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MG Gloster vs Fortuner vs Endeavour , Onroad Price India

when it comes to making a big bang entry into the Indian market

MG or Morris garages as they’re known has certainly made a big impact on the first SUV the hector has been quite a success they’ve been doing decent sales numbers the recently launched hector plus has also seen a decent amount of customer response but with their next product the Gloster SUV that you see right next to us.

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They’re looking to really get into the big league the Gloster is massive it’s really big it’s butch it’s in your face but with this new SUV what is mg offering to Indian customers we drive it today to find out now.

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when I say that MG with the Gloster is looking to make it into the big league I really mean the big league the Gloster is huge it’s just a smidgen under five meters it’s longer than the ford Endeavour it’s longer than the Toyota Fortuner and it certainly has massive road presence for me though the best angle of the Gloster has to be the front the grill is quite large, you know given the overall proportion of the car it doesn’t look out of place I quite like the headlights and the front is a really imposing angle it’s a unique design identity and with the oversized mg badge right in front of you you will not mistake the MG Gloster for anything else on the road but there’s one big difference in the mg lineup now.

2020 gloster car MG 2020

The hector if you look at it front on has a huge amount to chrome that’s been one of its success points the Indian customers have really loved the chrome front of the hectare the Gloster at least in the test car that you’re driving doesn’t have that much probe in fact the chrome is quite restrained and that in my books is quite a big positive but how customers react to it will be something that we’ll have to see later when you look at the side profile

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The design of the Gloster it’s largely very impressive other than a few niggles here and there I’ll come to the more impressive parts first overall given the size of the Gloster at five meters the design is quite balanced the front and rear overhangs are not too large and that gives it a very balanced stance

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I also quite like the strong shoulder line running through the front-rear door and the rear quarter panel there’s also a swooping line coming through the front fender into the middle of the front door and of course mg wants you to remember that they are or rather were a British brand and so in both front doors the side and the driver’s side you get this sort of badge on it which says brit dynamic with the British union jack flag well that’s just a way for the brand to sort of talking more about their British identity and their British origins rather than their current ownership one factor the side profile design that doesn’t work that well

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for the Gloster are the wheels existing wheels are 19 inches fitted tires which are quite large I quite like the dual finish wheels but given the overall size they do look a little small there’s too much gap between the v-lash and the wheel and I think maybe 20 inches would suit the car a bit more.

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When it comes to the rear end design of the Gloster though for me it’s a bit of a hit and a miss you see the front and the profile design of the Gloster is quite restrained not too much chrome but mg has overdone it when it comes to the rear end, of course, there’s the oversized mg badge there’s the chrome strip here which is fine you get the four-wheel-drive 8-batching on one side internet inside of the other side but it’s this big Gloster name you know individual letters plastered across the tailgate the quad tailpipes I think that’s a little bit much it overtly sorts of flashy.

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some customers really like it but for me, I think a smaller Gloster badge and maybe simpler tailpipes would have been better but I think it’s an individual choice for me the rear end doesn’t work that much overall the Gloster though looks quite balanced looks much better proportioned than the hector looked and still has a very distinct identity which can only work in its favor if there’s one thing you would expect getting into the Gloster having looked at its size it would have to be the amount of space available and I would have to say that you would not be disappointed I’ve just tested the Gloster in all 3 rows of seating and i fit comfortably in all three rows.

morris garages gloster 2020

So with the driver seat set to my height with the second-row seat fully set back to its backward most position I can still fit in the third row and there’s enough headroom there’s enough shoulder room so the good part is that for six full-size adults the Gloster is going to be a good place to be the other feeling that you get is of quite impressive quality largely speaking I’d like the quilted leather design of the seats that brown shade is quite nice and this uh nicely leather-lined dash also cuts a nice figure this large multimedia touchscreen also works quite well has apple car play has android auto has the ghana app built in so you can use that to play content that you might not have on your phone it, of course, has all the MG smart functions so you can ask MG to control.

morris garages gloster car

The sunroof to control the volume you can also remotely start the car do other functions so from the tech perspective the mg Gloster is certainly loaded much more than the hectare which is something that you would certainly expect and that is impressive like I said coming back to the quality aspect largely the quality of the Gloster inside the car feels quite well most of the surfaces are leather lined they feel quite nice to touch this sort of matte aluminum kind of finish also works quite well the switches work well there’s a nice color screen in the instrument cluster right in front of the driver which has great graphics lots of colors which is easy to read and there are also analog dials for the speedo and the rev counter

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the steering of the Gloster also comes with a bunch of controls you can use the cruise control functions you can use voice command you can control the multimedia system you also get paddle shifters for the 8-speed automatic transmission as well as automatic headlights and front and rear wiper functions one aspect of the Gloster that I’m not so impressed with you to get these seat control

seat heating seat cooling the hill descent control the automatic start stop they feature these amber lights that tell you whether they’re functioning or not functioning or what setting you’re in and in the daylight the amber light is actually very very difficult to spot unless you put your hand over it to sort of put it in the shade and see if it’s functioning or not so obviously that’s something you can’t do while you’re driving so that is one aspect of the Gloster that can certainly be improved upon the second of the gloucester is also quite a nice place to be you get lots of space inside so you get enough legroom shoulder room headroom and the panoramic roof really also lifts the sort of ambience of the cabin you feel like you’re sitting in a much larger cabin that you are there are a couple of issues with the MG seats though both the driver’s seat and the second row seat they’re very comfortable they’re good looking but in both seats there’s not enough underthigh support so on long journeys i think that’s going to be a bit of a bother especially if you’re 6 feet tall or taller than that now everything aside the first impression that the gloucester makes on you when you start it about to drive off is that of refinement.

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The engine noise, in particular, has been contained really well and I think while you’re driving even if you have a slight bit of music on it’s very difficult to hear the engine from within the driver’s seat or anywhere in the cabin which is a very good thing I just turned off the ac before we started off just to give you an impression of how sort of refined it is inside the Gloster‘s cabin so I’m going to switch the ac back on its 39 degrees and really hot right now staying on the theme of the engine.

morris garages gloster

the MG Gloster is powered by a two-liter twin-turbo diesel power plant this is quite a decent output engine it puts out about 215 bhp 480 nm of torque which is accessible from just 1500 rpm it’s also paired to an 8-speed gearbox which I have to say shifts fantastically well in most conditions I’ve been driving the MG Gloster all day today I’ve not had to resort to manual changing by either steering mounted paddles or using the gear lever and the gear shifts are really smooth imperceptible and I think it’s a really good box especially compared to most of the automatic gearboxes that the competition offers the other thing that’s also impressive about the MG Gloster is that it features a lot of dash systems what is aid as you ask they are automatic driver assistance systems basically they’re safety systems that try to mitigate or reduce any kind of mishap that you can get in while you’re driving so let’s say if you are distracted and the car in front of you suddenly breaks.

The MG Gloster will automatically apply its brakes it also has an automatic lane detection system So if you’re not paying attention and you sort of about to veer off from one lane on to the other it will start warning you that that’s happening if there is a vehicle next to you on both sides in the blind spot it also has a blind spot alert that’ll tell you about it it also has smart cruise control which maintains distance from the vehicle in front of you so that is one thing that the MG Gloster is very unique in offering it’s something its competition doesn’t offer in India and depending on how it’s priced it might be the first vehicle of its kind of its price in India.

MG Gloster ( BS6 )

offering all these smart features now most of these features are already very popular in Europe in us in fact some of the luxury cars sold in India like the s-class like most Volvos are already equipped with them but anything in the not so luxury segment in the more premium mass market segment that these features have not been offered and the Gloster will be the first car to offer these.

2020 morris garages gloster car

and similarly, it keeps up the feature list if you look at the hectare that was also a car that really offered features no other car in a segment or even segments above date and it’s the same story with the MG Gloster you get adaptive led headlights I’m sure they’re great I haven’t driven the gloss at night so I can’t tell you about them without that but on the features list that’s there you also get dual front airbags side airbags and full-length curtain airbags you get ABS EBD hill descent control you get different driving modes you can put it into the sport you can put into snow mode and there’s a sand mode and there’s a rock mode for rock board you know like the badge on the tailgate of the MG Gloster set four-wheel drive it also gives you a

locking differential that you can use in case you’re looking to go off-roading with the Gloster it’s a pretty big vehicle to be doing serious off-roading but it’s always a good peace of mind reassurance to have that if needed if you need to tackle some bad roads maybe take it off-road a little bit maybe there’s a jam in the road the Gloster is capable of that and it also has pretty good ground clearance to help you with that it also features all-wheel disc brakes so I think you know all taken into account interior features the comfort features you get multi-zone climate control the Gloster will be fully loaded or is fully loaded how is it to drive through good refinement aside the engine is quite powerful

I have only given it with two people so that is something that I’ll come back to later but the performance feels quite adequate like I said the gearbox fantastic shifting the engine’s refined with its 215 bhp 480 nm it moves quite quickly it’s not the fastest car in the world  but given its size and its weight which would be around two and a half-ton mark

I think it’s decently quick but I have a little bit of an apprehension low down especially when you’re moving in slow-moving traffic there seems to be a bit of a flat spot when you sort of use the part accelerator to try and get some input going you really have to push the accelerator about halfway through to really make the Gloster move and that’s something that mg should rectify before they launch it a little bit of immediate throttle response will make it much better to drive when stuck in traffic or when you know to see a quick gap opening and you need to get through it so that is one factor that has to be improved upon secondly that 215 bhp.

Sounds good in isolation but with six passengers on board with luggage that’s something to be seen whether it will be quick enough or whether the Gloster will be a bit laborious to drive one more factor that has to be considered all three rows in use all six or seven passengers inside the car the boot space in the Gloster is very limited so that’s going to be a compromise if you’re going to be five or six or seven adults or even seven occupants, in general, going on a long road trip

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There’s very very little boot space, in fact, I don’t think it can fit even one large suitcase so that will be a factor against the practicality of the Gloster lastly what do I think about the Gloster overall well you see it offers a lot of things that its competitors don’t it looks good it’s big it’s got great interior space it’s got a phenomenal set of standard equipment that is being offered with the SUV whether you talk about safety equipment whether you talk about advanced driver assistance systems whether you talk about uh you know a frills uh air conditioning or comfort or ventilated seat

it’s got it all I don’t think there’s much missing or anything that you can say that the MG Gloster doesn’t have but there are a few compromises with the MG Gloster like i said the seats don’t have enough under-thigh support boot space with all three rows is a problem and also while the right quality of the MG Gloster is simply fantastic I’ve driven it today on bad roads on non-existent roads on fast roads it really smothers out all kind of bad surfaces its high-speed cruise is also pretty good.

I was doing about 120 kilometers an hour that’s the speed limit on the taj expressway and it was stable as a rock and that is not a problem but two things in the driving that can also be improved upon one the steering is too light. that’s very good when you’re sort of trying to park the humongous MG Gloster or when you’re stuck in traffic conditions inside the city but once out on the highway or if you’re trying to throw the car around.

I would like a little bit more weight even in sport mods the steering doesn’t have enough weight and I think that’s certainly something that can be improved upon second I’ve already mentioned that at small throttle application it needs to have a little more engine response and thirdly there’s a significant amount of body roll with the Gloster if you try and put it into a fast quarter or try and take in roundabout quite aggressively.

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You can literally feel that mass and that high center the gravity of the Gloster sort of literally tilting you that’s something that I would have liked mitigated a little bit maybe a slightly stiffer suspension to give it a little more body control but i think there are two factors that we have to consider when we look at the globster in the context of the Indian customer one most customers buying the MG Gloster will be chauffeur driven so I don’t think that body roll is going to be a problem for them and neither is it going to be a major engine power delivery issue.

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The sofa will take care of that but the biggest factor is going to be what the MG Gloster is priced at it has features that none of its competitors offer it has space that i don’t think its competitors offer but we’ll do a comparison test with the MG Gloster sometime next month and let you know exactly how much the differences are so combining the extra space and the extra features if the MG Gloster can undercut the endeavor or the Fortuner or even be priced at par with them it’s going to be a phenomenal product because it’ll offer a lot more bang for your buck if it’s priced above them then the obvious question will be that is the customer willing to pay a premium over a Fortuner.


nd img ani 0081
Length (mm)
4985 mm
nd img ani 0089
Width (mm)
1926 mm
nd img ani 0080
Height (mm)
1867 mm
nd img ani 0079
Fuel Tank Capacity

( 75 L )

Fuel TankCapacity
nd img ani 0077
Engine Displacement
(cc) – 1996 cc
nd img ani 0086
8 Automatic Transmission
nd img ani 0082
Max. Power
(PS @ rpm)
PS @ 4000
nd img ani 0083
Max Torque
(Nm @ rpm)
Nm @ 1500-2400
nd img ani 0085
Dual Helix
Five link
Integral Rear Suspension
nd img ani 0087
Tyre and Wheel

R19 Alloy Wheels

nd img ani 0078
Front and Rear Brakes-

All disc brakes

nd img ani 0088
Wheel Base

2950 mm

nd img ani 0076
Smartphone App MG Mobile App.



comes with over 70 connected car features for Smart, Savvy, and Sharp.

It also comes with 64-color ambient lighting, panoramic sunroof, driver’s seat massager, and 12-way electronically adjustable driver seat.

Price List :-

MG Gloster ( BS6 ) On-Road Price



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