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Things Wrong With the Toyota Fortuner Legender

Things Wrong With the Toyota Fortuner Legender:

Read the full article on Things Wrong With the Toyota Fortuner Legender to know more about it. Toyota launched the sportier appealing version of the Fortuner in 2021. The Toyota Fortuner Legender sports the same 2.8-Litre Turbocharged Diesel unit which also powers the normal Fortuner. Apart from the aesthetic appeal and some added features, the Legender is shares its cycle parts, chassis, tyres, wheels and other mechanical things with the normal Fortuner 4×2. There are some points which you should consider before buying this SUV.

Toyota Fortuner Legender to be launched in India in early-2021



The Toyota Fortuner Legender costs 47.39 Lakhs On-Road Bangalore which is 3.04 Lakhs premium over the normal Fortuner 2.8-L Diesel 4×2 AT. We are comparing the Fortuner Legender with the 4×2 Diesel AT as the Legender variant is only available with 4×2 AT. So this price gap is huge for just cosmetic change and few added features.


11 speakers’ music system is only available with the 4×4 variants of the Fortuner 2021. All the 4×2 variants including the Legender comes with 6 speakers music system which kind of makes the Legender deal weak. The lower 4×4 AT and Manual variants gets 11 speaker music system. So you are paying more for less!


Fortuner is meant for off-roading and offroad freaks love Fortuner. But this is not the case with Legender! To put it out there, the Fortuner Legender only comes with 4×2 Diesel AT. But the SUV can tackle almost all kind of Indian roads without any hesitation. But you want to go hardcore off-roading with the Fortuner Legender, then this might not be the best option to go with. You can opt for the normal 4×4 AT or the Manual variant which is available with only one engine option which is Diesel.

So to conclude, the pricing of Fortuner is not at all great. Toyota could gave Legender a 4×4 variant at least as an option. But it doesn’t mean that you should not buy this great SUV. The Fortuner gives you one thing which no other SUV can give in this price point which is Status Symbol. So if you want some different styling, some other features like the wireless charging and you don’t go hardcore off-roading or you want a great SUV for family, then you can probably opt for the Fortuner Legender. If you want a 4×4 variant to match the character of the Fortuner, then you can buy that too.

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