Top 10 best Ambulance Boats in the World

Top 10 best Ambulance Boats in the World

Today we will give the list of Top 10 best Ambulance Boats in the World and you can Download this Page as a PDF in 1 click, just go to the end of this Page, So let’s Start.

  • In the realm of emergency medical services, where every second counts, ambulance boats have emerged as vital lifelines on water, providing critical medical assistance and saving lives in regions often inaccessible by traditional ambulances. These specially designed vessels are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and staffed with trained professionals, ensuring that urgent medical care reaches those in need even in the most remote areas. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of ambulance boats and explore their significance globally.

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Table of Top 10 best Ambulance Boats in the World

Here is the information presented in a tabular format for better clarity:

Ambulance Boat Country Maximum Speed


1. Rosedoktoren Norway 29
3. Eyr Bremstein Norway 40
4. Mutiara Ambulance Boat Indonesia 24
5. Kewatec Ambulance – Rescue 1370 Finland 40
6. NEKTON Ambulance Boat Turkey 50
7. MAKO FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat South Africa 40
8. Apex A-33 Costa Rica 60
9. Calcutta Ambulance Boat India 33
10. ALS Boats 290 Conquest Philippines 35

This concise table provides a quick overview of the top 10 ambulance boats, their respective countries of origin, and their maximum speeds in knots.

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List of The 10 Best Ambulance Boats in the World

In the realm of emergency medical services, where time often means the difference between life and death, the innovation of ambulance boats has emerged as a game-changer. These high-powered vessels, designed for swift water transport and equipped with advanced medical facilities, have become indispensable in regions where traditional ambulances struggle to reach. Here, we delve into the top 10 most incredible ambulance boats from around the globe.

#10. ALS Boats 290 Conquest (Philippines)


The ALS Boats 290 Conquest from the Philippines is a marvel of engineering, boasting a length of 9 meters and a beam of 2.2 meters. This vessel combines speed and stability, reaching a maximum speed of 35 knots (64 km/h). Its “V” shaped hull, constructed from molded fiberglass, ensures maneuverability even at high speeds. Equipped with exterior lighting, sirens, and a secure stretcher fastening system, it stands as a testament to the Philippines’ commitment to efficient emergency medical services.

#9. Calcutta Ambulance Boat (India)


From the shores of India comes the Calcutta Ambulance Boat, a 9-meter vessel with a beam of 2.8 meters. This boat focuses on providing optimal medical care to patients during transfers, featuring interior and exterior lighting systems and large windows for enhanced visibility. With solar panels powering essential medical equipment, it reaches a top speed of 33 knots (68 km/h) with 180 horsepower engines.

#8. Apex A-33 (Costa Rica)


Costa Rica introduces the Apex A-33, a 10-meter fast response boat built to navigate adverse weather conditions. With a capacity for 12 occupants, this vessel is equipped with high-quality suspension seats, a 360-degree lighting system, marine radar, and infrared cameras. Powered by 500 horsepower engines, it races through waters at an impressive 60 knots (111 km/h).

#7. MAKO FAB – Fast Ambulance Boat (South Africa)


South Africa’s MAKO FAB is a robust 11-meter boat designed for remote patient transfers and emergency rescues. With a ramp for easy patient loading, it can transport two patients and three crew members simultaneously. Boasting a maximum speed of 40 knots (74 km/h) and a load capacity of 5.8 tons, it is a reliable asset in critical situations.

#6. NEKTON Ambulance Boat (Turkey)


Turkey’s NEKTON Ambulance Boat combines power and maneuverability in its 12-meter frame. This vessel swiftly picks up patients, offering advanced medical care with utmost safety. With a maximum speed of 50 knots (92 km/h) and advanced medical equipment, including a stretcher fastening system, it ensures rapid and secure patient transportation.

#5. Kewatec Ambulance – Rescue 1370 (Finland)


Finland’s Kewatec Ambulance Boat, measuring 13.7 meters in length and 3.8 meters in beam, is a multipurpose marvel. With hydraulic lift stretchers, a high-power water cannon, sirens, touch screens, and thermal cameras, it operates efficiently as an ambulance, fire, or rescue boat. Its 1,200 horsepower engines enable speeds of up to 40 knots (74 km/h).

#4. Mutiara Ambulance Boat (Indonesia)


Indonesia introduces the Mutiara Ambulance Boat, a spacious 16.5-meter vessel with comfortable seating and advanced medical equipment. With a capacity for 30 passengers, it reaches a maximum speed of 24 knots (44 km/h) using its 1,200 horsepower engines.

#3. Eyr Bremstein (Norway)


Norway’s Eyr Bremstein is a powerhouse of a boat, navigating challenging conditions with ease. Built with a carbon fiber monocoque structure, it measures 20 meters in length and 5 meters in beam, weighing 49 tons. Its 3,000 horsepower engines drive it to a maximum speed of 40 knots (74 km/h) while providing optimal comfort and safety for its occupants.



Norway’s ALUSAFE CAT 21 AMBULANSE is a testament to efficiency, designed for frigid and rough seas. Measuring 21.9 meters in length and 7.8 meters in beam, it accommodates 2 crew members and 8 passengers. Equipped with a fully furnished emergency room and advanced medical equipment, it cruises at a speed of 30 knots (55 km/h) with its 1,600 horsepower engines.

#1. Rosedoktoren (Norway)


Topping the list is Norway’s Rosedoktoren, a vessel engineered for resilience and high-speed navigation in the most challenging conditions. With a length of 22 meters, a beam of 8 meters, and weighing 101 tons, it is a giant on the water. Its medical room, equipped with 2 stretchers, provides essential care during transit. Powered by 1,380 horsepower Volvo Penta engines, it sails at a speed of 29 knots (53 km/h).

In the realm of emergency medical services, these ambulance boats represent the pinnacle of innovation, ensuring rapid and efficient medical assistance even in the most demanding situations. Their advanced features and impressive speeds underscore the critical role they play in saving lives across the globe.

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