Top 10 New SUV Cars Perfect For Family – 2021

  Top 10 New  SUV Cars  Perfect For Family 


1. Toyota Fortuner 4X4

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 Fortuner SUV 1

The new 2021 Toyota Fortuner is a tempting dream of auto buffs.
The 2021 four-wheel drive Fortuner 2021 keeps hydraulic power steering technology, unlike its electrically assisted competitors.
the high-quality saloon pleasant coverings advanced functions and super comfy seats make The SUV contemporary and solid ready to accompany the whole family on long journeys and tough terrain the SUV boasts an impressive diesel engine its power varies from 150 to more than 200 horsepower the displacement is 2.4 2.7 and 2.8 liters for each specification
quite well for a family crossover along with a new stunning look the seven-seat crossover
gains an extra powerful driveline and a perceptible bump in retail prices available in three versions GX, GXL and CRUSADE the car costs no more than 62 thousand dollars.

2021 Toyota Fortuner Versions – GX, GXL, and CRUSADE

2021 Toyota Fortuner Engine – 2694 – 2755 CC

2021 Toyota Fortuner BHP – 174.5

2021 Toyota Fortuner MILEAGE – 15.05 KMPL APPROX

2021 Toyota Fortuner FUEL TYPE – PETROL & DIESEL

2021 Toyota Fortuner PRICE – INR 28.68 LAKH +

2021 Toyota Fortuner SERVICE COST – INR 5,400 PER YEAR




2. Mercedes GLS 63

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 mercedes GLS 63 2

the new luxury german SUV preserves passengers and drivers serenity at the highest level
space is enough to accommodate seven people 2021 Mercedes GLS 63 features a dominant and sporty appearance
combined with the authentic interior high-quality dashboard
and three rows of comfy man-made leather seats
are complete with heating and ventilation mechanisms
the widescreen cockpit comprising the instrument
cluster and touch screen multimedia display is nothing but perfection the SUV boasts its 4.0-liter v8 engine 9-speed automatic transmission and quick velocity change
which make driving style fuel-efficient and comfortable
the SUVs deliver 250 nm of torque allows drivers to enjoy particularly swift springs
from a standstill, the estimated price of the all-wheel-drive vehicle is around 130 thousand dollars.




10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 genesis gv80 2

the first genesis SUV by Hyundai motors isn’t a tricky first pancake the gv80s interior is a premium comforting space a distinguished two-tone steering wheel high-quality touchscreen panel revolutionary shift by wire rotatable transmission dial
speak for themselves the SUV’s 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine is paired with 8-speed automatic transmission the 274 horsepower motor produces nearly no noise at all delivering 588 nm of torque other variants of the engine displacement are also possible 2.5 and 3.5-liter motors will please drivers with 300 and 380 horsepower
correspondently with its intelligent preventative system
cloud-based voice recognition infotainment system and digital car key the gv8 makes the driving experience unforgettable the trade in question is nothing
the maximum of seventy thousand dollars depending on the specification you purchase.



4. 2021 HONDA U-RV

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 honda urv 3

honda’s designers and engineers have surpassed themselves
the new 2021 HONDA U-RV seemingly goes beyond all their typical crossover SUVs the all-wheel-drive auto strikes with its exterior improvements new led tail lights are nothing but perfection full of the necessary details the 2021 HONDA U-RV interior provides passengers with much comfort stylish leather seat three-zone automatic air conditioning system moving display blind spot system and panoramic roof make this crossover one of the best options available in the market there are two honda’s powertrain versions
with a 193 horsepower 1.5-liter turbo engine for a powerful 2.0 liter k20 c3 turbo
delivering horses.
the base 2021 HONDA U-RV comes exclusively with CVT transmission while the optional model owns a 9-speed automatic one the estimated price is on average 40 thousand dollars.




10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 volkswagen atlas 1

a striking silhouette of 2021 Volkswagen atlas is an efficient creation of the auto industry
its strong and sophisticated design is combined with high quality and innovation alloy wheels provide for the SUV’s bold statement remote power liftgate saves lots of the drivers time
The vehicle is equipped with a wireless smartphone charger
and remote start mechanism adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitor make driving experience safe and stress-free several specs of the motor are complete with eight
automatic transmission the most democratic models possesses 2.0-liter turbo engine delivering 235 horsepower the atlas v6 sel premium is expensive but distinct for 3.6-liter v6 engine powered by 276 horses four all-wheel-drive modes can be switched with the touring of the dial fitting any driving situations the price varies from 31000 to 49000 Dollars.



6. 2021 PEUGEOT 5008

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 peugeot 5008 1

The new seven-seater peso 5008 SUV is elegant and modern the exterior is bold and imposing distinctive for a new frameless radiator grille metalized bumper and lighting signature identifying the brand a fancy HD central touchscreen and high-quality display
are so configurable and customizable the drivers don’t need to take their eyes off the road extra comfy seats much resemble the real throw the 2021 PEUGEOT 5008
is available in several specs containing either petrol or diesel engine the displacement doesn’t exceed 1.6 liters efficient automatic transmission 8 or 6-speed manual gearbox
are available depending on engine type each motor is equipped with advanced stop
and start technology grip control night vision and semi-autonomous driving are made to perfection.
the price nearly reaches forty thousand dollars.



7. 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 mitsubishi pajero sport 2

2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sports a new family SUV by Mitsubishi attracts much attention
due to its x-shaped front exquisite bumper and dynamic look the interior of 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sport is made in the latest fashion multifunctional steering wheel stylish combination of necessary devices with colorful touchscreen display complete with advanced multimedia tools and climate control.
The huge boot of the SUV can hold more than 700 liters of cargo it reaches 2500 liter volume when the back seats are folded down the 2021 Mitsubishi Pajero sport is offered in a 3.0-liter petrol engine spec as well as a 2.4-liter turbo motor one the turbo engine version comes with a 6-speed gearbox for a relatively budget model while the 8-speed automatic transmission is available for more expensive types such a pleasure
is available at the price of up to fifty thousand dollars.



8. 2021 AUDI Q5

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 audi q5 SUV 2

the new 2021 AUDI Q5 sporty design language captivates at first glance its superb dynamics are enhanced by an all-wheel-drive which makes the car one of the greatest family SUVs for everyday use.
Its charismatic exterior is complete with alloy wheels providing for a sporty and easy driving experience.
The volume of its luggage compartment exceeds 500 liters, the all-wheel-drive q5 is angling handling and quick and spontaneous acceleration the newly developed 261 horsepower turbo 4 combined with a 7-speed automatic transmission
the hybrid version is driven by 362 horses with around 500 and mf tour the advanced air suspension and damping systems automatically regulate the crossover’s height and damping.
The 2021 Audi Q5’s price varies from 43000 to 54000 Dollars.




10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 bentley bentayga 2

bentley’s stunning 2021 BENTLEY BENTAYAGAis an abundant of a real cruise ship on land-owning to its exhilarating performance on the road boasting its supreme and dramatic exterior 2021 BENTLEY BENTAYAGA captures the imagination with an exquisite but cozy interior its roomy saloon provides for passengers comfort when traveling getting to work or going to the countryside folding down the rear seats it’s possible to hold 1774 litters in the luggage compartment the new digital driver’s information panel high-resolution touchscreen or a perfect blend of technology with fancily crafted material the state of the art will design 4.0-liter v8 motor delivers revolutionary torque at low engine speeds the 550 horsepower capacity of the all-wheel-drive Bentley crossover
makes the vehicle extremely easy and pleasing to ride.
such a cutting edge feel throughout all your drives costs about 175 thousand dollars.



10. 2021 Nissan rogue

10 New Perfect Family SUV in 2021 nissan rogue 2

the all-new 2021 Nissan rogue crossover is full of the latest updates of the tech and design industries its three high tech displays project all essentials to make the driving experience enjoyed to the fullest wide rear entry doors and broad leather seats make the auto roomy enough to accommodate the whole crew the luggage compartment can hold more than a thousand liters of cargo The pro pilot assist technology can drive by itself while intelligent all-wheel-drive performance makes it possible to conquer any terrain in a weather
its 2.5-liter petrol engine delivers 184 horsepower making driving full of pleasure and joy delivering 245 nm of torque the SUV’s only spec comes with a three-speed gearbox the price is more than democratic 25 thousand and 800 Dollars for a piece of Japanese heaven on the earth.


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