Top 10 Electric Boats in the world 2024

Top 10 Electric Boats in the world

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  • In an age where sustainability and innovation intersect, the world of maritime transportation is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Electric boats, once a futuristic concept, have now become a reality, ushering in an era of eco-friendly and technologically advanced watercraft. These vessels not only promise efficient and silent journeys but also represent a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint on the seas. Here, we delve into the top 10 electric boats that are reshaping the maritime industry and leading the charge into a greener future.

Table of Top 10 Electric Boats in the World

Boat Name Manufacturer Key Features
Candela C8 Candela Hydrofoil system, Polestar electric powertrains, 30 knots, 57 NM range, Price: $395,000
Arc One Arc Stability for water sports, 35 knots, 100 NM range, Price: $300,000
Pure Pontoon Boat Pure Watercraft Advanced technology, 20 knots, 28 NM range, Price: $75,000/$95,000
Navier N30 Navier Hydrofoil technology, One-click auto-docking, 35 knots, 75 NM range, Price: #375,000
Hacker Craft 27ft Hacker Craft Traditional design, 30 knots, 30 NM range, DC fast charging, Price: Not disclosed
Silent Tender 400 Silent Lightweight design, Electric jet drive, 20 knots, 6-passenger capacity, Price: $ 84,200
Chris Craft GTE Chris Craft 420 HP electric stern drive, 44 knots, 133 kWh battery, 2-hour runtime, Price: $448,600
AxoPar 25 Evoy Electric powertrain, 55 NM range, Various power options, Price:  $39,000/$95,200
EJET 4X Electric EJET 82 HP electric motor, 35 knots, 40 NM range, Price: $111,000
X Shore 1 Ax Shore Affordable, 15 NM range, Scandinavian design, Price: $139,000
Chase Zero Emirates Team NZ Hydrogen fuel cells, 30 knots, 97 NM range, Sustainable racing boat, Price: Not disclosed

(Note: NM = Nautical Miles)

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List of Top 10 Electric Boats in the World: Navigating the Future of Water Transportation

In an era where sustainability reigns supreme, even the waters are not exempt from the electric revolution. Not all boats are destined to traverse oceans, and those that aren’t will definitely benefit from swapping a gas-guzzling engine for an efficient combination of a battery pack and an electric motor. This shift promises not just eco-friendly voyages but also a glimpse into the future of water transportation. Below, we present a list of the top 10 electric boats that are reshaping the maritime industry.

#1. Candela C8 Electric Boat


Founded in 2014, Swedish startup Candela quickly became a pioneer in the field of electrohydrofoil watercraft. Their sleek C8 model, available in daily cruiser and central console versions, boasts an improved hydrofoil system that eliminates up to 80% of drag. Partnering with Polestar for electric powertrains, the C8 achieves speeds of 30 knots and a cruising range of 57 nautical miles.

Here is a complete table summarizing the specifications of the Candela C-8 electric hydrofoil boat:

Boat Name Candela C-8
Length 8.50 meters (28 feet)
Width 2.50 meters (8.2 feet)
Weight 1,750 kilograms (3,858 pounds)
Passengers 8 (including driver)
Speed (Cruising) 22 knots
Speed (Top) 27 knots
Motor Candela C-Pod (45/50 kW)
Battery 69 kWh
Range (at 22 knots) 50 nautical miles (nm)
Range (at 30 knots) 30 nautical miles (nm)
Features Higher freeboard, closed bow, carbon fiber hull
Price $390,000
Number Sold Approximately 150

#2. Arc One Electric Boat


Los Angeles-based startup Arc has attracted significant funding and attention. Their 24-foot day cruiser can carry up to 12 passengers, reaching speeds of 35 knots with a 220 kWh battery pack providing a range of 100 miles. The Arc One focuses on stability, making it perfect for water sports activities.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Arc One electric boat:

Boat Name Arc One
Length 24 feet
Beam 102 inches (8.5 feet)
Draft 33 inches
Hull Material Aluminum
Power 500 horsepower
Electric Motor 500 hp (372 kW)
Battery 220 kWh
Top Speed 40 mph
Range 3-5 hours on a single charge
Price $300,000
Production Location Torrance, California

#3. Pure Pontoon Electric Boat


Washington-based Pure Watercraft, partly owned by GM, revealed its fully in-house designed electric pontoon boat. With a 66 kWh battery pack, it achieves speeds of 12-20 knots, covering 25-28 nautical miles. Equipped with advanced technology, it provides an exceptional boating experience for up to 10 people.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Pure Pontoon electric boat:

Boat Name Pure Pontoon
Length 26 feet
Power Source GM batteries
Motor Configurations Single outboard, Twin outboard
Single Outboard Speed 14 mph
Twin Outboard Speed 26 mph
Seating Capacity 8+
Features Integrated power tilt/trim, Throttle/display (speed, state of charge, time remaining)
Price (Single Outboard) Starting at $75,000
Price (Twin Outboard) Starting at $95,000
Partnership Developed in partnership with GM
Environmental Impact Zero-emissions, sustainable recreation option


#4. Navier N30 Electric Boat


Navier, a US-based company, offers the N30 model with hydrofoil technology. Capable of accommodating up to 10 passengers, the N30 has advanced features like one-click auto-docking, assistive autopilot, and future plans for full self-driving capability. It reaches speeds of 35 knots with a range of 75 nautical miles.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Navier N30 electric hydrofoil boat:

Specification Value
Boat Name Navier N30
Type 100% Electric Hydrofoil Boat
Length 30 feet
Beam 8 feet 6 inches (8’6”)
Take-off Speed 16 knots
Maximum Speed 30 knots
Charging Shorepower (overnight on 240 V)
Motors 2 X 90 kW
Range 75 nautical miles
Efficiency Ten times more efficient than traditional gasoline boats
Capacity 10-seater
Features Autodocking, Sport Mode, Self-Driving Mode
Design Glides above water, reduces wave resistance
Tech Features Beginner-friendly, equipped with advanced technology
Founded 2020
Headquarters San Francisco, California
Funding Over US $10 million from Next View Ventures, Liquid 2, GFC, Sergey Brin (Google co-founder), Primavera Capital


#5. Hacker Craft & Ingenuity Electric Boat (Ingenity Electric Hacker Craft 27ft Special Sport)


Combining tradition with innovation, Hacker Craft, known for its mahogany luxury speedboats, partnered with Ingenuity Electric. Their 27-foot model boasts a 126 kWh battery pack, propelling it at 30 knots for 30 nautical miles. It features DC fast charging, promising a quick return to the water.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Hacker-Craft 27′ Special Sport electric boat:

Specification Value
Boat Name Hacker-Craft 27′ Special Sport
Type Electric Boat
Power Source Ingenity
Top Speed 30 knots
Cruising Speed 18 knots
Range 30 miles
Runtime 2-3 hours (mixed speeds)
Battery Capacity 126 kWh
Connectivity Remote connectivity via Osmosis telematics platform
Series Aquavant Ingenity Series
Manufacturer Hacker-Craft
Partnership Partnership with Ingenity Electric
Benefits Zero emissions, virtually silent, lower maintenance


#6. Silent Tender 400 Electric Boat


Designed to complement Silent solar-powered yachts, the Silent Tender 400 is a compact and lightweight vessel. Weighing just 188 pounds, it accommodates up to six passengers, reaching speeds of 20 knots. Its powertrain options include an electric jet drive or an outboard motor, offering flexibility to owners.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Silent Tender 400 electric/hybrid boat:

Specification Value
Boat Name Silent Tender 400
Type Electric/Hybrid Boat
Manufacturer Silent Yachts
Production Year Since 2022
Length 4 meters (13.12 feet)
Power 20-30 kW
Battery Capacity 16-20 kWh
Top Speed 20 knots
Range 23 nautical miles at 10 knots
Draft 0.30 meters (0.98 feet)
Weight Less than an inflatable boat
Seats 2+
Controls Throttle, leather-padded wheel, display (speed, heading, depth)
Hull Material Carbon
Design Modern, built with design standards of Silent Yachts’ larger boats
Starting Price €76,800 /$84,200


#7. Chris Craft Launch 25 GTE Electric Boat


Chris Craft, with nearly 150 years of history, introduced the GTE concept, a 420 horsepower electric stern drive boat. Powered by a 133 kWh battery pack, it achieves speeds of 44 knots, ensuring a memorable boating experience.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Chris-Craft Launch 25 GTe all-electric concept boat:

Specification Value
Boat Name Chris-Craft Launch 25 GTe
Type All-Electric Concept Boat
Manufacturer Chris-Craft in collaboration with Advanced Technology Group of Winnebago Industries
Unveiled Year 2023
Features Fully operational, zero-emission, 420 horsepower, speeds up to 43 knots
Length 25 feet 6 inches
Draft 3 feet 7 inches
Dry Weight 4400 pounds
Fuel Capacity 88 gallons
Description Quiet, efficient, and powerful
Purpose Developed for testing and refinement towards a commercialized product


#8. AxoPar 25 and Goldfish X9 powered by Evoy Electric Boat


Norwegian company Evoy developed electric powertrain systems for the Goldfish X9 utility boat and AxoPar 25 Day Cruiser. With options ranging from 120 HP to 400 HP, these boats offer impressive ranges from 18 to 55 nautical miles, catering to various boating needs.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Axopar 25 and Goldfish X9 electric boats:

Boat Axopar 25 Goldfish X9
Length 8 meters 9.7 meters
Power 300 horsepower outboard electric motor 400+ horsepower inboard system (Hurricane)
Performance Record-breaking performance Top speed: +60 knots, Cruising speed: 30-35 knots
Range 25 nautical miles Navigates up to 200 miles off the coastline
Propulsion Outboard electric motor Sterndrive propulsion
Capacity 8+ Accommodates 12 people
Eco-Friendly Yes (low noise, no fumes) Yes (low noise, no fumes)
Location Norway Norway


#9. EJET 4X Electric Tender Electric Boat


Slovenian startup EJET introduced the 4X electric tender, featuring an 82 horsepower electric motor and a 46.2 kWh battery pack. With a top speed of 35 knots and a range of 40 nautical miles, this tender ensures exhilarating rides on the water.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the EJET 4X electric jet tender:

Specification Value
Model EJET 4X
Type Electric Jet Tender
Purpose Designed for pairing with superyachts
Top Speed 35 knots
Range Up to 40 nautical miles on a single charge
Length 3.95 meters (13 feet)
Beam 1.76 meters (5.7 feet)
Draft 0.35 meters (1.15 feet)
Weight 670 kg
Electric Motor 60 kW
Battery Pack 46.2 kWh
Touch Display 7-inch touchscreen with Eco, Normal, Power modes
Features Driving mode selection, audio control, tender data monitoring, GPS navigation
Claim to Fame World’s first electric jet tender, superior performance compared to others on the market
Manufacturer EJET


#10. X Shore 1 Electric Boat


Swedish company Ax Shore offers a more affordable electric boat model called the Ax Shore One. This boat features a 170-horsepower electric motor, a 15 nautical mile range, and a Scandinavian design. It is designed for short trips, with an open transom and space for two passengers.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the X Shore 1 electric boat:

Specification Value
Model X Shore 1
Type 100% Electric Boat
Motor 125 kW electric motor
Battery 63 kWh lithium-ion battery pack
Top Speed 30 knots (35 mph or 56 km/h)
Cruising Speed Around 20 knots
Range 100 nautical miles (NM) at lower speeds
Available Models Open design or canopy top
Transom Design Open with built-in swim platform
Decking Material Cork (instead of traditional teak wood)
Dimensions Length: 8 meters (26.2 feet)
Width: 2.6 meters (8.5 feet)
Depth: 0.8 meters (2.6 feet)
Weight 2,600 kg (5,730 lbs)
Certification Certified by Shades of Green (independent auditor)
Sustainability One of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world


#11. Chase Zero Electric Boat by Emirates Team New Zealand


Emirates Team New Zealand introduced an innovative 32.8 feet catamaran chase boat powered by hydrogen fuel cells and batteries. With twin electric motors generating 295 horsepower, it reaches speeds of 30 knots and boasts a range of 97 nautical miles on one hydrogen fill, showcasing the potential of sustainable racing.

Here’s the table summarizing the specifications of the Chase Zero hydrogen-powered foiling chase boat:

Specification Value
Boat Name Chase Zero
Type Hydrogen-Powered Foiling Chase Boat
Developed by Emirates Team New Zealand
Competition America’s Cup
Length 32.8 ft (10 m)
Beam 14.9 ft (4.5 m)
Draft 7.3 ft (2.2 m)
Displacement 10,582.19 lbs (4,800 kg)
Fuel Cells 2 x Toyota 80kW
Motors 2 x 220 kW
Batteries 2 x 42 kWh
Seating 8 custom-built carbon race seats
Cruising Speed 35 knots
Top Speed Over 50 knots
Power Source Hydrogen Fuel Cells (stored as green hydrogen at 350 bar pressure)
Project Hydrogen Project launched by ETNZ
Status Ready for use when sailing operations resume later this year


In conclusion,

  • The emergence of these top 10 electric boats signifies a paradigm shift in maritime transportation. As these vessels become more accessible, they not only provide us with exhilarating journeys on the water but also inspire us to protect the environment. Each boat on this list represents a unique blend of innovation, sustainability, and performance, setting the stage for a future where electric boats become the norm rather than the exception. As we sail into this new era, these vessels remind us that the future of maritime travel is not just electric; it’s extraordinary.
  • The emergence of these electric boats signifies a transformative period in water transportation. With advancements in technology, these vessels are not only environmentally friendly but also redefine the standards of comfort, speed, and efficiency on the water. As the world moves towards sustainable practices, these electric boats stand as beacons of innovation, shaping the future of maritime travel and recreation.

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