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 New Hyundai i20 [ BS6 ] 


In the front, this new generation of the i-20 shows a wider front grille also in high gloss paint it’s a high trim.
the model also with a lower contrasting bumper then here you can see special about this new generation is also that the grill leads over in one design unit with the headlamps and optionally or in the high trims you can also get it with full led as you see it right here and also very sporty daytime running light.

The car is a little bit flatter and wider so this also again stresses the sportier stance so it’s a small segment vehicle but already looks quite massive from the front doesn’t it 4 meters 0 4 13 foot 3 or 159 inches is the length of the Hyundai i20 2021 hasn’t changed that much in this new generation here a little bit longer as for the wheelbase to give you a little bit more legroom in the rear area on the inside it would start with 15-inch steel wheels then 16-inch aluminum and these are optional.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 68


17-inch aluminum 48-volt botnet sign at the side because this is a mild hybrid engine soon more also to the engines and really aerodynamic form here for the side mirrors then today we also have a contrasting roof in black right here this also stresses the design of chrome in the lower part, the main design is here above the door handle splitting light and shadow
and again a very fresh design here and definitely looks sporty than the outgoing model and we also find a very modern and sporty look here at the rear the light signature also you know pretty strong and then there’s a nice trick there’s a reflector right here and it looks like there would be a light strip going through the week but depending on light and shadow and so on so when you look from here then you see there’s no light but when you look from distance sometimes depending on the sunlight and so on it really looks like it would also be light.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 32

but overall then really looks cool from the rear here so again I think I’m quite impressed already from this look of you know small car segment vehicle here diffuser style in the lower part again with the contrast overall I think good rating from us what about you the entry-level engine 1.2-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine petrol
84 horsepower but this one here is the one-liter turbo three-cylinder either with 100 or 120 horsepower than the one hard horsepower version optional m half this one here the 120 horsepower version always comes with a mild-hybrid system and optionally you can also get the 7-speed dual-clutch transmission as an alternative to the manual drive now to the trunk area we have a luggage setup for you so we can imagine what does fit in there and what not yeah backpack a little bit squeezed right here and let’s also unload that you can see how it looks like empty like this and like this so and here
there’s also like this practical net you can get and then you can put this here up and
this is actually when you have the 48-volt board right here with the mild-hybrid system then this here the battery lithium-ion also the big one for the mild-hybrid buffer so otherwise if you don’t go for the mild-hybrid system you could also fit a replacement tire in here.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 41

this is the car key close and open fits good quality you can also use the button here for the keys entry if you have that option mirrors also fold in and out automatically door closing sound, yeah very solid like that instead of the doors is hard to pack however but in this segment also nothing special they use a lot of different stylings and materials a little bit of leather red here then some design elements the door handles make a good impression
window levers here to switch them around for the side mirrors door pockets also big enough
optional bose sound system and also interesting we have a bright styling than here on the lower part then the new interior really all-new not everything has changed basically heated steering is an option that’s pretty cool hard pick also on the top desktop but there’s an interesting structure so it also gives you a good quality feeling nevertheless stinging wheel here with this open spokes looks like from the Audi a8 doesn’t it like from the styling of course not like in a whole finish and so on the left side here to pick up the phone
and also to control the volume right side here to control the digital instruments.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 35

and also the cruise control and then the seats like fabric seats is basically the thing for this vehicle that’s of course good because it’s breathable in summer and also keeps you warm in winter it’s already a little bit sporty right here in the end line they would have these red contrast stitches to make you know an even sporty look so the end line also a little bit different as for the interior but this one already looks quite cool and sporty and let’s get inside to test it again small car segment and I’m one meter 86 or six foot one and this still gives me plenty of headroom no problem as for that and it’s actually a good seating position it keeps me tight here with these bolt string

so all we quite spotty seats here for these normal seats and you also have decent comfort
of course, you feel that you are not in the big vehicle but you can move around quite freely and of all i just i can just give it a very good rating here the um you know this is where the menu control for the back part this is the near the pumping up your control and it’s how you control everything it feels quite smooth you know so also good quality impression as for that steering wheel can we put in and out quite wide and also up and down

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 23

so you can really find a decent position here yeah that’s easier like this with two hands so really decent position here also for taller drivers interior overview again what could be criticized is that they have a lot of different materials and you know stylings here then is really cool structure on the top part then you know this horizontal structure right here then again a slick surface then the white one so you know it’s not a really calm atmosphere as for the materials but the quality is actually quite good and the overall styling looks quite fresh and modern you can see here this is the top screen setup it would start with analog instruments and just a small digital display in the middle option and 10.25 inch
on the right side, either a very base radio than an 8-inch screen and this is the top 10.25-inch screen so this top setup here is two times 10.25 inch.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 31


you can see here the apple carpet integration apple car play android auto for both infotainment systems available here it comes automatically soon more deals to that
the screen you can see here these are capacitive buttons in the lower part, for example, to switch the map so nothing you really press in there but it reacts quite well actually but i can sue more details to that screen here a manual volume knob still steering wheel again has good compact size and also the buttons here on the steering wheel are
you know very very good as for the quality what I really like is that here in the lower part we have still a manual climate control is easy to control and straightforward to see everything so no capacitive bulks in the lower part now the infotainment system up close here with the apple car play view so the location not all over the screen but here in this area
and sound system test it’s the bose sound system here the optional one and yeah really like that sound so again in the small car segment really really decent as for the sound of course this is a really good song you should listen to it so then that normal Hyundai menu looks like this is like the main menu, you can also put to this one here

so and then you have the hotkeys on the lower area but also can click inside here this is also another climate visualization here for example so when I put the climate unit on
but that is not really necessary you use so usually you just look at what’s happening in the lower area that’s the home menu again map hotkeys like this you know the Hana and KIA
satnavs they are maybe not the best ones but here does the job, you can see pinch and zoom also works could be a little bit more responsive but overall I think quite okay you can also assign you to know this hot this hotkey here, for example, the apple carpet would be the most useful thing to do I think um set up here you can go to this and then for example also change the sound settings and so on.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 26

so overall I think very very usable what they’ve done here
the smaller eight-inch screen however I think will also do the job if you don’t wanna spend the extra money for the bigger one then the digital instruments also very nice for the view and straight forward to use the drive modes change it here, for example, the like this comfort drive mode here the sport drive mode yes body gauges or for the eco drive mode so I think interesting visualizations they found here and then in the middle part you can switch the speed, for example, you can see the energy flow especially important well interesting to see when you have the mild-hybrid system but you can also switch it to a GPS view then you would also see some um you know arrows or lines where you want to go and so on.

and the assistant systems you so yeah again straightforward nice to see it’s in good addition definitely if you want to save some money you would stick with the base analog instruments depending also on the trim level let’s check out the rear compartment pretty slim these doors here interesting there’s also an option for a heated seat here in the rear two-level that’s for a small car wow very nice that you have these options then the same design here as for the rear also with these wide contrast stitches then here which would be the red contour stitches in the end line and everything easy and solid let’s see since you have a little bit longer wheelbase you always have a little bit more room in the rear for your legs in this new generation and you see here you can easily drive this car with four tall others so the package is actually quite.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 43

good welcome to Thomas’s driving lounge with the new 2021 Hyundai i20 small car segment and we have the 120 horsepower engineer one-liter turbo three-cylinder it’s a top engine so far for the normal version it will also be the
2021 Hyundai i20 then with more horsepower later well and the thing is here 120 kilometers an hour
and it’s actually reasonably silent in here so on the german motorway here today that’s also why we begin with that because we have the possibility to do some more testing right here and when we just have it like cruise control set and just like one of the minimum consumption 120 kilometers is also like not the lowest consumption but the realistic one 5.5 liters or more kilometers and that’s about 40 mpg us and about 50 mpg the UK.

so yeah I think quite reasonable that’s okay blind spot monitor here also when cars are approaching from the side the autonomous emergency brake is the standard blind-spot monitor is more assistant systems there’s like an extended assistant systems package also i also have the adaptive cruise control activated at the moment keeping the distance to a car in front of us also the lane keeping assist is um not really intrusive.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 49

so really good very calm keeping the car in the center of the lane and so on so i’m really really happy with that so I’ll switch in the middle part either we can now at the moment reducing speed and we see energy flow because here we also have them half system my hybrid system so some energy is gained back to the battery that’s helping like with coasting or sailing function or also you know assisting electric systems in the car and also having a little bit of the drive so it’s not a real as a full hybrid but as I said mild hybrids so we have some electric support then to save some fuel but we can also put it down here to the digital speedometer and we can also show you some of the acceleration 7 speed
the dual-clutch transmission we have in here with the interesting shifting lever and there are also different drive mode selections right here

so if I’m in the comfort mode also the gauges change here and then there’s a spot mode and oh we got these racy sporty gauges and then the throttle input is being increased so we have a little bit more responsibility and so on and then there’s the eco-driving mode for less throttle input and more eco-driving so I really think it’s very interesting that it changes here according to that and then we can also show you some acceleration when we are already at speed so what does this small engine but with the turbo still deliver us when we start at one kilometers or 60 miles an hour and accelerate that’s 130 kilometers now 80 miles an hour you see with the turbo we still have some acceleration
but if I would have a moment now like when we need to get to the other lane in a fast way
that would not really work but I mean it’s a small car segment and the power for that is enough but it also shows you that this.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 38

when you drive motorway this one-liter turbo free cylinder is the suitable choice
then the entry-level engine this um you know naturally aspirated fossil in the engine would not be sufficient for motorway drives if you just primarily drive this car in the city it’s no problem but i really think as soon as you go to the motorway then you should get the turbo engine and now to our conclusion for today with the all-new Hyundai i20 from the exterior definitely a fresh and the sporty styling and it looks actually bigger and you know with a sportier stance then you would actually expect in this segment and i think that’s actually quite a nice interior with a clear overview in the interior also good build quality yeah, of course, there’s also a lot of hard plastics but again you also have to keep the price low but overall every solid you know solid things from the looks and also ease you could to control
it’s a straightforward user interface an optional
all digitalized now with this 10.25 inch two times screen setup here so also very normal design you also have enough space on the interior and also driving wise a very very good result here for today.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 36

so it’s actually fast enough in the acceleration especially here with the 120 horsepower engine if you go for the motorway you should probably not go with the one-liter naturally aspirate engine then the turbo engine is definitely better as for this usage and really calm and suffering on the road also at higher speeds really stable yet at the  same time enough comfort and fuel economy-wise also you know at a good average
so overall a very very solid performance and I think the overall result is really it is definitely now one of the best cars here in the small car segment here in the high trim of course the cores go up.

New Hyundai i20 2021 top model bs6 21

So we have to think about which extras do you really need or would you rather go than for an entry-level version thank you so much for tuning in today leave us your comments here about the 2021 new Hyundai i20 see in our comment section or in our next review.



Engine: 1.2  Liter

Fuel: Petrol’

BHP: 95

 approx Price : 

in the Netherlands ( €14.95 )

in India: ( 12.84 )

USD: ( $17.50 )

 Hyundai i20 black pack edition 

Hyundai Launch i10 and Hyundai i20 black pack edition in Netherlands.

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