New Hyundai i30 BS6 Car Price and All Colours Variants

New Hyundai i30 BS6 Car Price & All Colours Variants

 i30 Hatch vs i30 Sedan 

New Hyundai i30 Car, Price, Features, Design, Safety, Engine

Let’s Talk About New Hyundai i30 BS6 Car Price and All Colours Variants with Comparision. The Two cars you see here represent the polar opposites of the Hyundai i30 range on my left is the cheapest way into the all-new sedan the active,
while on my right is one of the more costly ways into the more familiar hatch the inline premium so this will be a range review like few others given we won’t just be crossing trim levels but body styles too and taken together they’ll tell you everything you need to know about the entire i30 range.

i 30 sedan car vs i30 hatch back car 2021

So we can figure out which one is best for you now there is a lot to unpack here and you’re more than welcome to stay with me for the entire Post but if there’s somewhere you need to be or just a particular area you’re interested in feel free to jump ahead.

We are going to be talking about

  • Price
  • Design
  • Practicality i30 n performance
  • Safety
  • Engine Specs
  • Fuel use
  • Ownership

 Hyundai i30  Sedan vs Hyundai i30 Hatchback  


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Let’s start with the i30 sedan range which is the newest member of the i30 family and a vehicle you might be more familiar with as an Elantra for this all-new model, Hyundai’s renamed its small sedan the i30 largely to simplify its range and the story begins with the active trim available with a 6 -speed manual or a 6 -speed automatic. before the end of the year they’ll be joined by sportier inline models available the manual or 7 – speed DCT automatic or the more fancy feeling in-line premium which is auto only.

So what do you get for your hard-earned well This Active car gets 17-inch alloy wheels a leather-appointed interior Best wireless smartphone charging an 8-inch touchscreen with apple car play and android auto, as well as an incredibly comprehensive protection suite which we will come back to when it’s time to speak about safety stuff leaping up to the elite, provides dual area local weather control twin 10.25-inch displays one in the middle of the cabin the other in front of the driver with satellite navigation a bose 8 – speaker stereo and dab plus digital radio the inline cars will add a sportier engine a unique body kit with new look front and rear bumpers and a new mesh grill there’s also twin exhaust tips, New Best Looking led Tail-lights plus headlights with 18-inch Good looking alloy wheels and finally, the inline adds a sunroof ( premium ) and  front parking sensors ( Best in Class 10-way power-adjustable heated plus ventilated front seats ) and a heated steering wheel the New Hyundai i30 hatch is a busier liner with a cheaper entry-level model once called the go but now simply called the New Hyundai i30 kicking off proceedings and it’s available with a best in class 6-speed manual Transmission or ( AMT ) 6-speed automatic Transmission.

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The range then steps up to the auto-only active then steps up again to the auto-only elite like with the sedan, you can have a sportier inline car which can be had with a manual or a 7-speed DCT automatic or an inline premium which is again offered with a choice of transmissions so what do you get Hyundai tells us the new i30 trim is essentially the old go model with some extra safety stuff included like smart cruise control and lane-keep assist but you can also expect 16-inch alloy wheels and led DRLS while inside there’s an apple car play and android auto equipped 8 – inch touchscreen a second seven-inch screen in the driver’s binnacle a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob an electronic parking brake as well as the usual suspects like power windows and air conditioning outside of that though the hatch trim level’s lounging mirror the sedan or thereabouts
though you will pay slightly more for that boot.

New i30 2021 Hatchback car Top model All colours 2

while the New Hyundai i30 hatch and sedan are of course related technically they’re a little more like step siblings given they both rides on different platforms and both wear a very different design language and I’m going to start this with a little bit of an admission personally I’m a hatch man I just think in a small car segment the compact dimensions of a hatch always look a little bit better than the elongated sedan equivalent but anyway the New Hyundai i30 New sedan wears Hyundai’s sensuous sportiness design language although opinions are a little split about just how successfully it’s been applied here, The front end looks sharp and shapely though with this cat clawed bonnet the massive grill and sweat back headlights and the way it’s all kind of angled down towards the road giving it a sportier vibe the side view is all sharp lines and angles too but I do feel like both it and the front manages to look accomplished and a little premium it’s the rear view though that I suspect will take a little getting used to the way the boot juts out over the edge before cutting back in and jutting out again looking a little bit like a pyramid laying on its side it’s adventurous yes but I worry that it might be a touch too adventurous but anyway let’s go check out the cabin,

i 30 cabin

Now Here in the entry-level active, there are some reminders that you didn’t splash the cash on a better-equipped car the elite levels for example are all lovely inside all premium-feeling materials and those twin big screens that make the cabin feel very tech-savvy here in the action however you do make do without some of those niceties and it does feel a little bit cheaper from inside and a  little 8 – inch Touch screen is housed in a similar surround to the much bigger screen which means here you get a lot more flat black plastic.
so with the New Hyundai i30 sedan, it is very much a case of you get what you pay for, and then there’s the hatch which in my opinion is one of the best looking cars in this segment and especially in this inline premium guy which looks sleek and stylish and without the overload of design flip so popular with new cars today now it’s worth pointing out that this is not the same inline as the one they get overseas while the rest of the New Hyundai i30 range has been updated inside and out.

we’re still making do with the old n-line models the reason says Hyundai is the factory with the brand only taking cars from South Korea to keep the prices down while the new end line is only available from the Czech republic still, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as I do think this car has a certain timeless elegance about it inside you’ll find it’s an equally posh and premium feeling space with the biggest screen the smartest tech and the nicest camera materials which should you jump into a more expensive version of the sedan you’ll find largely replicated still, I’m going to give the overall design nod to the hatch I just think it works better inside and out

Practicality & i30 n performance

you might think that the hatch is the more practical option here and in some ways it probably is
but in terms of boot space with the rear seats in place, the sedan has it hosed according to Hyundai you’ll find some 474 liters VDA of luggage space with the rear seats up compared to 395 liters in the hatch that number swells to 1 301 liters with the rear seat folded flat in the hatch with Hyundai yet to confirm the bigger number for the sedan.
What we do know about it though is how big it is stretching 4 650 millimeters in length 1825 millimeters in width and millimeters in height that make it longer and wider than the hatch and it rides on a longer wheelbase too and those perks are best felt not in front seats but in the back.

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now this is a seriously spacious back seat especially for those riding in the window seats I’m sitting behind my own 175-centimeter driving position
and as you can see there are miles of legroom and there’s enough headroom too so while three adults across the back might be a stretch you can genuinely fit two adults back here in real comfort and there are not that many small cars you can say that about.
Now the backseat is also split by a pull-down divider that’s home to two cup holders there are Good Looking bottle holders in each of the doors you get your own air vents and there’s an Isofix attachment point in each of the window seat upfront there are cup holders, Good Looking bottle holders in the door and wireless phone charging twin USB ports and a power outlet so there really is everything you need even in this base model car.
Now the hatch on the other hand despite sharing much of the same creature comforts is a much tighter feeling space not just in legroom but in headroom too with the back seat feeling far more confined than it does here the i30 sedan then is definitely the much bigger feeling car.


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let’s get this out of the way early the New Hyundai i30 sedan has not been tested by ancap but if it was it would likely be a four-star car and the hatch was a five-star rating it earned back in 2017.

Does that mean the sedan is less safe than the hatch not really more than air caps requirements are changing at light speed and under strict 2020 regulations and without a center airbag it’s likely a sedan variant would rate one less star than the hatch still that’s not to say it’s underdone you’ll find six airbags along with the usual breaking attraction aids before the tech steps up to active safety stuff like AEB with pedestrian and cyclist detection
as well as junction detection plus lane-keep assist lane the following assist and active crews and all of that’s in the active model the elite trim then adds blind-spot monitoring rear cross-traffic alert and rear parking sensors
it’s a similar story in hatchland 2 where even the base New Hyundai i30 gets forward collision-avoidance assist with AEB a driver attention warning lane-keeping assist lane following assist and smart cruise control elite and end line models then add blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.



i 30 sedan car engine

Now engine wise there are a couple of options the first being this two-liter petrol engine good for 117 kilowatts and 191-newton meters.
Now it’s fitted to the sedan inactive and elite geysers the similar hatches get a two-liter engine too but it’s a slightly different one and it’s tuned for 120 kilowatts and 203-newton meters but the better option and sportier option is the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine
good for 150 kilowatts and 265-newton meters. it’s fitted to the inline and inline premium cars and it is a much more exciting invigorating drive.

i 30 n line sedan car engine

Fuel use

New Hyundai i30 Car Bs6 All Colours and Variants Price 2021 (12)

Now in terms of fuel use, the 2-liter versions of the hatch will use 7.4 liters per hundred kilometers on the combined cycle while upping the grunt to the end line also ups your fuel use to 7.5 liters per hundred kilometers it’s fitted with a 50-liter tank and it accepts cheaper 91 run fuel which means you pay less at the bowser.

now for the sedan, it needs just seven liters per hundred kilometers on the combined cycle
it’s fitted with a 47-liter fuel tank and it too accepts cheaper 91-rod fuel we don’t know yet what the inline versions of the sedan will use in terms of fuel but it’s safe to say they won’t be far off the hatch’s numbers


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like the rest of the Hyundai range, the i30 family is covered by a five-year unlimited kilometer warranty with servicing required every 15 000 kilometers
cap price servicing is available throughout too and you get roadside assistance for the first 12 months the brand also allows you to prepay your service cost for the first five years which will set you back around fourteen hundred dollars for the two-liter cars and surprisingly less at 13.85 for the more powerful inline variants

welcome then to the driver’s seat of the New Hyundai i30 sedan active powered by its 2-liter petrol engine and in this case paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission now let’s get the good stuff out of the way first shall we well it’s no exciting machine you can’t help but be impressed by Hyundai’s work on the ride and handling here any car in which you find yourself longing for more power means it’s pretty impressively sorted and that’s certainly the case here capable around corners comfortable on even more dodgy road surfaces, now part of that’s obviously down to Hyundai’s local chassis tuning here in Australia.
But part of it could also be down to the fact that it rides on a new and different platform to its hatch sibling this one’s on the k3 either way though it does handle its dual rolls of competence and comfort with a plum downside well I’m just not in love with this engine well the r30 range internationally gets all sorts of clever electrification
we get this tried and true two-liter petrol engine and if I’m honest it’s just lacking a little bit in the fizz department.

New Hyundai i30 Car Bs6 All Colours and Variants Price 2021 3

don’t get me wrong there is enough power to get it up and moving and if you’re just cruising around the suburbs you won’t really notice but it’s just that it lacks that urgency for overtaking maneuvers or quick starts and when you do plant your foot it gets a little gruff and loud in the cabin without adding much in the way of out and out speed
keep it humming along gently in the suburbs though and it is an easy-breezy carefree drive while I won’t deliver much in the way of excitement it doesn’t deliver much in the way of frustration either but if you do want a more spirited more engaging drive you want the turbo and since we have one here let’s take a look at that welcome then to the fastest and fanciest non-full-blown performance i30 there is the New Hyundai i30 in-line premium hatch now this one gets the turbocharged engine it also gets a better gearbox the 7-speed DCT and in my opinion, this is the best engine and gearbox combination in the New Hyundai i30 range now I’ve spent plenty of time with this car over the last few months and even more so over the last few days and I gotta say I really really like it really is a genuine warm hatch the one that’s comfortable capable full of technology and premium features and it’s pretty stylish to boot the benefit of a more powerful engine too is that even when you’re not using all that grunt when you’re not really planning your right foot.
it just makes progress so much more effortless and as a result, so much quieter that you find the cabin here is actually a far more peaceful place to be, and the drive experience
is a little more joyous even when you’re not cycling through the drive modes and this one gets eco normal and sport
it just feels a really well connected really well-sorted car the steering’s got a nice weight to it it’s nicely direct too the gearbox is utterly seamless and you only need to breathe on the accelerator to allow for forwarding momentum, there’s none of that straining of the smaller two-liter engine as it struggles to get up to speed.

Now the price you pay for feeling connected to the road below of course is that it can feel a little jarring or a little bumpy over really rough road imperfections but for mine that’s a price I’m happy to pay and if it sounds like I’m raving a little bit about this car it’s because I am it’s actually one of my favorite cars in this segment especially with this drivetrain
and to me, it wants for really little in the drive experience.
So in the battle of turbo versus 2-liter, it’s really not a battle at all for mine the turbo engine is the choice

In the End

so there you have it the New Hyundai i30 range explored top to bottom from sedan hatch and back again.

If you Have any Question Just Ask in the Comment Box, Our Team will reply Instant, Thanks For Reading This Post.

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