Nissan Magnite Compact SUV Car BS6 Colours, OnRoad Price

Nissan Magnite BS6 Car

We, Will, Tell You About This Car – New Nissan Magnite Compact SUV Car BS6 Colours, OnRoad Price If you’re looking at the rugged variety there is the patrol and if you’re looking at the more urban variety the list is Longer with the likes of the duke the Qashqai the x trail and you could say that this magic of Nissan has been largely left out of India and yes the Indian market has been tough for Nissan to crack but now the Nissan Magnite BS6 is promising to tempt you away from  The Brezza the  SONET  the venue the Ecosport the Nexon the xuv300 and the WRV  so it really is a backfield with fierce competition.

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The question is has Nissan managed to recreate that magic from the global scale
here in the sub-4-meter SUV segment for us Indians now this is a head-turning package and this is especially true of the face which that large grill gets flanked by those slim sleek headlamps all of which are led encrusted on this top-end XP premium variant led DRLS and even the fog lamps tucked away down here look really cool and the stance as you can see is more sleek and sporty rather than butch SUV it wouldn’t really surprise you to know that in terms of width or in terms of height that this is one of the lowest in the segment and if you look at the alloy wheels the 16 inches that you have here they look particularly sporty the SUV quotient though is maintained by factors like the ground clearance which is 205 millimeters and the wheelbase which is nice and long and on par with other rivals
in this segment, this flows really nicely doesn’t it the way the spoiler juts out the way the tail lamps give it a really striking look and it isn’t just the completeness of the design it’s the thoughtfulness of the entire package that is impressive a small little detail like this rear windscreen.

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

The wiper is standard across the range and since we are here we might as well take a look at the boot which is the second smallest in the segment and this boot lip is also quite high but if you’re looking for more storage space then opt for the higher variance of the magnetic which comes with 60 40 split back seats and that wow feeling continues even on the inside. if you look at this cabin it actually feels sporty as well here too especially because of these econ vents which kind of remind us of Lamborghini and if you look at just the layout of the dashboard it’s this layered dash with the center console tilted towards the driver again adding a little bit of a sporty theme over there and the way this floats on top
looks nice the switches are great and if you look at the steering wheel on the top end
the version which is leather-wrapped this feels chunky the switch is here feels good to use so it has that premium-ness about it.

However, if you look closely at the fit and finish you’ll find that the panel fit isn’t as good and some of the plastics do feel a bit well plasticky sure it isn’t setting new benchmarks in terms of quality but it is good enough to be pegged alongside some of its popular rivals on top of that it has some added feel-good factor too the cabin is made richer thanks to the fabric upholstery on the door pads and the seats which get leather at trim as well on the top-end variant which look good and feel very supportive too aside from that you do get some segment-first features like wireless android auto Feature and One of the famous Carplay System – apple Carplay connectivity that goes with a rich looking 8-inch touchscreen system and you also have a 360-degree camera which is a first in the segment however the quality of the video is quite grainy and it really doesn’t feel very useful, you could also offer the tech pack on the top end variants which adds features such as wireless charging pad and air purifier ambient lighting puddle lights and a JBL sound system and if you’re looking for connected car technology then that is offered on the xv premium option variant and that is the only addition there and if you’re looking out for more wow features the Nissan Magnite BS6 does not have a sunroof or cooled ventilated seats and you can see that there are some cost-saving bits as well around the cabin in terms of features like the IRVM which is a simple manual type when it comes to storage spaces inside the cabin.

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

The magnate has plenty you get a slot which doubles up as the wireless phone charger there’s a slot beneath that to store knickknacks or another phone and there are of course the cup holders one of which is to be used up by the air purifier but the big plus is the glove box it’s 10 liters and is really large aside from that you get door pockets which are generously sized both in the front doors and the rear doors now there is a big surprise inside the cabin and that’s to do with its dimensions on the outside we said this was the narrowest in the segment.

So Nissan engineers have done an incredible job to scope out space on the inside first and foremost just take a look at the knee room this is set to my driving position but even if there was a six-footer here we tried I still had plenty of room here and I could be comfortable because the under-thigh support is good there’s plenty of foot room to push your feet forward.
So you can sit really comfortably and there’s plenty of headroom as well on top of that the width on offer is impressive too you could see three adults here in the back without feeling terribly crunched and manage city trips quite comfortably and if that isn’t all there are small details that Nissan has thought of too you get adjustable headdress for all four occupants across all variants yes the middle passenger doesn’t get one.

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

However, a small bit of convenience you get an armrest with two cupholders and a place to store your phone air conditioning vents for the rear passengers are offered only on the higher variance of the magnet and there is also a 12-volt socket for you to charge your devices there no there is no USB on offer so what about the real specs.
so what’s under the hood petrol power only petrol power the one liter naturally aspirated engine on offer with the Nissan Magnite BS6 is available across all the variants and this Nissan Magnite BS6 Car is available only with a five-speed manual transmission the higher-spec engine is the one-liter turbocharged engine this is a different engine from the Nissan and this one is offered with a five-speed manual transmission or a CVT and this is available from the excel variant onwards.

Now for tests here today we have only the turbocharged petrol engine on offer with the manual transmission and the CVT gearbox as the other option first things first this engine feels way more refined than the one liter naturally aspirated engine which we’ve also experienced on Renault striper which does feel quite noisy and a bit rough

So that is one big plus and along with that this engine is also much smoother to drive it has no prominent bump up in torque or power delivery because of the turbocharger which makes it easier to use even in the city and this is especially important if you’re picking the manual which has just five ratios so you can leave it in third gear and angle around it won’t be the zippiest drive but it will be something that’s really easy going and if you head out onto the highway you’ll find that it has enough punch to travel long distances comfortably quickly Nissan claims 0-100 time of 11.7 seconds that is quick on top of that this combination also claims the highest fuel efficiency in this segment but if you choose the CVD and that is a strong pick for us because it is a responsive gearbox so whether you’re driving in the city.

it feels smooth comfy and responsive or you’re out on the highway.
it offers you good punch there as well using the steps in the CVT transmission to give you the responsiveness as in when you need it you got that right there is no rubber band effect
it’s worth noting that with the CVT transmission torque is kept to 152-newton meters whereas with the manual is 160-newton meters and when coupled with the sport mode that makes the engine more responsive the magnetite can go from 0 to 100 in 13.3 seconds for this combo the Nissan Magnite BS6 impresses on another front and that’s with its Indian rough road ability.

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

It really has a suspension that soaks up potholes broken roads undulations very well it also has good high-speed stability which means when you’re traveling long distances you can do so comfortably in this sub-4-meter SUV but if you’re planning to drive a little enthusiastically around the corners I’d suggest you dial things back a bit and just drive at a more sedate pace because that’s where you’ll find the suspension starts to feel a bit soft and the magnetite tends to roll around a bit the light steering also creates a disconnected feeling but the good thing is you do get safety systems in place especially on all the turbo variants which include VDC you get hill assist and you get traction control and talking about safety the Nissan Magnite BS6 is offered with dual airbags as standard Nissan could have offered four airbags at least on the Nissan Magnite BS6 like Renault does on the driver at least on the top-end variants.

So has Nissan brought that magic touch to India with the mag knight let’s weigh things up on the outside it looks striking this is a bit of the SUV quotient but we can let that slide on the inside the cabin is hugely surprising when it comes to practicality because of the space on offer.

The spaciousness for the occupants and really the comfort it offers in terms of features it is well equipped and where it really misses out is in terms of that sense of premiumness in terms of the design or just the finish of the plastics in some areas where other rivals have set high benchmarks and when it comes to driving well the engines are really sensible 100 horsepower from turbo petrol might sound exciting but this is an engine that offers you good usability and the one that we’d pick would be the cvt because of the ease of use on the manual the clutch is a bit heavy and the gear shifts are a bit notchy and when it comes to rough roads the Nissan Magnite BS6 shows that it is really well suited for our road conditions so this package really has lots of sensible quotient about it and if it really had to wow us it would have to work a little bit harder on each of those fronts to get it a little bit more spit and polish especially the fit and finish but nissan is planning to wow us in one of the most indian ways possible and that’s with a killer price tag.

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

Interested well then you better get hunting because the stumbling block here is Nissan’s limited sales and service network when it is launched we expect the Nissan Nissan Magnite BS6 to undercut the competition with prices starting well below 5.5 lakhs this could redefine what value for money really means and make the Nissan Magnite BS6 an all-new disrupter in this segment.


Nissan Magnite BS6 price ( leaked )

ALL MAGNITE Variant Price Ex-showroom
XE ₹ 5.5 lakh
XL ₹ 6.25 lakh
XV ₹ 6.75 lakh
XV Premium ₹ 7.65 lakh
Turbo XL ₹ 7.25 lakh
Turbo XV ₹ 7.75 lakh
Turbo XV Premium ₹ 8.65 lakh
Turbo XL CVT ₹ 8.15 lakh
Turbo XV CVT ₹ 8.65 lakh
Turbo XV Premium CVT ₹ 9.55 lakh


ON ROAD PRICE – 6.10 Lakh + Approx ( Low Model )

Nissan Magnite ALL Colours:

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism

All New nissan magnite small suv car images colours - autojournalism




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