Honda H’Ness CB350 vs Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6 | 2020 Full Comparision

 New Honda CB350 H’Ness BS6 

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Royal Enfield classic 350 vs New Honda CB350 H’Ness

The New Honda CB350 H’Ness BS6 and of course the name is a bit controversial but this is going to go against the royalty of the segment the New Best Ever and Very Popular Bikes Between Indian People, The Royal Enfield classic 350 Which is Known Mostly as BULLET in the Indian Auto Market.
The New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 that bike is a carton itself and to dethrone that motorcycle well it requires a lot of effort but Honda says that they have done everything they’ve covered all the bases and that’s why they have now entered this segment with the cb350 now according to honda they’ve been working on this motorcycle for close to two years now.

honda Highness 350 Colours
honda Highness 350 Colours

Honda say that they have covered all the bases and they’re going to go against New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 with all guns blazing
so the New Honda CB350 it’s going to be launched in around two to three weeks time so right now we are not going to ride these motorcycles as we are not allowed to ride these motorcycles.
so the review the full-on review of these motorcycles will come later on today however we are going to do a walk-around video of these motorcycles we are going to check out all the features in detail.
what this bike has on offer and most importantly we will take a closer look at the specifications of the quality of this motorcycle and overall I think this is this looks like a job well done but let’s find out let’s dig deeper so there are two variants of this motorcycle the deluxe and deluxe pro the one you see over here is the deluxe pro and the other one
which you can see now is the deluxe version uh so the difference between the two, well this one comes with a dual paint finish this is in a matte black finish and with this stripe right over here the other one the deluxe that is which is going to be the base version of this motorcycle that is just available in gloss paint finishes apart from that this one also gets dual horns and they come with chrome finish whereas the other one just gets a single horn.

Honda Hignesss Black colour Pearl Night Star Black
Pearl Night Star Black

that’s not finished in chrome it’s just a normal plastic casing so in terms of design that’s the only difference between both the motorcycles however in terms of features well both the motorcycles again get the same instrument cluster.
but this one here it comes with an additional element which is a smartphone Bluetooth connectivity, so honda is going to launch an app for their motorcycle similar to what TVS does with It’s a smart tech connectivity option so basically, you’ll have an app you can use turn button navigation uh through the instrument cluster right here.
so there are going to be a lot of features in that as well uh so that is another key difference between both the motorcycles.
they both get disc brakes on both the wheels uh the disc brake on the front feet
is of larger size than the New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6. then this motorcycle also gets the dual-channel abs as standard.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 bs6
Royal Enfield Classic 350 bs6 Black

So, that’s another element now in terms of the wheel size it also has the same wheel size as the New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 19-inch fronts 18 inches at the rear but this is only available with alloy wheels so you’re not going to find spoke wheels in this motorcycle and of course, a lot of people would want uh that you know again this classic touch those spoked wheels but then with that you also have to understand that they are only available with pupils so honda is not going to go after that’s what we have heard they’re only going to offer this with alloy wheels and these come with tubeless tires  now coming to the tires, of course, the tires are also wider than a New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 rubber the front is 100 section whereas the rear one is 130.
Now discussing of common features in both the motorcycles: They both get traction control there’s a USB charger as well led lighting all around the headlamp the tail lamp the indicators are all LED.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6
Royal Enfield Classic 350 BS6

So overall on the surface, I think this is a great motorcycle honda seems to have covered all the bases and have done a really good job with this motorcycle.
now the first thing that actually catches your eye is of course the attention to detail
and the quality this is a typical honda motorcycle.
As in the panels and everything the quality is really really good and I think it’s much better than what the New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 has to offer uh the fit and finish the plastic here you see it’s all in a gloss finish and the buttons and everything feels top-quality now in terms of riding posture I think this is very comfortable motorcycles  the bars is very wide and they’re quite tall as well so you can sit comfortably the pegs are positioned quite well and I think even for taller riders this motorcycle the tank support and everything it’s quite good so in terms of the seat I think the seat is a bit narrow as compared to the New 2021 royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 which is it’s again the main rival I’m just mentioning it over and over again because that’s uh the current bestseller in that segment
so in terms of comfort, I think this the seat is not that supportive it’s a little narrow so, over long distances, I think we’ll have to check it once we take this motorcycle out for a long ride if it turns out to be as comfortable as the New BS6 royal Enfield classic 350 BS6.

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I think design-wise also you have to say this is a very good looking motorcycle uh see New 2021 royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 has it’s again like I said it’s a cult motorcycle but this uh this CB 350 apart from the highness name, of course, that’s a bit controversial but the CB 350 it attacks back to theold cd 350s you know the parallel-twin engines that used to come back in the 70s.
so there is that retro charm in this motorcycle and honda is doing it in their way they’re not copying anyone else they’re just taking a look back at their heritage at their old bikes so in a way you can say there’s a modern interpretation of the old cb 350 but of course this is a single-cylinder engine and this is specifically made for the Indian market this motorcycle is not available anywhere else. so that focus on the brand it kind of shows.

Now the engine is a 348 cc long-stroke air-cooled engine so with the specifications you can make out that honda is again going right after New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6 2021 but this engine it produces more power in torque it has a peak power output of around 21 bhp it’s around 20.8 bhp actually and peak torque of 30nm meter however this engine produces its peak torque at just 3000 rpm.

so this is definitly going to have more grant while you’re riding in traffic now other than that the most important thing here is that this motorcycle weighs only 181 kilograms now that makes it 14 kilograms lighter than the royal classic 350.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350
Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Now that is quite significant because this motorcycle even when I was moving it around in the parking lot I think this feels much easier to handle now one thing that I can tell you right away without any second thoughts is that the refinement of this motor is really class-leading and of course, the engine comes with a balancer shaft so there are no vibrations at all and it actually lives up to its name this engine has that typical honda quality the refinement levels are absolutely mind-blowing now at idle there are no vibrations at all even when I rev it I can feel the slight buzz around the tank but it’s really it’s not perceptible unless and until you are really nitpicking.

so I guess this the nature of this engine this is a very talky moto and given the refinement and the quality that’s an offer even you can see the wiring and everything it’s nothing is exposed it really feels like a top-quality product

so overall I think this motorcycle just for quality alone it really uh scores full marks
now not only the engine honda has done everything possible to make this sound like a classic cruiser as in they say.
This produces the same kind of thumb or even better thumb and more refined comp than the royal Enfield but is it the case well of course we can’t ride the motorcycle but
we can start it and just have a listen now I think the thump well I’ve not ridden the bike but I feel it’s a lot more refined and it’s not as roti as 2021 New royal Enfield classic 350 BS6.

Honda Hness CB350
Honda Hness CB350

Since we haven’t ridden these motorcycles I of course can’t give you a conclusive review
of the New Honda CB350 however, there are few things worth noting
this is not going to be available in all the honda dealerships across the country this will be sold only through honda’s premium big wing dealerships and right now I think there are 20 odd dealerships across the country so that’s really a very low number however
honda has assured us that by march 2021 they’ll have at least 50 touchpoints where these bikes will be available so that is good news aside from that if you talk about just the product alone I think honda has done a tremendous job as in.
I haven’t ridden this motorcycle but I feel this is going to be a really good product even on the road because this has a honda’s name honda’s quality honda’s refinement.
so you can expect good things from this motorcycle and talking about the competition well I don’t think Honda has just created a product to compete with the 2021 Royal Enfields ( Bullet ) and Benelli Imperiales I think they’re probably going to one-up everyone in this segment because this has the makings of a really really capable product.

 Honda H’Ness – Two Variants – DLX & DLX PRO 


Features DLX Pro DLX
Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
Honda Smartphone Voice Control system (HSVCS)
Colours Dual Tone Single Tone
Horn Dual Unit Single Unit
Full LED Headlamp and Taillamp with Ring Type Winkers
Assist and Slipper Clutch
Side Stand with Engine Inhibitor
Distance to empty/Average Mileage/Real-Time Mileage
Battery Voltage meter
Gear Position Indicator
Engine Start/Stop Switch
Hazard Switch



Type 4 Stroke, SI Engine
Displacement 348.36cc
Max Net Power 15.5kW @ 5500 rpm
Max Net Torque 30N-m @ 3000 rpm
Fuel System PGM-FI
Bore x Stroke 70mm X 90.5mm
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Starting Method Self



Battery 12 V, 6.0 Ah
Headlamp LED, DC



Length 2163 mm
Width 800 mm
Height 1107 mm
Wheel Base 1441 mm
Ground Clearance 166 mm
Kerb Weight 181 Kg
Seat Height 800 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 15 L



Frame Type Half Duplex Cradle
Front Suspension Telescopic
Rear Suspension Twin – Hydraulic



Braking System Dual Channel ABS
Tyre Size & Type (Front) 100/90-19M/C 57H
Tyre Size & Type (Rear) 130/70-18M/C 63H
Brake Type & Size (Front) Disc 310mm
Brake Type & Size (Rear) Disc 240mm



Clutch Type Multiplate Wet Clutch
No. of Gears 5 Gears


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