2021 Suzuki Hayabusa All Colours

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa All Colours & Price – Full Review

Today the Suzuki Hayabusa is back in a new iteration for 2021 with a whole bunch of improvements across the bike but the original booster was at a time the fastest production bike on the market and that contributed massively to its legendary status things have moved on a lot since then with bikes like the supercharged Kawasaki ninja h2r setting a completely new benchmark for out and out power and speed Suzuki say that they’ve continued to improve upon the Busa formula with revised performance figures better electronics and more comfort and convenience but are it enough to keep the Hayabusa competitive in 2021.



Now the rumors were swirling that the booster would get at least 100 cc’s more capacity possibly even a turbo but perhaps surprising capacity has remained the same at 1 340 CC and it might be even more of a surprise to learn that peak power and torque are actually down on the previous generation the gen 2 bike produced 197 ps at 9500 rpm whereas this gen 3 is peaking at 190 at 9 700. the previous bike also put out 155 newton meters of peak torque at 7200 rpm whereas this new version does 150 newton-meters slightly lower at 7000 rpm but these headline engine figures could be a touch misleading there are loads of updates to the engine internals as seen here in yellow and they include new cam profiles updated valve springs revised pistons and pins the conrods are lighter and stronger the crankcase most of the transmission and a new slip assist clutch are all significant updates for 2021 with stricter euro 5 emission regulations in place clearly a lot of work has had to be done to make it run cleaner but in terms of performance there’s actually a clear bump in mid-range power when you look at the dyno chart here and Suzuki say that this is responsible combined with some mild weight loss for faster times in a straight line not to 62 miles per hour is down from 3.4 seconds to 3.2 so despite those top-line figures they’ve actually built a quicker bike top speed remains factory limited to the same 186 miles per hour.



A new exhaust system is also said to contribute to the stronger output in the mid-range with a balancer pipe across cylinders one and four now as opposed to just two and three on the old system an updated cat and the addition of a second o2 sensor helped to pass euro 5 and I think they’ve made a nice feature of it visually as well it’s also scored better with that research panel in terms of sound across the board so I’m looking forward to hearing it in the flesh although realistically on a bike like this the majority of owners will swap them out for something with a bit more bark.



The fundamentals of the chassis are largely the same on this new bike as well with the twin spa aluminum alloy frame and the swingarm remaining asis the subframe has shed 700 grams of weight though and combined with the two kilograms off the exhaust system the total kerb weight is down by a couple of kilos to 264.that’s still not a particularly light bike but the seat height is also down by five millimeters to 800 which will provide a little reassurance to shorter riders aerodynamics are also said to be improved with better stability at high speed whilst also reducing rider fatigue the bars have been placed 12 millimeters closer to the rider which should help as wellmaking that reach a little easier on top of that suzuki claim that this tweak impositionenhances handling when enjoying a sporty ride by giving the rider better feedback on howwell the front tire is gripping the road by better supporting the rider’s posture to improve stability when braking and by offering the rider greater freedom and movement to control cornering the bars are also on a floating mount to reduce vibrations which again will help with comfort over long stints in the saddle in terms of suspension there’s still a fully adjustable 43 millimeter upside down kyb forkand a kyb shock at the rear but the internal settings have been revised to improve bump absorption at the same time as improving stability and grip now the brakes have always been a bit of a sticking point on the booster but 2021 brings top spec brembo’s dilemma calipers at the front and the discs have been made bigger by 10 mil to 320which combined all to improve power and coolingthe wheels also get a new seven spoke design and they’re shot with bridgestone’s battlelax hypersport s22 tyresthat they say were exclusively designed with suzuki for this bike they claim that this revised compound and construction have led to better grip and agility in both wet and dry conditions as well as straight line stability.



perhaps the biggest update for the booster comes in the form of a comprehensive suite of highly adjustable rider aids courtesy of a new ride-by-wire throttle and a new inertial measurement unit riders will be able to choose from

Three preset modes of HAYABUSA

  • Active
  • Basic
  • Comfort

as well as dial in their own settings which can be stored in three user-configurable slots there’s a lot to go here so brace yourself lean-sensitive traction control has ten levels power delivery gets three there’s a two-mode up and down quick shifter which can also be disabled and 10 modes of wheelie control engine braking get three settings as does the launch control system which will operate at either four six or eight thousand rpm depending on just how fast you want to go for the more leisurely rider there’s a cruise control system as well as a speed limiter to stop you getting carried away ABS is also lean-sensitive and makes use of a linked braking system that operates both the front and rear from the front brake lever in order to reduce stopping distances and there’s also an emergency stop signal which flashes the indicator’s front and rear if the rider suddenly breaks at speeds in excess of 34 miles per hour the booster also gets their slope dependent control system which keeps rear wheel lift in check when braking downhilland a hill hold control system which when activated holds the brakes for 30 seconds when you come to a stop on an incline an easy start system means that you can fire it up with one short press of the starter button whilst a low rpm assist boosts revs when you move enough to prevent stalls in stop start traffic all of these goodies can be administered through a new tft screen that’s nestled between the analog clocks and there’s also a revision to the switch gearto accommodate enough buttons i reck on this dash setup will please a lot of puntersas i often get comments on my articles that people prefer analog clocks to a full TFT dashso this design could offer the best of both worldslighting also gets an update with leds all round including a stacked headlight the signature integrated indicators and a new distinctive tail light and that leads me onto.



The styling we got a peek of it earlier in the week when we had some leaked footage but now with these crystal clear press images we can get a proper good look at it everything has been sharpened up with a more chiseled and angular appearance most visible in that new front end there are also some big scoops in the side of the fairing and the rear end looks neat too with a new tail section and those prominent exhausts but it has to be said it’s still unmistakably abuser and you’d know the shape of that profile a mile off two paint options are listed in the UK press release.




A black version with gold accents or silver with red Suzuki says that those pops of color are there to accentuate the root of airflow over the bike whilst the chrome trim and silencers demonstrate the direction of power delivery from the engine it also gets the signature Hayabusa logos in both Japanese and English and overall I think they’ve made a decent job of it the slightly more subtle paint jobs certainly give it a more modern look and to me, the bodywork looks fresh without losing the bike’s identity let me know what you think of it though down in the comments



In terms of pricing and availability, they’ll be in dealers from march 2021 and starting at  EURO 16.499.that’s a decent wedge of cash but when you start looking at other sports bikes that put out similar levels of power it actually looks pretty competitive although the booster is on the heavier side the most as always I’d love to know what you think of it down in the comments below i know that some of you were expecting more capacity a turbo or perhaps semi-active suspension and so you might come away from this a little disappointed but ultimately they’ve still managed to make it a smidge faster than the old bike by boosting that mid-range delivery so the headline figures are somewhat irrelevant but are the games big enough and can they justify that price tag i can’t wait to read the comments on this one so let me know down below and if you’re new here and you want to see more articles like this post.


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