BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 4

New BMW 2 Series Gran 2020 [ BS6 ] Coupe Price List , Images

 BMW 2 Series  Gran Coupe   

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 5

Entry-level luxury cars they’re objects of desire for one and all four of these cars are an entry ticket into the world of success prestige and good fortune.

for in a country like India where cars are taxed as sin goods buying a luxury car can feel like stabbing yourself in the stomach ( Saying in a Funny Way Don’t take it Serious Dude ) with those overbearing taxes and that’s where this segment of attractive entry-level luxury cars steps in this attractive range of luxury cars provides an economical and affordable way to driving a car with an alluring badge now within this segment it’s the BMW x1 and the Mercedes-Benz CLA that have done very well for themselves and now it’s BMW’s turn to finally enter the entry-level luxury sedan segment with this the brand new 2 series

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 4

Now when it comes to the 2 series well it has those unmistakable BMW design cues starting with a big and bold kidney grill even the headlight design is very traditional BMW now when you look at the side profile of this car you realize that it’s a little bit more than a sedan.


it is after all a grand coupe now the benefit of this is that the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe like roofline gives you a little bit more headroom inside the rear cabin of this car and when you move around to the rear of the car well you realize that it has a set of very unique tail lamps that tend to stretch into the center of the car

back light bmw grand coupe

even that rear windscreen it looks very unique so overall the rear profile of this car is unmistakable and it will always stand out as two series now when you step into the cabin of the two series you instantly realize that this is a baby BMW now what I really like is that it’s very familiar territory so it’s as if you’ve taken a BMW interior and shrunk it to 70 percent.

interior bmw coupe view full

so it’s all a very familiar very comfortable place to be but what I especially like in here is that these modern BMWs don’t overdo it on the technology front now as a modern  BMW 2 series gran coupe.


it has all the features that you can expect from it it’s got connected car tech it’s got gesture controls it’s got a huge panoramic sunroof so it’s got it all but it does it in a very subtle and subdued manner so you have a digital instrument cluster for the driver

interior bmw coupe 5

so you can change that display there’s a whole lot of information that you get from there the infotainment screen as well very sleek very clear to read the climate control display looks very contemporary as well but New BMW 2 series gran coupe crucially has not touched the essential controls.

so as a driver for you it’s very easy to control these manual HVAC controls you get your i-drive controller over here so you know you have all the right buttons and knobs at the right places to adjust everything on the go it’s not confusing there’s no moving touchscreen any of that so overall I really like that appeal of this car of course if you want to go high-tech you can always use gesture controls to not just alter your stereo but even change climate control settings very impressive but as a baby 2020 BMW 2 gran coupe as a compact luxury car how does it feel like a comfortable tourer for rear-seat passengers well let’s hop in the rear seat and see just how much space or lack of it there is all right now that I’ve stepped into the rear seat well I have to say that uh ingress-egress feels a little more comfortable in the rear seat than in the front but nonetheless

interior bmw coupe 9

i have just about adequate space here just about and I am five foot eight inches tall so over here i have just about adequate under-thigh support I have just about enough leg room i’ve stored my feet under the front seat which is why I have just about adequate space the panoramic sunroof is what lends a little bit of an area appeal to the cabin but otherwise you know the side windows are small

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 2

so overall you can feel a sense that this is a small car it’s a compact cabin but seated where I am I think I am adequately comfortable not just for city journeys but even uh long-distance journeys shouldn’t be too uncomfortable over here the hip point is nice it’s not too low so overall it’s fairly comfortable right now but you see a lot of BMW drivers like to sit nice and low in the car which is why we’re going to try out something.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Autojournalism 1

all right is that your driving position now are you comfortable yeah oh man okay so uh right now what’s happened is that the seats went all the way down and I’ve had to withdraw my feet from under the driver’s seat so having pulled them out now I’m not so comfortable anymore because I have more of a knees-up experience now and I’m lacking on high support as well so this isn’t uh a comfortable position to be in which is why your driver there or your friend, in this case, uh they’ll have to you know to raise their driving position.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 1

so that rear-seat occupants are more comfortable now back here this is strictly a four-seater car simply because this transmission tunnel here is pretty high also this rear seat for the middle passenger is pretty narrow so it’s not a comfortable place at all even for children this isn’t an ideal place now having said that the two series.

I believe is still a practical enough luxury car for not just your city use but even long-distance travel if you want to do a short getaway well you can do that very easily provided the driver sits in a higher seating position well there’s enough space for four adults in the cabin the boot space here is over 400 liters so that’s very practical as well it’s got a big boot and in terms of ground clearance as well.

interior bmw coupe view



I personally feel that it has a very usable ground clearance you can clear speed breakers very easily without having to cringe about thinking of rubbing that underbelly but one factor keeps running in my mind you see this car has a space saver under the false boot floor which is perfectly fine but you see if you have a flat ( in trouble ) and you need to take your original tire and put it in the back well now you have a boot full of luggage a cabin full of passengers so that’s technically not possible but that’s just me being overly cautious you see this is the era of tubeless tires and tire inflators.

exterior bmw coupe 2

so I think you’re covered there so the two series for India when it’s launched will be offered with a single powertrain option which is the mainstay for BMW in India it’s two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine now like in cars such as the x1 and three series the same engine here develops an identical 187 bhp of max power and 400-newton meters of peak top and like in the other cars the gearbox is absolutely faultless in this car now right from the get-go whichever driving mode you’re in acceleration is always very linear.

bmw 1

it’s very progressive and it’s a very comfortable car to drive in general when you’re talking about power delivery and gear changes now when you accelerate a bit harder it becomes fairly evident and there is a diesel engine under the bonnet but the noise is never too intrusive unless you’re really pushing it hard now this engine revs freely and goes past the 4000 rpm mark comfortably

it’s only past 4500 rpm when it starts getting strained in terms of everyday driving I think this is a very very comfortable car to be driving if you’re driving in town and you’re suited to a leisurely driving pace but should you choose to drive quicker well you can always put the engine in spot mode and the gearbox in sport mode as well that’s when you get optimal performance from this engine to give you some perspective this car will do 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 7.5.

interior bmw coupe 8

seconds that’s very impressive and the top speed is pegged at 233 kilometers an hour so by no means is this a slow car sure it’s a baby beamer but it’s still got the poke now what i especially like is that as the 2 series is a smaller car than a 3 series it’s nice and compact and it’s also lighter so uh you know you can feel that difference the car feels fairly slightly and it feels fairly agile for our roads otherwise well these small BMWs are now built on the company’s ukl platform 

this is essentially the front-wheel-drive platform for BMW it’s designed to make more economical cars for entry-level segments such as this one but it’s not just economical in terms of its construction a front-wheel-drive car also consumes less fuel so on that account many agree that this was the correct part for BMW to go down, of course, BMW purists will disagree and well when it comes to that I have to agree with the enthusiast as well because you see front-wheel-drive cars are never dynamically as fun as rear-wheel-drive cars but that aside when it comes to the 2 series like the x1.

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Autojournalism 2

I have to say that the issue of torque steer is very very prevalent the moment you go heavy on the throttle from a standstill as well you can hear the tires struggle for grip and there’s a fair amount of dog steer as the wheel tugs at your arms now, of course, this is something that not everybody’s gonna do not everybody does standing starts or aggressive launches but you know this aside posing a driving sport mode or even regular comfort mode and you want to pull out of a lane and pull off a quick overtaking maneuver.

that’s when the two series again when you suddenly mash the pedal there’s that dog steer which becomes very evident so the stalk steer actually becomes quite annoying and quite disturbing, to be frank, and uh you know people who are not interested in cars or driving so if you buy one of these or get into one for driving you will face this issue of talk steer so you have to be well aware of the fact.

so like I said when you suddenly mash the long pedal and go for a quick overtake the wheel will tug and you will have to wrestle it with your arms to keep the car in a straight line so this is still a bit of an issue that aside well handling is fairly good it’s a low slung car and in fact, the suspension setup is actually quite good as well now when it comes to slow speeds at around 20 kilometers an hour that’s when you can feel that underlying firmness and the ride can feel a little bit bumpy but in realistic speeds when you’re doing about 40 50 kilometers an hour

bmw 2 series 2020 coupe

the suspension does very well in ironing out that kind of bumps and even at faster speeds i think it’s fairly comfortable despite the fact that this car is running on run-flat tires the ride is fairly good and overall I can say that no matter what kind of road you throw at it it’s going to be a fairly comfortable ride for you now the ride is not as blind and as comfortable as the new 3 series that’s just very ( wow ) impressive but when it comes to the 2 series is right comfort

well you know you’re not going to really be complaining at all either the steering wheel well it could have done with better feedback but in the age of electronic power steering systems well you know this is a given so overall well high-speed stability is very good the car has fairly brisk bass it has compact dimensions so on that account it can actually be quite a fun car to drive but if you leave aside the fun factor if you leave aside the BMW mess of it all I think you can look at this car as a great daily driver a great luxury car that you can buy and you can drive every day it’s very very comfortable and for me personally

when it comes to the appeal of these types of cars I would prefer a sedan any day over a crossover SUV and I really hope that the two series really picks up and it does very well in the market and I would go so far as to say that this is not just a car that’s very comfortable for urban driving but you can even dare to go out on long road trips I think it’s going to be very comfortable it’s got just the right amount of cabbage space for four occupants it’s got a decently sized boot so overall the two series checks out on all the basic parameters and i think it’s got a decent amount of appeal as well

so if you’re looking to step up your game in the world of car ownership this festive season well you can take a good look at the new 2 series now by the time you watch this video the 2 series would have been officially launched in India it’s going to be launched in two variants the 220d sport line and this the 220d m sport

now the m sport kit brings with it some very nice subtle detailing such as those side skirts the rear air diffuser and those tasteful m alloy wheels now of course since you’re Reading this Post at the time of its launch you would know its prices and you can check them out in the link below

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe Price autojournalism 3

what do I feel about the market prospects for the 2 series well I think it’s a great proposition for those looking to step into the world of luxury cars it’s got presence it’s got the right kind of styling that attracts attention and it’s unmistakably BMW at the same time it’s also unmistakably new so it’s definitely going to stand out but a car such as this also has to perform the task of being a daily driver and on that front, I think the 2 series is a great proposition it’s very comfortable to drive even in tight urban environment Excellent compact size it’s a very easy car to navigate through our busy streets the suspension is fairly comfortable too it’s just the right amount of in-cabin space it’s got a big boot for your shopping trips so overall I think the 2 series is not just an attractive luxury car it’s also a very practical one.

 Price List:- 

bmw price list




Capacity in ccm
Stroke/bore in mm
Max. output in kW (hp) at 1/min
Max. torque in Nm at 1/min


Top speed in km/h
Acceleration 0–100 km/h in s


Fuel consumption
Fuel Economy (km/l)
CO2 emissions in g/km
Tank capacity, approx. in l


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