 kg), and it has an average speed of 30 mph (48 km/h).
  • Produced from 2010 to the present, nearly 1,600 units of the M1070A1 have been manufactured, highlighting its significance as a reliable and powerful heavy equipment transporter for military logistics.

#1. MZKT-741351 Tank Transporter

Leading the pack is the MZKT-741351, a high-capacity truck manufactured in Belarus for the United Arab Emirates Army. With a load capacity of 72 tons, it measures 10.3 meters in length and weighs 28 tons. Powered by an 812 horsepower engine, it reaches speeds of 70 kilometers per hour and has a range of 700 kilometers. With the addition of a second trailer, it can transport a maximum load of 136 tons, making it a powerhouse in military logistics.

Specification Details
Model MZKT-741351
Developed by Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (Volat), MZKT (Belarus)
Intended Customer Middle Eastern Customer
Material Composition Plastic, Metal, Plexiglass, PVC, and Durable Materials
Onboard Fuel Capacity 1,590 liters
Central Tire Inflation System Fitted on the prime mover
Engine Caterpillar C18 Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Horsepower 812 hp
Towing Capacity Up to 130 metric tons
Payload 136 tons
Transmission Allison Electronically-Controlled Automatic Gearbox
Forward Gears 6
Reverse Gears 2
Drive Full-time All-Wheel Drive
Maximum Road Speed 70 km/h
Transportation Capability Two tanks or one tank and two infantry fighting vehicles
Mobility Features Central Tire Inflation System, Cross-Country Mobility
Manufacturer’s Name Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (Volat)
  • The MZKT-741351, a tank transporter developed by the Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (Volat) in collaboration with MZKT of Belarus, stands as a robust and powerful vehicle designed for a Middle Eastern customer. Constructed using a combination of plastic, metal, plexiglass, PVC, and other durable materials, this transporter boasts a range of features contributing to its efficiency.
  • The MZKT-741351 is equipped with a substantial onboard fuel capacity of 1,590 liters and features a central tire inflation system fitted on the prime mover. Its engine, a Caterpillar C18 turbocharged diesel engine, generates an impressive 812 horsepower, enabling it to achieve a towing capacity of up to 130 metric tons. The transporter’s payload capacity is an outstanding 136 tons.
  • In terms of transmission, the MZKT-741351 is equipped with an Allison electronically-controlled automatic gearbox, providing 6 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. Its full-time all-wheel-drive configuration, along with a maximum road speed of 70 km/h, ensures effective and reliable transportation.
  • The MZKT-741351 demonstrates remarkable versatility in transportation, capable of accommodating two tanks or one tank and two infantry fighting vehicles. Notably, its central tire inflation system enhances adaptability to various terrains, showcasing cross-country mobility. Developed with precision and expertise, the MZKT-741351 reflects the advanced capabilities of Belarusian engineering in military transport solutions.


  • In the world of military transportation, these top 10 tank transporters stand as colossal symbols of strength and efficiency. From the battlefields of Europe to the deserts of the Middle East, these trucks play a vital role in ensuring the swift and secure deployment of heavy armored vehicles, reinforcing the logistical backbone of modern armed forces around the globe.

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