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Q: Tell me About TATA Cars, its Competitors, and Who Is the Owner Of TATA MOTORS?

A: Many Cars Available in the Indian Market like – Maruti, Mahindra, Tata, Hyundai, Honda, etc. But TATA Motors Have its Own Place In Indian Automobiles Sector. Tata Provides Good and Best Material in All Products, And His Owner Ratan TATA is Very Famous Due to his Kindness, Most of the Profit He Donates Between Peoples, NGOs, etc, That’s Why he Have the Special Fan following, and All The Indians Wants to Buy His Company’s Cars, Some Famous Cars are, TATA NAXON, TATA INDICA, TATA HARRIER, TATA VISTA, TATA SAFARI, TATA NEXA, etc…

Q: How can I buy a Tata car?

A: You can buy Tata cars from nearby Tata showrooms.

Q: How can I find the Tata motors showroom?

A: One of the best ways to find the Tata motors showroom is type Tata motors showroom in Google map then you will get complete information about the showroom and it’s telephone number also you can dial and ask your all questions about Tata cars.

Q: Why the TATA Product is Better than others?

A; If I tell you in short,  TATA Have Unique Products and Focus on, Quality, Needs, People Demands & Intrest, Updates, Services, etc.

Q: What Type Of Product TATA made?

A: TATA Made Almost All Product, From Salt To Heavy Vehicles for Indian Army.

Q: What Product do you link most?

A: I would like TATA Cars.

Q: Give The List of Top 10 TATA Cars?

A :

Here is The List OF Top 10 TATA Cars In India:-












FACT: TATA Company Also Sells The Famous Car ( Jaguar )


tata prodects 2022

Q: Price and Features?

1.) Tata Nexon: Tata Nexon is the best SUV in its segment it comes with 5 seats, the best AC, and with 1199 cc diesel engine with 44 liters of fuel capacity, if we talk about mileage then it gives 17 to 21.5 kmpl based on the type of fuels, and variants. Maximum power of Tata Nexon is 108.5 bhp @ 4000 RPM and maximum torque of 260 @ 1500 – 2750 RPM.

Price: ever talked about price then the top model of Tata Nexon XV XZA Plus DT roof ( OPTIONAL ) AMT DIESEL is 12.70 lakh ex-showroom in Delhi, and Tata Nexon XV XZA Plus DT roof ( OPTIONAL ) AMT PETROL is 11.20 lakh ex-showroom in Delhi.


2.) TATA TIAGO: Tata Tiago is also good car and it has a separate fan base, after discontinuation Tata Nano car Tiago has become the most affordable model, Tata launched this car in 2016 this car comes with five-seat and it comes with a diesel engine of 1047 cc and petrol engine with 1199 cc it’s variant available in both manual and automatic transmission it gives you are better mileage of 23.84 to 27.28 km per liter approx. And its fuel capacity is 35 liters it’s the best hatchback car in this segment.


3.) Tata zest: Tata zest is the best Saddam car this car comes with 5 seats best AC and with the manual Petrol diesel and automatic diesel engines, we talked about the diesel engine it comes with 1248 cc with manual and automatic transmission. It gives the best mileage of 17.57 kmpl 22.95 kmpl , and the fuel capacity is 44 liters. If we talk about price ex-showroom Delhi is 9,28,302 ( diesel variant top model ).


4.) Tata Bolt: Tata bolt is the best hatchback car in its segment it comes with five-seat and if we talk about engine then the diesel engine is 1248 CC e and the petrol engine is 1193 cc if we talk about fuel capacity it is 44 liter and we talk about mileage then it gives 17.57 to 22.95 kmpl . If we talk about the price the top model Tata Bolt quadrajet XT is rupees 7.87 lakh ( diesel variant, AC showroom in Delhi ), and the price for the top model of petrol variant Tata Bolt revotron XT is rupees 6.74 lakh (ex-showroom in Delhi ).


5.) Tata Tigor: Tata tigor is a best five-seater sedan in the segment, it comes with an automatic diesel engine and petrol engine, if we talk about engines, the diesel engine is 1047 cc and the petrol engine is 1199 cc with the fuel capacity of 35 liters, it’s many variants and it comes with automatic transmission ( AMT ).

If we talk about mileage it gives you 20.3 kmpl. Approx it’s all based on fuel type and green type. A bit about the price the top model of Tata tigor XZ plus diesel variant is 7.89 lakh ex-showroom in Delhi and the price of top model Tata tigor XZ plus petrol variant is rupees 7.44 lakh ex-showroom in Delhi.


6.) Tata Harrier: it’s also the best SUV init segment comes with 5 seat Tata harrier years have manual and automatic diesel engine is 1956 cc and it comes with manual and automatic transmission. If we talk about mileage it gives you 17 kmpl approx. Endeavor talk about the price the top model of Tata harrier Diesel variant ex-showroom in Delhi, rupees 16, 95,769. Approx


tata harrier 2021


7.) Tata Hexa: Tata Hexa is one of the best SUV cars with full size de CV with an excellent combination of power and features it comes with both 6 seater and 7 seater options, this car is available in both manual and automatic transmission, if we talk about the engine which is 2179 CC with 60-liter fuel tank capacity, if we talk about its dice then the price range starts from 13.26 lakh 4 base model and goes up to rupees 18.83 top model.

tata hexa e1595832029537


8.) Tata Safari: SUV comes with 7 seaters this is one of the best cars and its manufacturing is going on from many decades, the diesel engines 2179cc with the fuel capacity of 63 liters, if we talk about mileage then it gives you 14 kmpl approx if we talk about price in the top model of Tata Safari Storme VX four-wheel drive very Khor 400 diesel engine is rupees 16.43 lakh ex-showroom in Delhi.


9.) Tata sumo: Tata sumo is an SUV it comes with 7 seats and we talk about diesel engines it comes with 2956 cc, it comes with manual transmission. If we talk about mileage it gives you 14 kmpl to 15.4 kmpl approx. Is it overprice top model Tata sumo diesel variant is rupees 10.4 lakh ex-showroom Delhi.


10.) Tata Tiago: Tata Tiago is a hatchback car it comes with 5 seats, it comes with petrol engine the petrol engine is 1199 cc with the fuel capacity of a 35-liter tank, it gives your mileage 23.84 kmpl approx if you talk about the price that top model Tata Tiago jtp XV premium diesel variant ex-showroom in Delhi is rupees 6.69 lakh.


So guys this is the top 10 Tata cars from Tata motors which is an Indian company. Read it carefully if you are going to take a job and placement in TATA MOTORS.


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