Petrol vs Diesel Engine? Deep Details.

Petrol vs Diesel Engine?

Gasoline and diesel engines are the two most commonly used internal combustion engines even though their operations seem similar they have some interesting differences and each has advantages over the other this video is aimed at exploring these differences and advantages from a scientific point of view both engines have the basic four strokes intake compression power and exhaust there are differences between the two engines due to the difference between the way fuels burn
gasoline readily evaporates so it gets mixed with the air efficiently as a result, just a spark is sufficient to produce smooth combustion in a well pre-mixed gasoline engine
on the other hand, diesel does not properly mix with air
however, if atomized diesel is sprayed into high-temperature air spontaneous combustion will occur
this means that in gasoline engines the fuel and air should be pre-mixed while in diesel engines mixing happens only during the combustion
this is why diesel engines use a fuel injector while gasoline engines use a spark plug you might have noticed that gasoline engines are less noisy and vibrate less compared to diesel engines
this is because the combustion process in a pre-mixed mixture is smooth and propagates well

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but in a diesel engine, the combustion could begin anywhere in the combustion chamber and it turns out to be an uncontrolled process
for this reason, to reduce the excessive vibration and noise problem diesel engines require a more rugged structural design than gasoline engines
this is why gasoline engines are always preferable for lightweight applications since the diesel engine is compressing only the air it can achieve a good compression ratio without the risk of self-ignition
but in a pre-mixed gasoline engine, such a high compression ratio is not possible the higher the compression ratio the better the efficiency of the cycle this is the reason why diesel engines have better fuel economy as compared to gasoline engines
an interesting question many people wonder is what if I put gasoline into a Diesel engine or vice versa
diesel in a gasoline engine will not even cause firing the reason is simple diesel is less volatile and will not mix with the air properly and the sparking will not initiate any combustion on another hand if you put gasoline in a diesel engine you are spraying a highly volatile fuel into a chamber of highly compressed and hot air this will lead to detonations rather than smooth
combustion eventually the engine components will get damaged so that’s a big no for gasoline in a diesel engine.
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Petrol vs Diesel Engine? Deep Details.

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