Top 10 Upcoming Electronics Bikes in World 2021 – List

Top 10 Upcoming Electronics Bikes in The World – 2021




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 4

Already well known in the market of electric city commuters the hong kong, 2021 EVOKE MOTORCYCLE 6061 is launching its first long-range cruiser bike this year the 6061 is built on a light to endplate frame made from aerospace-grade aluminum and is equipped with a New permanent magnet synchronous Advance electric motor used by the industry’s largest 24.8-kilowatt-hour battery.
It is able to produce 163 horses and is responsible for the maximum velocity over 140 mph the mansion pack has lithium-ion cells get liquid cooling and can be recharged using AC or DC power at the max charging rate of 125 kilowatts. the process takes just 15 minutes according to EVOKE MOTORCYCLE 6061 is suitable for riding both around the city and an open road covering from 165 to 290 miles it also comes with full led headlights DRLS and 4 piston caliper brakes by Juan.





while the traditional manufacturers of sports bikes Ducati Kawasaki and lightning are still just using their electric models ZERO MOTORCYCLES S/RS 2021 once again becomes the industry’s pioneer by releasing the first mass-market offering the S/RS is basically a fully fAIRED version of the SRF sports naked with aerospace inspired design and look
the latest generation 7510 c-force motor makes compelling 110 horsepower and 140-pound feet of peak torque while the 14.4-kilowatt-hour battery with the power tank add-on ensures 200 miles of cp writing as the proper performer the ZERO MOTORCYCLES S/RS is suspended by a fully adjustable shovel 43-millimeter separate function forks and show a 40-millimeter Peggy back reservoir, the stopping power comes from the bosch advanced motorcycle stability control paired with Juan 4 and single-piston calipers
the model comes in standard and premium versions the only difference being the availability fast charging function at six kilowatts.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 13

the Spanish company URBAT targets the entry-level e-bikes niche and their latest motorcycle URBAT NURA offers one of the best value for money ratios in this segment.
the model is equivalent in performance to a 125 cc bike and it is equipped with a reliable bosch hub qs 8-kilowatt electric motor paired to a 7.2-kilohertz battery system the spark train peaks at 20 horsepower and delivers the maximum speed of 87 mph depending on the style of riding you can expect up to 118 miles of range on a single charge design-wise the newer hides its electric nature under modern angular bodywork with a sharp windscreen. the standard equipment list includes full led headlights double disc brakes up front abs and LCD instrument cluster.
the company is yet to reveal the charging time for the bike but we already know it will be compatible with type 2 connectors




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 17

the sweets absolutely knocked the competition out of the bark when they released the premiums packed CAKE KALK INK war back in 2018 and followed it up with an ant road-legal model a year later, their next creations are more affordable or just as
impressive the ink and its rode version inc SL the two trade the cox Allen suspension
for the MX fork and shock absorber with 200 and 205 millimeters of travel respectively
but they do keep the same powertrain the 15 hp motor 2.5-kilo hour battery and a chain drivetrain with an adt3 or sprocket warrant 50 to 56 mph top speed and up to 3 hours of enduro riding.
additionally, the ink is 30 pounds choppier though the wheels are claimed to be more stable
as per cake, you can get an additional battery for 3000 extra dollars and the delivery time for the inks is close to 4 weeks.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 21

offered in two distinctive looks scrambler and race the luna is a modular all-electric bike
created by a Brooklyn-based startup transform that is led by race engineers and industrial designers and is funded by the EU program.
obviously, the model can accommodate a variety of bodyworks but it can also fit different capacity batteries as standard, the luna comes powered by a 10-kilowatt hour pack
that cooperates with a 55 horsepower electric motor the setup ensures solid performance specs 90 mph top speed 3.8 second zero to 60 acceleration and a maximum range of 120 miles the two wheeler’s construction focuses on sustainability and innovation so most of the body panels are made from flax seed weave and composites the frame is CNC machined aluminum while the seat is biodegradable vegan leather other equipment from the bike includes a high-end Allen suspension ISR brakes and an HD display with Bluetooth do not think twice about supporting the electric revolution so click the like button and Read Full Post.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 23

KEBERG RANGER is already a successful e-bike manufacturer from the Czech republic
and their new ranger model is a crossbreed between an electric scooter and a dirt bike the first thing that you should notice in the ranger are its wheels a 19-inch front and 14-inch rear such a combination lowers the bike’s center of gravity and gives you superior stability while going off-road the model also benefits from a fully reclining seat which is adjustable with the price of a button the ranger is suspended by 180-millimeter forks upfront
and a TNM burner shock absorber it gets three available packages.
the standard has an 11 hp motor and regenerative braking the race trim increases the power to 19 horses and adds vendors kickstand and a reclining seat while the most expensive adventure arrives with everything mentioned and adds a trailer that allows you to tow up to 66 pounds of cargo.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 27

inspired by the looks of classic f er racers from the 1960s project zero is Nepal’s first electric bike that is developed and produced in the country the model sets only confident carbon fiber and steel chassis gets carbon-fiber bodywork and supports a vintage style headlight that uses LEDs the source of the bike’s propulsion is a 40 horsepower motor coupled with a battery pack of undisclosed size according to YATRI REMOTE CYCLE PROJECT ZERO this system is good for 143 miles of riding and capable of fast charging regaining 100 of the battery capacity in two hours other technologically advanced features of the bike are at 7-inch automotive HD display with navigation.
and a company developed an application that connects the model to your smartphone yet remote cycles plan to launch small-scale production by the end of 2020 but the bike will be limited to just 50 units within its first year on the market.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 29

Australia’s native FONZARELLI NKD has been manufacturing retro-looking electric scooters for a decade now so it is high time for them to enter the bigger league of electric motorcycles the MKD abandons the usual step-through design and in favor of a high frame with stripped-down rocket bodywork the naked 2 wheeler is brought to life by a mid-mounted motor and a frame concealed battery in four configurations NKDA plus and AXE the entry-level unit is a docile scooter with 31 miles range and 50 mph top speed while the flagship x boasts the credentials to 16 horsepower 124 miles and 62 mph top speed believe it or not but Australians are actually marketing these funds as the smallest dual sport motorbike in the class but unfortunately, we do not get many details about the rear shock and front fork beside them being adjustable and sports packed.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 32

one of the main reasons why many motorcycle enthusiasts refuse to adopt electrification
is the throbbing power and sound that only a torquey combustion engine can generate
the Italian concept EMULA ONE 2021 resolves this problem with its proprietary McFly system in simple words. this is a sophisticated emulator of ic powertrains which incorporates a virtual gearbox foot gear shifter clutch levers and adjustments of the power delivery with a simple swipe on the 8-inch dashboard you can switch between an 800 cc four-stroke twin engine with 77 horsepower a600cc and line 4 with 100 horsepower and a 250cc two-stroke mill emulating 58 ponies to make the emulation realistic the bike has a subwoofer placed in the chassis for vibration and rear speakers responsible for exhaust sounds without the simulation the amulet behaves like a high-performance electric bike capable of 155 mph top speed.




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 34

if you fancy riding on a log or as the designers call it the motorbike inspired by the world war ii era fighter then probably this would be the two-wheeler of your dreams the Indonesia design studio took a seller’s kuruda e scooter threw away the original frame and swingarm and rebuilt it beyond recognition the catalyst cv is represented at the naked aluminum ev500 version and the newer more powerful ev1000 the names correspond with the power output of the bike’s single rear hub motor which is used by 48 volts 45 mp hour battery.
unfortunately, with the sample specifications and 10 grand price tag, the catalyst cv is likely to remain a personal style accessory rather than a true city commuter




Top 10 Upcoming Electric Motorbikes Sportsbikes 2021 36

let us get it out of the way right away with a price tag of 40 grand, the NOVUS BIKE is not aiming at becoming your next daily ride instead, this is a unique machine that explores new engineering and design approaches of e-bike manufacturing that might seep into the mass market someday the monocoque exoskeleton do double duty ac body and in essence, is a single piece of carbon fiber the suspension system is concealed as well not to disturb the unibody look upfront there is a proprietary 90 millimeter mounted fork while the rear swingarm utilizes an air damper with 110-millimeter travel with rebound and compression adjustment the 165-pound novice is powered by a hub motor fully integrated into the rear carbon rim. it is 24 horsepower strong and would ensure 75 mph top speed
those prices are painfully high aren’t they share your thoughts about these newcomers in the comment section and mention your top picks support the electric revolution and possible price drops by smashing the like button and subscribing to our channel automotive territory is here to bring you more electric news on a regular basis may the torque be with you.


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