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BS6 Hero xtreme 160R 2021 – Onroad Price, Colours, Mileage

New Hero Xtreme 160R  BS6


the motorcycle we’re reviewing today is coming into a segment that’s already super crowded it’s got the likes of the Yamaha Fz, you’ve got the apache RTR 160 4v, you’ve got the pulsar NS 160, you’ve got the Suzuki Gixxer and you’ve got the honda x-play.
so pretty crowded but then this motorcycle is also the finest motorcycle to have rolled off
heroes shop floors and that’s saying something because hero already has the very likable XPulse 200 and the Hero Xtreme 200.

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This is the New Hero Extreme 160R
the New Hero Extreme 160R BS6 is a good-looking searching bike it is compact it finishes between the wheel axles and it has the regular road bike chest heavy stance
however, no longer the whole lot about the New Hero Extreme 160R 2021 is traditional
the tank has been fused with the aspect panel which offers it a curious however palatable appear and there are different fascinating bits too the all led headlamp is very spacey and emotive at the equal time the blacked-out tail lamps provide the motorbike a customized look and the relaxation the dynamic spoke wheels the aggressive the front fender the stepped single-piece seat the sporty rider footrest and the stubby exhaust
further, complete the extreme’s modern playful, and likable aura I love the seating triangle on the BS6 Hero Extreme 160R

New Hero Xtreme 160R 2021 Onroad Price Mileage Colours 23
to begin with, it’s got a seat height of 790 mm which hits the sweet spot for the average Indian, and then when you get astride you’ve got this tank like a really nice meaty looking tank and it’s got these near recesses which makes it very easy to hold the tank plus this extra bit of seat here uh that helps with comfort and with grip then you’ve got footpegs which are more neutrally positioned maybe slightly rear set and then you’ve got these uh heel plates which help you again hold on to the motorcycle really well the handlebars
for my height I’m five-nine it’s easy to reach.

New Hero Xtreme 160R 2021 Onroad Price Mileage Colours 25
if you tend to bend your elbows a bit you will get a slightly sportier seating stance but even straight up I mean it’s an easy reach the handlebars are wide and the seat is cushy the seating algos overall are both comfy and involving which is ideal for a street fighter what’s surprising is that the seating triangle also works for taller riders Rohan here is over six feet but he isn’t cramped or uncomfortable astride the New Hero Extreme 160 R either.
now the first thing that strikes you about the Hero extreme 160r the moment you put it on the stand or you take it off the stand is the lack of weight now it weighs less than
140 kgs a little and if you add this tremendous amount of steering lock that’s available it’s not only easy to move the motorcycle if you want to at places it’s also very easy to park and you can move it around even with one hand if you like it it’s honestly that well balanced and light and uh if you like to if you would want to spin it around at the spot a the tail is really light so you can either move it that way or because the way it’s balanced you could just take it on the side stand and spin it around.
it’s that easy the lack of weight can also be felt when commuting even at speeds as low as 10 kilometers per hour the bike tracks absolutely straight it doesn’t flip-flop so you don’t need to work the handlebar plus the clutch and throttle operation is light.
though the clutch could have been lighter still moreover the brakes have enough and more power to handle slow speed changes and the engine has enough grunt or torque to pull along with purpose from as low as 2000 rpm having an auto glide feature which prevents the bike from stalling even without the use of throttle makes tackling bumper to bumper traffic that much easier especially if you are new to the riding game it keeps the motorcycle chugging along at eight kilometers per hour without bother

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so if there’s one thing that we’d like better on the extreme 160r it could be the low-speed ride at high speeds uh whether it’s undulations bumps straight-line tracking it remains stable it’s poised but it’s at slow speeds the front is still wonderful but the rear it tends to kick around now if you see it’s got.
The factory setting is set at four preload so if you tend to ride single more often my suggestion would be to just drop the preload and that would stop the kicking a bit.

The engine is lovely it’s a 163 cc air-cooled unit that makes 15 horsepower and 14-newton meters of torque the output figures agreed are par for the course and nothing extraordinary but the torque curve is flat and the motorcycle itself
is light and that means not only does the extreme Hero 160r get off the mark with the exuberance of a lively dog but the mid-range on the motorcycle is pretty potent too
so overtakes are convenient exiting corners with dollops of the throttle is beneficial and conventional tomfoolery on the bike is high-quality fun too it is additionally a precise dealing with a motorbike is New extreme 160r it is mild and agile and straightforward it is also sharp and responsive and brimming with experience and so riding it around corners leaves you with this happily satisfied grin and the urge to come back and do it all over again.

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the suspension helps as does the chassis and the tires which are all set up to return good dynamics but
without any low-speed harshness or discomfort brakes however could do with more power and bite these work fine at slow speeds but at higher speeds.
they do seem inadequate at times as far as cruising goes the extreme is happiest between 85 to 90 kilometers per hour at these speeds there are barely any vibrations there’s enough torque in reserve to pull clean overtakes and the brakes don’t feel inadequate either the New 160R can do over 100 kilometers per hour all day long as well and even though it isn’t at its smoothest best at these speeds it’s still stable manageable and quite agreeable.

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the Hero BS6 extreme 160r costs 1.21 lakhs on the road and that makes it the cheapest new 160 in the market and I say new because you’ve got the older apache 160 and the avenger 160 which are still on sale and they are cheaper but only just but then if you add these fancy tires to the equation you add this all led headlamp digital instrumentation and motorcycles lightweight not to mention its new weight styling and suddenly the extreme seems a lot better value and not just those two but even if you look at the newer 150 and 160cc motorcycles the extremes price-performance feature equation still makes it fantastic value for all its style and error modernity the New Hero extreme‘s instrumentation is a little basic yes it’s an all-digital cluster and it shows speed engine rpm time and fuel level apart from two trip readings but the game has moved on and when you’re entering a segment that’s flush with capable and successful competition you need to deliver more than what’s on offer instrument wise which is also the new playground among two-wheelers these days the New Hero extreme 160r does fall short now one of the things that we weren’t completely impressed with about the 160r is the pillion seating now in this
age of social distancing I can’t put a rider up front so I’ll just sit alone and show you
now the pillions seating triangle seems fine and the seat itself is reasonably cushy but if I have a slightly taller rider slightly heftier rider then that just doesn’t give me any space and I end up sitting on the tail or beyond and that can get really uncomfortable plus if you
see the grab handles they are hidden which is a great design thing but it makes it difficult if you want to carry luggage around because uh it makes it really difficult to strap it on.

New Hero Xtreme 160R 2021 Onroad Price Mileage Colours 6

the New Hero extreme 160r is the best that hero is produced and we say that because it absolutely nails the fitness of purpose bit now this motorcycle has been designed and developed for the young and upcoming motorcyclist a segment where buyers want something that’s great to look at is got lots of features it’s light it’s easy and fun to write and the BS6 New Xtreme manages all of that yes it could do with a few feel-good features it could also do with a few segments first but even now in its current form the 160r feels so right that I’d have no qualms recommending it and that to me is a sign of a great motorcycle.

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