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MG Gloster ( BS6 ) On-Road Price , Features , Compare – 2020

Welcome to the world of mg just a few days ago we unveiled to you India’s first autonomous level 1 premium SUV

The MG Gloster autonomous level 1 is the most exciting development in the industry that we have seen in the recent times and with its human-like sensing qualities, MG Gloster can do what most other cars cannot let me quickly show you the autonomous level one features that we have in the MG Gloster.

Gloster car vs fortuner on road price

First is adaptive cruise control or ACC you can set the desired speed and interval with the vehicle in the front of you and cruise without the need to press the accelerator or the brake pedals providing more comfort and safety.

Second is front collision warning or a few in case the car is on a collision course with the vehicle ahead as detected by the computer vision system the car alerts the driver to take necessary steps further increasing driving safety.

The third is automatic emergency braking or AEB the AEB will do the braking intervention automatically to prevent a collision or reduce impact by reducing the speed of the vehicle by up to 40 kilometers per hour. The car will come to a complete stop if the speed is less than 40 kilometers per hour and otherwise if the speed is more it will get reduced by 40 kilometers per hour it’s a great safety feature for the unpredictable roads and traffic.

fourth is lane departure warning or LDW once activated if the car is deviating from its lane due to the driver error or unknowingly without having given an indicator sign a warning is given to force correct thus keeping the driver in control at all times and reminding him or her to drive safely.

Fifth is automatic parking assist or APA you can choose between vertical or parallel parking the MG Gloster will start scanning the selected parking slot and will assist the driver in parking without touching the steering wheel making it truly a hands-free experience on the steering wheel and a complete wow MG Gloster comes with 360-degree cameras and sensors to make sure that there are no blind spots.

2020 gloster car MG 2020

While driving you to get quick alerts on your rearview mirror with MG Gloster sensing capabilities being a true blue full-size SUV this massive frame of the mg gloucester is driven by an on-demand or a real-time 4×4 drivetrain let me show you a quick video that really captures the capability of the MG Gloster across a diverse terrain set the gloucester also comes with mg’s state-of-the-art ismart 2.0 system apart from 24 7 internet connectivity we also have a large 12.3-inch screen in the center new apps like map my india and shortpedia for news on the go the MG i smart 2.0 in the MG Gloster also comes with an industry-first voice search for your favorite songs through the ghana app MG Gloster also has a unique security feature which is anti-theft immobilization preventing theft and this is enabled through the I smart app on your mobile phone the MG Gloster isn’t just another car.


it’s a car that truly thinks about you your safety your convenience your comfort all the time making it truly a selfless suv and now let me invite rajiv for what you all have been waiting for rajiv thank you gaurav so our journey in india started with the first internet suv the mg hector and followed by india’s first pure electric internet suv the mgz cv and today we bring  MG Gloster.

morris garages gloster car auto expo 2020

india’s first autonomous level one premium SUV a few days back we introduced mg shield why is that important in the industry typically so far including us have been offering very standard packages to consumers like so many years of warranty and so many years of roadside assistance assuming the needs of all the consumers are same what we have tried to do is that we are trying to give a chance to you to personalize your after-sales packages.


The way you want to drive the car and the way you want to have your peace of mind with this car so as an example some of you want to keep the car for three years or four years or five years or more than five years some of you want to be assured about maintenance packages some of you want to be assured about resale price some of you want to customize your car based on some accessories and things like that so we have made a bouquet of 200 plus options which we are going to give as part of the after sales packages and to make it interesting we are offering you 50 000 rupees worth of value what you can choose from these 200 plus options and by the way this 50 000 rupees you don’t have to pay extra it’s part of the pricing what we are going to declare it just now so that’s the beauty of my mg shield it’s your package your choices all in an extremely transparent way and hopefully it gives good peace of mind to the MG Gloster owners so to sum it up this car comes with a dash or advanced driver assistance system.


it’s four wheel drive that too pretty intelligent it is the tallest and the biggest in its segment with great third row seat it comes with twin turbo diesel engine with massive power it’s connected it’s luxurious it’s plush.

2020 morris garages gloster car

so let me show you, MG Gloster, in its full glory dad yes what am i thinking is this our cave no it’s an emergency water ice cream dad you said it was an emergency selfless what comes to mind when i say selfless  is this our game yes a clue please it’s there to set the pace and also to pull you back to keep a safe distance i’ll try it again off road off map no time to lose more clues please it’s always there to look out for you dad and always stops you in time it’s there if you’re in deep water.


and it’s there when you don’t want to lift a finger so have you guessed it yet what was I thinking when I said selfless well that’s easy daddy it’s you oh that’s sweet but I was thinking about MG Gloster.


then we were both right the selfless never think themselves mg MG Gloster the selfless car and the movement you all have been waiting for so let me set the context for pricing currently there are few options in price bracket of 25 to 50 lakhs in premium and luxury brands mg glossary is a full size suv with many compelling features which are first in segment and some first in industry.


so price of MG Gloster start from 28.98 lakhs and goes up to 35.38 lakhs for the top variant so let’s have a look at the summary chart which includes all the variants with prices and once again reminding that these prices include rupees 50 000 for my mg shield to customize your package so these are very special introductory prices for the customers who booked their car before october 31st or the first 2000 customers.



nd img ani 0081
Length (mm)
4985 mm
nd img ani 0089
Width (mm)
1926 mm
nd img ani 0080
Height (mm)
1867 mm
nd img ani 0079
Fuel Tank Capacity

( 75 L )

Fuel TankCapacity
nd img ani 0077
Engine Displacement
(cc) – 1996 cc
nd img ani 0086
8 Automatic Transmission
nd img ani 0082
Max. Power
(PS @ rpm)
PS @ 4000
nd img ani 0083
Max Torque
(Nm @ rpm)
Nm @ 1500-2400
nd img ani 0085
Dual Helix
Five link
Integral Rear Suspension
nd img ani 0087
Tyre and Wheel

R19 Alloy Wheels

nd img ani 0078
Front and Rear Brakes-

All disc brakes

nd img ani 0088
Wheel Base

2950 mm

nd img ani 0076


Super (7 str) Smart (6 str) Sharp (7 str) Sharp (6 str) Savvy (6 str)
2.0 Diesel Turbo 2WD 8AT 28,98,000 30,98,000
2.0 Diesel Twin Turbo 4WD 8AT 33,68,000 33,98,000 35,38,000
Prices include INR 50,000 worth customization under My MG Shield


Download PDF – MG Gloster – Here

MG Gloster – Accessories PDF – Here

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