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The Maruti Suzuki Swift is a hatchback from the company. The car made its own legacy from the time it was launched. Now the car is in its BS6 form and mechanically gets only one 1.2-L, Inline-4 Cylinder, DOHC Petrol engine which churns out 82 bhp of power and 113 Nm of torque. The car weighs just 860 kg thus it gives very good fuel economy and its fast too. But build quality is where this hatchback really doesn’t shine at all. If you want an amazing build quality, then this might not be the best option for you. So read the full article on the BS6 Maruti Suzuki Swift Accessories to know more about it.


You can accessorize your Swift with so many accessories. All the accessories we mention her are all official which is being offered by the company itself. So please keep this in mind before reading the article.

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FRONT GRILLE: The car can be equipped with 2 front grilles which are being offered by the company as of now. These grilles are Garnish Finish and Black Finish which costs 1,990 & 1,490 rupees respectively.

BUMPER CORNER PROTECTION: You can choose from total of 7 colours as the bumper corner protectors. These colours includes Black, Arctic White, Silky Silver, Magma Grey, Midnight Blue, Lucent Orange and Fire Red Insert and each costs rupees 1,090.

FOG LAMP GARNISH: You can also customize the Swift by Garnishing the fog lamps which costs 790 rupees.

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FRONT BUMPER: You can choose from 3 different colour patterns for front bumper of the vehicle. These colours include Black Garnish, Fire Red Garnish and Silky Silver Garnish. Each costs 890 rupees.

WINDOW FRAME KIT: There is a Chrome Window Frame Kit for the MS Swift which you can add to enhance its aesthetic appeal which costs 1,590 rupees.

BODY SIDE MOULDING: There are 4 different colored body moulding for the vehicle which includes Black, Arctic White, Silky Silver and Fire Red. Each costs 2,790 rupees.

EXTERIOR STYLING KIT: There are 8 different colored Exterior Styling Kits are available for the MS Swift. These includes Black, Arctic White, Silky Silver, Magma Grey, Midnight Blue, Granite Grey, Lucent Orange and Fire Red. Each cost 15,990 rupees.

TAIL LAPMT GARNISH: You can modify the looks of the MS Swift with Black Garnished Tail Lamps which costs 1,090 rupees.

REAR SPOLIER: There 8 different colored rear spoilers available for the car. These colors includes Black, Arctic White, Silky Silver, Magma Grey, Midnight Blue, Granite Grey, Lucent Orange and Fire Red. These cost 3,490 rupees each.

BACK DOOR GARNISH: You can also Garnish the car by adding Chrome Inserts for the rear door. This cost 790 rupees.

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ROOF WRAPS AND BODY GRAPHICS: There are 8 different body graphics/roof wraps available for the MS Swift. These includes Wave Runner Roof Wrap, Carbon Bold Roof Wrap, Beat Rider Roof Wrap, Energetic Sprinter Roof Warp with Red Inserts, Energetic Sprinter Roof Wrap, Electric Dash Roof Wrap – Red Inserts, Electric Dash Roof Wrap – Black Inserts and Wing Glider Roof Wrap. These costs 9990, 9990, 10990, 3990, 3990, 2090, 2090 and 2990 respectively.

DOOR WISER: There is also a door wiser as an option which costs 1090 rupees.


INTERIOR FLOCKING KIT: You can customize the car with Interior Flocking Kit which comes with Black, Fire Red and Midnight Blue colors. This cost 6,490 rupees each.

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DOOR SILL GUARD: There are 2 different sill guards available for the car. One is Twin Colored Door Sill Guard and the another one is Illuminated Door Sill Guard. Each costs 1,390 & 3,590 respectively.

FLOOR MATS: There are 7 different floor mats available for the car. These includes Designer Mat – Red Circuit, Premium Black Mat, Premium Transparent Mat, Designer Mat – Club Rider, Premium Carpet Mat, Grooves Carpet Mat and Deluxe Capet Mat. And these mats costs 1490, 1,790, 1790, 1490, 2590, 1590 and 1090 rupees.

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INTERIOR STYLING KIT: There are 7 different colored Interior Styling Kits are there on offer. These includes Carbon Finish, Fire Red, Pearl Arctic White, Midnight Blue, Lucent Orange, Bark and Brushed Aluminum. These costs 4490, 7390, 7190, 7390, 7390, 7290 and 6790 respectively.


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