Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World (PDF + Images)

Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World

Today we will give you the list of Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World and you can Download this Page as a PDF in 1 click, just go to the end of this Page, So let’s Start.

  • Rock crushers play a pivotal role in mining and construction industries, transforming large, raw rocks into smaller, more manageable pieces. These powerful machines are essential in quarries, mines, and construction sites, where breaking down massive rocks is a fundamental part of the process. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 biggest rock crushers in the world, each a marvel of engineering and innovation.

List of Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World

Here is the information presented in table format for the Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World:

Crusher Model Country of Manufacture Type
1.Sandvik UJ640E Sweden Mobile Tracked Jaw
2.Terex Finlay LJ-130 Hybrid United Kingdom Mobile Jaw
3.Lokotrack LT130E Finland Mobile Jaw
4.Terex Finlay I-140RS United Kingdom Horizontal Impactor
5.Trakpactor 550SR United Kingdom Tracked Impact
6.Keestrack B7e Belgium Mobile Jaw
7.GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA Switzerland Track-Mounted Impact
8.MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO Germany Mobile Impact
9.Tesab 800i Ireland Tracked Jaw
10.McCloskey I54 United Kingdom Large Capacity Impact

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Top 10 Biggest Rock Crushers in the World: Crushing Giants Transforming the Quarrying Industry

In the heart of massive mines and quarries, where the earth echoes with the rhythm of industrial prowess, stand the giants of the crushing world – colossal rock crushers that redefine the very concept of power and efficiency. These high-performance industrial machines, designed to pulverize the hardest rocks into gravel, sand, or dust, are technological marvels that epitomize human engineering at its finest. Let’s delve into the world of these top 10 biggest rock crushers, each a testament to the ingenuity and innovation of the quarrying industry.

#10. McCloskey I54: Crushing Efficiency Personified


Originating from the United Kingdom, the McCloskey I54 is a behemoth in the crushing domain. This large capacity impact crusher stretches 15.8 meters in length and 3.6 meters in width, weighing a staggering 65 tons. Equipped with a 510 horsepower engine and a 4.3-meter-long hopper, it can process diverse materials such as hard rock, concrete, or asphalt, churning out high-quality end products with unmatched efficiency.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Type Horizontal Impact Crusher
Productivity Class Sub-50-ton
Impact Chamber Dimensions 1200 mm x 1350 mm
Feed Opening Dimensions 939 mm x 1358 mm
Feed Hopper Capacity About 7 m³
Vibrating Feeder Pan Width 1354 mm
Materials Processed Hard Rock, Recycled Concrete, Asphalt
Special Features – Four-bar Impactor

– Independently Vibrating Double-Deck Grizzly Pre-screen

– Straight Sided Chutes

Engine Power 510 Hp (380kW)
Ideal Applications – Asphalt Recycling – Concrete Recycling – Rock Crushing – Construction and Demolition

#9. Tesab 800i: Ireland’s Crushing Pride


Manufactured in Ireland, the Tesab 800i is a robust jaw crusher tailored for primary crushing in large quarries. Its 440 horsepower engine enables it to process more than 400 tons of material per hour, making it a formidable force in the quarrying realm. What sets it apart is its ability to handle dry, damp, or wet materials with ease, a testament to its engineering brilliance.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Tesab 800i
Designed For Crushing Primary Hard Rock at Quarry Face
Capacity Over 400 Tons per Hour (TPH)
Key Features – Large Quick Setup Hopper with Bolt-in Wear Resistant Liners

– Twin Independent Feeders

– Large Flywheel for High Inertia

– Optimized Extra-long “Nip Angle” Jaws

– 1,200 mm Wide Discharge Belt

– Step Deck Vibrating Feeders (New and Improved)

Technical Specifications – Operating Weight: 61.2 t
– Transport Length: 17.1 m
– Transport Width: 3.05 m
– Transport Height: 3.8 m
– Maximum Output: 400 t
– Maximum Feed Size: 800 mm

#8. MOBIREX MR 130i PRO: Germany’s Sustainable Powerhouse


From the engineering marvels of Germany comes the MOBIREX MR 130i PRO, an impact crusher designed to cover a broad spectrum of natural rock and recycled material. With a weight of 64 tons and a 640 horsepower engine, it boasts an electric drive system, ensuring carbon dioxide-free operation. Processing a staggering 660 tons of material per hour, this crusher stands tall as a sustainable powerhouse in the industry.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model MOBIREX MR 130(i) PRO
Type Mobile Impact Crusher
Applications – Recycling

– Processing Soft and Medium Hard Natural Stones

Drive Concept All-electric Drive (Option for External Power Supply)
Rotor Type Heavy Rotor
Drive Power Powerful Electric 250 kW Drive
Screening Features – Efficient Pre-screening – Continuous Feed System (CFS)

– Double-deck Post Screening Unit

Additional Features – Water Spraying at Relevant Points

– Various Belt Covers

– Two Impact Toggles

– Versatile Rotor Ledge Options

Hourly Output Up to 600 Metric Tons
Emission Options – Locally Emission-Free Operation on Power Grid (If Infrastructure is Available)

– Diesel Engine Operation

#7. GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA: Switzerland’s Mobility Marvel


Switzerland presents its contribution to the top 10 with the GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA, an impact crusher renowned for its mobility and quick setup times. Weighing 65 tons and powered by a 474 horsepower engine, this machine processes 400 tons of material per hour. Its user-friendly interface and optimized power delivery make it a favorite among operators worldwide.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model GIPOREC R 131 FDR GIGA
Type Track-mounted Impact Crusher with Screen Unit
Feed Hopper 5 m³
Feed Channel Dimensions 1120 mm x 2500 mm
Pre-screen Dimensions 1200 mm x 2200 mm
Screening Machine Dimensions One Deck: 1500 mm x 5500 mm<br> Two Deck: 1500 mm x 5000 mm
Belt Under Screen 1400 mm x 8000 mm
Impact Crusher Inlet 1270 mm x 800 mm (920 mm)
Rotor Diameter 1200 mm
Crusher Capacity Up to 400 t/h
Impact Rockers Two
Discharge System Discharge Chute
Drive Concept Fully Hydraulic Drive
Crusher Drive Energy-Optimized Crusher Direct Drive
Engine Type Scania Diesel Engine Stage V Type DC 16
Engine Power 450 kW
Oversize Recirculation Conveyor Permanently Mounted to the Plant
Screener Attachment Can be Attached to or Removed from the Crushing Plant in Less than 10 Minutes
Operating Weight 57 t
Crusher Opening Length 1.27 m
Crusher Opening Width 0.8 m

#6. Keestrack B7e: Belgium’s Rock-Crushing Titan


Belgium introduces the Keestrack B7e, an efficient and productive jaw crusher built to withstand the harshest quarrying conditions. Weighing 69 tons and powered by a 375 horsepower engine, it processes 600 tons of material per hour, making it a cost-effective choice for quarry owners. Its durability and low cost per ton make it a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Keestrack B7e
Type Mobile Jaw Crusher
Designed For Quarrying and Mining Applications
Key Features – 2-Step Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

– Feed Opening: 1,200 x 830 mm (47” x 32.7”)

– 6m³ Hopper – Capacity: Up to 600 tonnes per hour

– Electric Motor: 132 kW

– Additional Motor (Hydraulic System): 55 kW

– Plug-in Electric Hybrid Drive System (Zero Carbon Footprint)

– Heavy Duty Feed Hopper Beneath the Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

– Scalping of Fine Fraction and Oversized Fraction Management (Crusher Bypass or Separate Stockpiling)

Feed Size Up to 700 mm (28”)
Vibrating Feeder Dimensions 2-Step Grizzly: 2,200 mm x 1,080 mm (7’3″ x 3’7″)

#5. Trakpactor 550SR: UK’s Versatile Workhorse


The United Kingdom contributes to our list with the Trakpactor 550SR, a high-productivity impact crusher capable of handling primary and secondary materials with finesse. Weighing 72 tons and boasting a 440 horsepower engine, this crusher processes 500 tons of material per hour. Its efficiency and versatility make it indispensable in quarrying, demolition, and recycling operations.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Trakpactor 550SR
Type Tracked Impact Crusher
Manufacturer Powerscreen
Designed For Processing Soft to Medium-Hard Materials
Dimensions (Transport) – Width: 11’4″ (3.45 m), Length: 70’4″ (21.44 m), Height: 12’6″ (3.81 m)
Dimensions (Working) – Width: 22’11” (6.98 m) with Bypass Conveyor Deployed, Length: 69’11” (21.31 m), Height: 19’2″ (5.84 m)
Options – Full and Half Size Martensitic, Austenitic, Chrome, and Ceramic Blow Bars, Vibrating Grizzly Feeder, 4 Full Size Blow Bars (In Lieu of 2 Full 2 Half Blow Bars), Blow Bar Crane, Wire Mesh for Grizzly Underscreen, Optical Belt Scale, Single Pole/Twin Pole Magnet, Bypass Conveyor
Ideal For Contractors in Recycling and Demolition

#4. Terex Finlay I-140RS: UK’s New Generation Crusher


Another marvel from the United Kingdom, the Terex Finlay I-140RS, is a new generation impact crusher designed for large-scale crushing operations. Weighing 72.3 tons and equipped with a 540 horsepower engine, it provides high material flow and production capacity, catering to quarrying, mining, recycling, and demolition needs. Its uniform product output and high production rates redefine industry standards.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Terex Finlay I-140RS
Type Horizontal Impactor
Rotor Diameter 50 inches (1270 mm)
Rotor Width 48 inches (1220 mm)
VGF Inlet Opening 45.6 inches x 34 inches (1.16 m x 865 mm)
Prescreen Inlet Opening 46 inches x 33 inches (1.17 m x 835 mm)
Maximum Apron Settings Primary: 6 inches (150 mm)
Minimum Apron Settings Primary: 2 inches (50 mm)
Hopper Capacity 6 cubic meters
After Screen System 16 by 5 single deck
Recirculating System Quick On-board Detachable
Apron Setting Features Fully Hydraulic Assisted
Additional Feature Heavy Duty Vibrating Grizzly Feeder (VGF) with Integral Pre-screen. VGF removes dirt fines and sizes bypass material for reprocessing.

#3. Lokotrack LT130E: Finland’s Silent Powerhouse


From Finland comes the Lokotrack LT130E, a jaw crusher with immense power and capacity, designed for primary crushing in large-scale quarrying operations. Weighing 105 tons and powered by a 545 horsepower engine, this crusher can crush various types of hard rock, including granite and basalt. Its hybrid technology ensures quiet and emission-free operation, making it an environmentally conscious choice for quarry operators.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Nordberg C130
Engine CAT C15
Feed Hopper Capacity 11 m³ (14.5 yd³)
Feeder B13-50-3V
Main Conveyor H14-16E with Adjustable Height
Process Control Metso IC900
Options Metrics Remote Monitoring System
Transportation Dimensions Length: Not Specified (Customizable for Transport)
Feed Opening Dimensions 1,200 mm x 870 mm (47” x 34”)
Weight 66,500 kg (147,000 lbs)
Power Source Options – Electric (External Power Source)

– Onboard Diesel Generator

Special Features – Quick Couplings for Easy Disassembly of Connections

– Optimized Lifting Points and Platforms for Safety and Faster Movement

Optimized For Large-Scale Quarrying Applications

#2. Finlay LJ 130 Hybrid: UK’s Robust Mining Solution


The Finlay LJ 130 Hybrid, born in the United Kingdom, is a productive and efficient jaw crusher tailored for large-scale mining and quarrying operations. Weighing 123 tons and equipped with a 540 horsepower engine, it stands as a symbol of raw crushing power. Its 6.1-meter-long hopper, with a capacity of 13.5 cubic meters, ensures continuous operation, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Terex Finlay LJ-130 Hybrid
Type Mobile Jaw Crusher
Company Range Terex Finlay
Designed For Large-Scale Quarrying
Hopper Capacity 13.5m³ (17.64yds³)
Hopper Length 6.1m (20′)
Hopper Locking Hydraulic Locking (Ground Level)
Feeder Type Integrated Pan Feeder and Heavy Duty VGF Feeder with Automatic Power Monitoring
Operating Weight 123 t
Crusher Opening Length 1.3 m (51”)
Crusher Opening Width 1 m (39”)
Transport Length 17 m
Transport Width 3.4 m
Motorization Scania – 550hp (410kW)
Inlet Width 1,300 mm (51”)
Inlet Gap 1,000 mm (39”)
Special Features – Large Feed Width and Gape for Accepting Larger and Coarser Material

– High-Powered Electric Drive for Precise Chamber Controls and Reverse Functionality for Clearing Blockages

#1. Sandvik UJ640E: Sweden’s Crushing Marvel


Finally, we reach the zenith of rock crushers – the Sandvik UJ640E, a versatile and maneuverable jaw crusher hailing from Sweden. Weighing a colossal 137 tons and powered by a 600 horsepower motor, this crusher operates in the most challenging work environments, producing high-quality material at a remarkably low cost per ton. With a 6.2-meter-long hopper boasting a capacity of 14 cubic meters, it can process a jaw-dropping 1,000 tons of material per hour, setting new standards in the quarrying industry.

Here is the information presented in a table format:

Feature Specification
Crusher Model Sandvik UJ640E
Type Mobile Tracked Jaw Crusher
Jaw Type Sandvik CJ615, Single Toggle Jaw
Feed Size 1,500 x 1,100 mm (60 x 44 in.)
Capacity Up to 1000 t/h
Jaw Plates Wide Range Available
Accessibility Easily Accessible for Service and Maintenance
Design Compact and Maneuverable
Applications Well-Proven in Hard and Abrasive Rock Applications
Other Features – Market Leading Jaw for Strength and High Performance

– Wear Lined Impact Zones

– All Onboard Components

– Heavy Duty, Electrically Powered

Global Industry Focus Aggregates Industry

In conclusion,

  • These top 10 biggest rock crushers represent the epitome of human engineering and innovation. Their ability to transform the toughest rocks into valuable resources, coupled with their efficiency and sustainability, makes them indispensable tools in the quarrying industry. As technology continues to advance, one can only imagine what future marvels await in the ever-evolving world of rock crushing.

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