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BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images

BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images

The dream of owning a luxury badge was made easy in 2018 when BMW Motorrad introduced the 310 series in India the intent however was not backed by sales majorly because of two reasons firstly better spend rivals were there in the market and secondly not so affordable pricing come 2020 the ba 6 avatar is here and it has received a huge price cut along with a clutch of new features is the new BMW g310 gs appealing, In this Post, we will give you full information about the New BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images, Comparision lets find out.


BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)
BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)

since it’s not an all-new bike let’s begin with what has changed g310 GS gets three new rally-inspired color schemes which look splendid and unique sitting on the top of the GSB is the new all led headlamp cluster with an improved throw and reach at night dimensionally gs is unchanged but the weight has gone up by 5 kilograms and the bike now tips at 175 kilos we will come to the handling bit in a while surprisingly the motorcycle looks bigger in flesh than before the firm seat ensures upright and comfortable posture for long rides the wide handlebars slightly rear set foot pegs and comparatively narrow tank profile creates a perfect sitting triangle for the rider but to get on the top of the motorcycle is still a bit of an issue thanks to 835 millimeters of seat height the g310 gs may initially look intimidating to get going, individuals with a smaller frame would find taking the g310 gs out of parking a task cut out on the flip side that’s how most adv’s are like barring Himalayan mother adv’s like ktm and x-pulse have a really high off the ground seating


now the instrument cluster remains the same and that disappoints me a little because BMW had a chance to upgrade this much like what TVs did to the apache this is not a color TFT still it’s the old one but packs a lot of information so it’s time to ride the motorcycle it still gets that 313 CC reverse inclined single-cylinder engine 34 bhp and 28-newton meters of torque made it to a 6-speed gearbox let’s find out how the game has changed while riding this BMW MOTORCYCLE.


In terms of mechanicals, gs rides on the same set of tires steel trailers frame USD front forks and Rio mono-shock dual channel abs is standard however the feature of disengaging the rear abs which were present in the last iteration has been given a miss the bite from brakes are superb and assuring, on the move, there is a noticeable difference in the way the engine performs the new ride-by-wire throttle has infused liveliness to the engine and it feels more tractable than before the gear and brake levers are also adjustable now.


BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)
BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)

what’s a bit disappointing though is that BMW has not offered hazard lights and turn by turn navigation with the g310 GS these two features are becoming increasingly common across segments and models twist the throttle the g310 gs is enjoyable to write between 3000 and 6000 rpm there is quite a bit of performance beyond 6000 rpm but vibrations also creep in through the handlebars tank footpegs and every other point of contact the g310 GS is extra a journey tourer than an outright adv it can take some quantity of beating earlier than bottoming out the lengthy suspension tour and beneficial floor clearance make certain you don’t get stuck where other regular bikes would break down the 41 millimeters front Usds and rear adjustable mono shocks are mechanically the same as the replaced unit the ride quality feels plushier than before over the bad roads BMW Motorrad may have done some tweaks to the damping, the 10-liter fuel tank guarantees 300 kilometers of range.


BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)
BMW Bike G 310 GS Price in India and HD Images (7)

The 2020 edition of BMW g310 gs is very likable and at the end of the day you also get a BMW badge on top of your motorcycle but I still believe the upgrades here should have been more in line with the TVS Apache RR 310 with which it shares a lot of components riding modes and a TFT screen are major absentees out here that said at rupees 2 lakh 85,000 Ex-showroom ( DELHI ). I believe BMW is more customer-centric than ever before and the baby beamers will appeal to the greater audience now that’s all we have for you thanks for watching stay tuned with AUTOJOURNALISM for further news and updates

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