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 New 2021 BS6 Cars Comparision 

 Hyundai Creta  vs  Kia Sonet  vs  Honda City 

 Mileage, Price, Review, Petrol vs Diesel 


MILEAGE TEST: PETROL VS DIESEL = Hyundai Creta  vs  Kia Sonet  vs  Honda City

petrol or diesel this perennial debate continues to be as relevant as ever before in the bs6 era the price differential between equivalent petrol and diesel models may have increased from the earlier rupees 1 lakh to rupees 1.3 or even 1.5 lakh but there’s also been a new development you see
In the bs6 Era a new range of modern direct fuel injection turbocharged petrol engines
have found a way under the hood of everyday cars and these cars cost the same as the turbo-diesel counterparts the new KIA sonnet and Hyundai Creta
are a testament to this fact but what’s the running cost of turbo petrol cars and how much more will they cost to run over a diesel car and then again in the BS6 era how long does it take to recover the cost of a diesel car over a naturally aspirated car we hit the road
to find out.

Hyundai Tucson 2021 Autoexpo 3

now let’s start with the newest car here first the KIA sonnet the top-of-the-line sonnet petrol is powered by a cutting edge one-liter turbo petrol engine that is available with an
equally modern seven-speed double-clutch automatic gearbox these modern turbocharged petrol engines how efficient are they we have no benchmark from earlier
so we did a full-blown 100-kilometer fuel efficiency test run we drove both the sonnet petrol automatic and the sonnet diesel automatic back to back at the same time of day on the same route across the same conditions and everything and I’ll tell you what this car returned an astonishing 16.06 kilometers to the liter now that’s unbelievable
and you know what this was down to the fact that a huge chunk of that efficiency run was conducted on highways so what happens when you’re cruising on highways at speeds in the range of 80 to 100 kilometers an hour is that this car is always in overdrive in seventh
gear and then there’s a matter of the modern petrol engine well it’s constantly altering the fuel and air ratio
so as to give you the least amount of fuel consumption it goes into what is essentially a lean-burn mode so there’s a missing link here for when you’re driving in India if you live in a city and during your daily runs you’re not going to be cruising on a highway so what happens then well so we conducted another fuel efficiency run where we drove
33.8 kilometers in intense city traffic at this point the efficiency display was showing anywhere between 9.6 to 10.8 depending on the situation and under those driving conditions this car returned 12.02 kilometers per liter which is 12 kilometers per liter so that’s what you get in the real world driving in the city.

Honda City car 2021 autojournlism 1

all day long and that is not too bad a figure if you think about it, of course, it’s not 16 which is unrealistic but at 12 it is exactly the same as a naturally aspirated manual New BS6 petrol compact car so on that account with its relatively more powerful engine and double-clutch automatic gearbox the driving convenience of it I think you know it’s on the money and then I conducted another fuel-efficiency test which is from office to home.
that’s about 40 odd kilometers from my office so during this up and down driving cycle of mine this car returned 14 kilometers to the liter that’s because I have a clean expressway run and this is done during non-peak traffic hours.

so this again can be brought down to probably 13 or 12 so you know roughly about 12 kilometers per liter is what you’re going to be getting from this car.
now considering that the sonnet diesel automatic at rupees 12.99 lakh costs exactly the same as the sonnet petrol dct we ran both cars back to back for the efficiency test run
to gauge the difference in running costs and this car brought home a fuel efficiency figure
of 17.5 kilometers to the liter over the same 100-kilometer driving distance and that is
right on the money for a diesel automatic car in this class this difference in efficiency coupled with the 10 rupee difference in fuel costs at the time of this fuel efficiency test
means that it will cost you about rupees 21,000 more to drive the sonnet petrol every year if you drive a distance of 12,000 kilometers annually now this was the result of a turbo petrol automatic car alongside a turbo diesel automatic car now we altered this recipe with a turbo petrol automatic car and ran it alongside a turbo diesel manual car
to see the difference in running costs in order to do this we called in the turbo petrol automatic Hyundai Creta
and the diesel manual New Hyundai Creta in this instance the Creta turbo petrol has a powerful 138 bhp engine that makes it a very quick car now the Hyundai Creta turbo petrol with the dct gearbox well now we took this car on a fuel efficiency test run 100-kilometer fuel efficiency test run which included about 25 kilometers of heavy traffic driving in slow-moving city traffic.
and then a clean highway runs now this brought out an unbelievable fuel efficiency figure of 15.6 kilometers per liter now that is unbelievable for a car of this size and engine capacity and automatic gearbox for that matter but you know what these modern engines are very clever when you’re cruising on the highway at 80 – 200 kilometers an hour that’s when the gearbox is in seventh gear so the revs are really low and then there’s a matter of the engine it’s modern technology can really make this engine go into a sort of lean-burn mode
when you’re cruising along at constant speeds.

kia sonet 2021 bs6 colours

so it’s because of this reason that we got that unbelievable fuel efficiency figure
but what about the real world what happens when you’re driving in the city in day to day bumper to bumper traffic well in that instance of a 33.8-kilometer fuel efficiency run in the city, this car returned 13.94 kilometers per liter that are almost 14 kilometers to the liter which is very very impressive so these modern power trains.
with 138 bhp of power not only makes this car very punchy to drive but it’s also very very fuel-efficient but then at the same time outside of the efficiency runs I took it home and from my office to home run which is about 40 kilometers one way well under those driving conditions under fast-moving city traffic and a little bit of expressway driving the car returned 10.11 kilometers per liter.
so you see depending on the driving cycle the fuel efficiency figures for this car vary considerably once again we ran both the Creta petrol and diesel back to back during our efficiency, test runs to arrive at an accurate figure
now this Hyundai Creta diesel well over the same cycle of 100 kilometers as the Creta petrol-driven back to back this car returned a fuel efficiency figure of 18.62 kilometers to the liter.

Honda City car 2021 autojournlism 10

which is roughly the real-world figure that you get when it comes to one of these diesel manual mid-size SUVs so a diesel manual car is considerably more efficient than a new age turbo petrol automatic car, in the case of the two Hyundai Creta, ‘s that we ran on tests here you will end up saving nearly rupees 23 000 annually on fuel bills by driving the Hyundai Creta diesel.
if you cover a distance of 12,000 kilometers annually
and then finally we come to the age-old recipe of a naturally aspirated New BS6 petrol manual car versus a turbo diesel manual car for this efficiency test we lined up the petrol and diesel versions of the new honda city
now the new honda city has an equally new petrol engine that makes this an incredibly fun to drive a car, what’s more, you’ll even get better fuel efficiency than the other cars here now we took this car on a fuel efficiency test run on a distance of a little over 100 kilometers.
now this consisted of a mix of highway and city driving and under these circumstances, the city petrol returned a commendable fuel efficiency figure of a little over 14 kilometers to a liter and that is fairly impressive it’s fairly realistic because earlier honda cities too return on an average of about 12 to 14 kilometers to the liter.

now like earlier the honda city diesel continues to have very high NVH but if you’re still hesitant about that high NVH well let me tell you something, let me tell you first of all why there is high NVH well unlike all other carmakers Honda uses an all-aluminum head and block for the engine of the city now aluminum engine blocks do not insulate.
The cabin from that tapping diesel noise as well as cast iron engine blocks too which is why there’s so much high energy so that’s the downside of having an all-aluminum head and block for a diesel engine so you’re thinking why did honda do that well an all-aluminum unit considerably cuts down the weight of an engine and we all know weight is the enemy
of energy and efficiency so on that account.

Thar vs Creta

Because this is an all-aluminum unit that is lighter you get so much better fuel efficiency
and we did a tank-to-tank fuel efficiency run for all of these car areas.
now, this fuel efficiency test was conducted for a little over 100 kilometers of driving which included a little under 50 kilometers of city driving under very heavy traffic conditions, and then the rest of it was on open highways that included cruising and guess what surprise surprise this honda city diesel shocked even me for this car returned.
an efficiency of 24.16 kilometers to the liter that’s crazy that’s unbelievably fuel-efficient
for a car of this size this engine capacity, you are not going to get that kind of efficiency from any other car in this class or even smaller cars for that matter. and you know what actually this is not so much of a surprise for me because over the years I have run a lot of
honda diesel long-term cars I’ve run the honda jazz the honda BR-V the honda amaze diesel automatic and the honda city diesel as well and in all of those cars I always manage to achieve around 20 kilometers per liter fuel efficiency if not more in the real world which is astonishing it’s amazing.

20200211103836 Kia Sonet front right

the whole point if you think about it of buying a diesel car is that you want better fuel efficiency and lighter fuel builds on your wallet and well on that account, honda’s it tech diesel engine has always been able to outshine any other competition as a result driving a city diesel over a city manual petrol will save you over rupees 31,000 in fuel expenses
every year if you drive an average of 12,000 kilometers on a yearly basis so all in all it’s pretty clear that diesel cars are very much here to stay and they will be preferred by people.
who drive longer distances on a daily or annual basis meanwhile, the new age double petrol cars have transformed how mass-market cars drive and feel in terms of refinement and performance they have made petrol cars more powerful.
than ever before coupling their cutting-edge automatic transmissions and they truly have stepped up the game for mass-market cars today but at the end of the day if you’re looking for efficient petrol cars well the naturally aspirated New BS6 petrol engine and the manual gearbox is still the ideal choice.



  1.  Hyundai Creta – All Models 

Hyundai CRETA 2021 bs6 autojournalism 1

Engine & Trim Plan E EX S SX SX (O)
1.5 Petrol MPi MT
1.5 Diesel CRDi MT
1.4 Petrol Turbo Gdi DCT
Rear Disc Brakes S S
Airbags Driver & Passenger S S S S S
Side & Curtain S
ABS with EBD S S S S S
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) S S
Vehicle Stability Management control (VSM) S S
Hill Start Assist Control (HAC) S S
Parking Assist Rear Parking Sensors S S S S S
Rear Camera with steering adaptive parking guidelines display S S S
Day/Night Inside Rear View Mirror S S S S
Electrochromic mirror (ECM) S
Front Seat Belts with Pretensioner S S S S S
Height Adjustable Front Seatbelts- Driver & Passenger S
Driver & Passenger Seatbelt Reminder S S S S S
Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) S S S S S
Speed Alert System S S S S S
Child Seat Anchor (ISOFIX) S S
Impact Sensing Auto Door Unlock S S S S S
Lane Change Indicator S S S S
Lane Change Indicator Flash Adjustment S
Speed-sensing Auto Door Lock S S S S S
Front Fog Lamps S S S
Rear Defogger with Timer S S S
Puddle lamps with welcome function S S
Immobilizer S S S S S
Driver Rear View Monitor S S S
Automatic Headlamp S S S
Burglar Alarm S S
Dual Horn S S S S S
Central Locking S S S S S



Feature E EX S SX SX (O)
Wheels R16 Styled Steel wheel S
R17 Clean Silver Alloys S
R17 Grey Alloys DCT DCT
R17 Diamond Cut Alloys S
Twin Tip Exhaust DCT DCT
Front & Rear Skid Plate Silver S S S S S
Matt Black DCT DCT
A- Pillar Piano Black Glossy finish S S S S S
B- Pillar Black-out Tape S S S S S
Dual Tone Exterior DCT (O) DCT (O)
Lightening Arch C-Pillar Silver S S S S S
Glossy Black DCT (Dual Tone) DCT (Dual Tone)
Bi-functional Projector Headlamps S S S
Trio Beam LED Headlamps S S
LED Positioning Lamps S S S S S
Crescent Glow LED DRL S S
LED Tail Lamps S S S
Integrated Roof Rails Silver S S S
Matt Black DCT DCT
Signature Cascading Grille Black S S
Chrome S S S
Dark Chrome DCT DCT
Body Color Dual Tone Bumpers S S S S S
Outside Door Handles S S S DCT DCT
Chrome Finish Outside Door Handles S S
Side Sill Garnish Silver Color S S S S S
Antenna Micro Roof S
Shark Fin S S S S
LED Turn Indicators on Outside Mirrors S S S S S
Aerodynamic Rear Spoiler S S S S S



Feature E EX S SX SX (O)
Two-Tone Black & Greige Interiors S S S S S
All Black Interiors with Orange Color Pack DCT DCT
Orange Color Pack Black Fabric Seat Upholstery DCT
Black Leather^ Seat Upholstery with Orange Piping DCT
AC Vents with Orange Accent DCT DCT
TGS Gaitor boot with Contrast Stitching DCT DCT
Leather^ Wrapped Steering with Contrast Stitching DCT DCT
Soothing Blue Ambient Lighting S S
Inside Door Handles (Metal Finish) S S S
Leather Pack^ Grey & Black Seat Upholstery S
Steering S S
Door Armrest S
Rear Seat Headrest Cushion S S
Rear Parcel Tray S S S
Door Scuff Plates – Metallic S S
Rear Window Sunshade S S S
D-Cut Steering Wheel S S S S S
Sports Pedal DCT DCT


Comfort and Convenience

Feature E EX S SX SX (O)
Smart Panoramic Sunroof S S
Electric Parking Brake with Auto Hold S* S
17.78 cm Supervision Cluster with Digital Display S
Front Row Ventilated Seats S
Power Driver Seat – 8 Way S
Auto Healthy Air Purifier S* S
Drive Mode Select S* S*
Traction Control Modes S* S*
Paddle Shifters S* S*
Cruise Control S S S
Follow-me-home Headlamps S S S S S
Keyless Entry Foldable Key S S
Smart Key with Push Button Start S S S
Air Conditioning Manual S S
Fully Automatic Temperature Control S S S
Eco Coating S S S S S
Outside Mirror Electrically Adjustable S S S S S
Auto Folding S S
Front Console Armrest with Storage S S S S S
Rear Center Armrest with Cup Holders S S
Electric Tailgate Release S S S S S
Rear AC Vent S S S S S
USB Charger Front S S S S
Rear S S S
Front Power Outlet S S S S S
Rear Wiper and Washer S S S
Motor-Driven Power Steering with Tilt Function S S S S S
Luggage Lamp S S S S S
Front Seat Back Pockets Driver S S S
Passenger S S S S S
Power Windows Front S S S S S
Rear S S S S S
Driver Side Auto Up-Down (Safety) S S
Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Lowline S S S S
Highline S
Room Lamp S S S S S
Battery Saver S S S S S
MT Shift Indicator S S S S S
LED Map & Reading Lamps S S
Sunglass Holder S S S S
MT Remote Start S
Glove Box cooling S S S S S



Height Adjustable Driver Seat S S S S S
Height Adjustable Front Headrest S S S S S
Rear Headrest S S
60:40 Split Rear Seat S S
2-Step Rear Reclining Seat S S



Feature E EX S SX SX (O)
Infotainment System 20.32 cm Touch Screen Audio S S
26.03 cm HD Infotainment with BlueLink S S
Bluetooth S S S S
Smartphone Connectivity Apple Car Play S S S S
Android Auto S S S S
Steering Mounted Audio Control S S S S
Voice Recognition S S S S
Bluetooth Handsfree S S S S
Arkamys Sound Mood S S S
Bose Premium Sound System (8 Speakers) S
Steering Mounted Front & Rear Door Speakers S S S S
Front Tweeters S S S S
Front Central Speaker S
Sub-woofer S
Advanced BlueLink S S
Smartphone Wireless Charger S S
BlueLink Integrated Smartwatch App S S


 Delhi Ex-Showroom Price 

Variant Prices
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed Manual CRETA – E ₹ 981,890
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed Manual CRETA – EX ₹ 1,060,900
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed Manual CRETA – S ₹ 1,183,900
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed Manual CRETA – SX ₹ 1,357,900
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed IVT CRETA – SX IVT ₹ 1,505,900
1.5 l MPi Petrol 6-Speed IVT CRETA – SX(O) IVT ₹ 1,626,900
1.4 l Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Speed DCT CRETA – SX DT Turbo ₹ 1,627,900
1.4 l Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Speed DCT CRETA – SX Turbo ₹ 1,627,900
1.4 l Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Speed DCT CRETA – SX(O) DT Turbo ₹ 1,731,900
1.4 l Kappa Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Speed DCT CRETA – SX(O) Turbo ₹ 1,731,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Manual CRETA – DSL E ₹ 999,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Manual CRETA – DSL EX ₹ 1,160,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Manual CRETA – DSL S ₹ 1,288,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Manual CRETA – DSL SX ₹ 1,462,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Manual CRETA – DSL SX(O) ₹ 1,590,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Automatic CRETA – DSL SX AT ₹ 1,610,900
1.5 l U2 CRDi Diesel 6-Speed Automatic CRETA – DSL SX(O) AT ₹ 1,731,900

The prices and variants of the cars may change without prior notice. Please check the latest prices and variant information with your nearest Hyundai dealer before booking the car.

Hyundai CRETA 2021 bs6 autojournalism 3


kia sonet 2021 price in india


  • Driver and Passenger airbags, ABS & Rear Parking sensors
  • Heartbeat Tail lamps
  • Air Conditioner with Rear AC vents
  • 8.89 cm (3.5″) Mono color instrument cluster
  • Muscular front and rear skid plates
  • Premium fabric seats – black
  • Electric adjust outside mirrors


  • Clear White
  • Steel Silver
  • Intense Red
  • Gravity Gray

Interior – Black one tone



  • Overall Height1610mm
Overall Length 3995mm
Overall Width 1790mm
Wheelbase 2500mm
Boot space 392



  • Kia signature tiger-nose grill
  • Heartbeat tail lamps
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Muscular front and rear skid plates
  • R15 steel wheels with steel wheel cover
  • Rear Center garnish – Reflector connected type
  • Pole type antenna


  • Premium fabric seats – black
  • Premium roof lining
  • Silver finish AC vents garnish


  • Dual Airbags
  • ABS w/ EBD
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Emergency stop signal


  • Electric power steering
  • Manual Air conditioner
  • Tilt steering
  • Front door power windows
  • Front and Rear USB charging port
  • Electric adjust outside mirror
  • Center locking
  • Rear AC vents
  • Front adjustable headrest
  • Eco coating

Infotainment & Technology

  • 8.89 cm (3.5″) Mono color instrument cluster

SONET HTE –     ₹671,000 starting MSRP*

SONET HTK   ₹759,000 starting MSRP*

SONET HTK+ ₹845,000 starting MSRP*

SONET HTX   ₹999,000 starting MSRP*

SONET HTX+  ₹1,165,000 starting MSRP*

SONET GTX+  ₹1,199,000 starting MSRP*

kia sonet car 2021


Honda City car 2021 autojournlism 6 e1603863681617

Type Water Cooled 4 Stroke SOHC i-VTEC Inline 4 Cylinder
Displacement (cc) 1 497
No. of Valves 16
Power (kW [ps] @ rpm) 87.7 [119]@6 600
Torque (Nm @rpm) [email protected] 600
Fuel Efficiency (km/l) 17.4 (MT)


Manual 5 Forward & 1 Reverse


Overall Length (mm) 4 440
Overall Width (mm) 1 695
Overall Height (mm) 1 495
Wheelbase (mm) 2 600
Front Track (mm) 1 490
Rear Track (mm) 1 480
Kerb Weight (kg) 1 063 (SV), 1 061 (V)
Max. GVW MT (kg) 1 438 (SV), 1 436 (V)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 40
Seating Capacity (Persons) 5
Trunk Space (Litres) 510
Steering System Collapsible Electric Power Assisted
Turning Circle Radius (m) 5.3


Front McPherson Strut, Coil Spring
Rear Torsion beam axle, Coil Spring
Anti-Roll Bar Torsion Bar Type


Front Disc (Ventilated)
Rear Drum
Parking Mechanically activating on Rear Wheels


Wheel Type 15 x 5.5 J Alloy
Spare Wheel Type 15 x 5.5 J Steel
Tyre Type & Size Tubeless Radial Ply, 175/65 R15


– Ex-Showroom Price ( Delhi )

  • SV MT PETROL – INR 9,29,900* 

  • V MT PETROL- INR 9,99,900* 

For white Orchid Pearl extra premium starts from 6,000 depending on Model

Honda City car 2021 autojournlism 3


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