Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

The seven missiles that can hit every powerful nation throughout history countries and empires have grown not just through technological and cultural advancements but mainly through military might, the world’s most powerful countries are also the ones that consistently dominate news headlines preoccupy policymakers, and shape global economic patterns, their foreign policies and military budgets are also tracked religiously when they make a pledge at least some in the international community trust that they will keep it today at least five countries possess missiles that can fly a range of at least 13,000 kilometers and can hit targets almost everywhere on earth and they are north Korea, India, China, Russia, and the USA.

Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations
Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

Today let’s take a look at the seven missiles that are operational or in the developmental stage and can hit almost any nation | Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

7) Hwang Hwasong-15/16

The Hwang Hwasong-15 is an intercontinental ballistic missile developed by North Korea it is the first ballistic missile that is aiming all of the united states mainlands and many other countries that are threatening North Korea claimed the missile reached an altitude of around 4 475 kilometers and traveled 950 kilometers downrange flying for a total time of 53 minutes based on its trajectory and distance the missile would have a range of more than 13,000 kilometers.

6) LGM-30G MinuteMan 3

The LGM-30G MinuteMan 3 is a three-stage solid-fueled ICBM of the united states minuteman 3 is the sole land-based component of the u.s nuclear triad and it has a fast launch nearly 100% testing reliability and backup airborne launch controllers to preserve retaliatory capabilities the missile is powered by three solid-fuel rocket engines and weighs six thousand thirty kilograms it has a range of more than thirteen thousand kilometers and the speed of Mach 23.

Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations
Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

5) Dongfang-41

A fourth-generation Chinese solid fuel rode mobile ICBM of china the development of the Dongfeng 41 is reported to be in response to the deployment of the united states national missile defense system which degrades china’s nuclear deterrence the missile reportedly has an operational range of between 14,000 to15,000 kilometers it is believed to have a top speed of Mach 25.

4) Dongfang-5

Another Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile is on the list the Dongfeng five is a second-generation two-stage ICBM that has a length of 32.6 meters and weighs over 183 tons its missile’s variants are capable of delivering up to 10 warheads Dongfeng is reported to have an operational range similar to Dongfeng 41 the speed of this missile is Mach 22.

3) Surya Missile

A Syrian missile is an ICM secretly developed by India according to a 2013 report by the new Indian express Syrian missile is being developed confidentially under the code name of acne 6. it is to be a three-stage design with the first two stages using solid propellants and the third stage using liquid Syria is speculated to have a range of 16,000 kilometers which brings almost all major nations of the world in its range.

2) R36

The r36 is a family of intercontinental ballistic missiles and space launch vehicles developed by the soviet union during the cold war this missile can deliver up to 25 mi RV warheads depending on variant its length is about 32.2 meters and mass of over 200 tons it is capable of traveling an operational range up to 16,000 kilometers and the speed of over Mach 23.

Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations
Top 7 Missiles Dangerous for Powerful Nations

1) RS 28 Sarmat

Finally at the number one spot comes another Russian ICBM the summit is one of the six new Russian strategic weapons unveiled by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 1st March 2018. the rs-28 Sarmat is expected to enter service in 2021. the missile will be able to deliver 10 to 15 mi RVs and its mass is about 200 tons and the length of 35.5 meters the expected operational range is up to 18 000 kilometers and the speed of Mach 20.7

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