Toyota Fortuner 2021 VS Ford Endeavour BS6 VS MG Gloster VS Mahindra Alturas G4 BS6 – Comparison

New Fortuner VS Ford Endeavour BS6 VS MG Gloster VS Mahindra Alturas G4 BS6:

Demand for SUV’s has become more in Indian market. It’s because of the road condition and road presence which SUV’s has on offer. But if you consider 40-45 lakh rupees budget, you have mainly 4 cars in mind (if you don’t consider the Tiguan All Space in your list) which includes the New Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour BS6, MG Gloster, and the Alturas G4. So here we are trying to make that decision easier through this article. So read the full article on Toyota Fortuner 2021 VS Ford Endeavour BS6 VS MG Gloster VS Mahindra Alturas G4 BS6 to know more.

Engine and Performance:

Mechanically on paper, the MG Gloster is the strongest and the most powerful of these 4 SUVs. So the MG Gloster is powered by a 1996 cc, Inline-4 Cylinder, DOHC, BS6 Diesel engine which is tuned in two different states. The single turbocharged variant produces 161 bhp of power and 375 Nm of torque while the twin turbo engine variant produces 215 bhp of power and 480 Nm of torque. There is no manual gearbox is on offer so both of these engine tunes are available with a 8 speed torque converter gearbox.

The Ford Endeavour in its BS6 form has lost the big 3.2-L engine which was very peppy engine and got replaced by a small 2.0-L unit. So the new BS6 Ford Endeavour is powered by a 1996 cc, Inline-4 Cylinder, DOHC, BS6 Diesel engine which produces 168 bhp of power and 420 Nm of torque. The Ford Endeavour is also available with a 10 speed dual clutch automatic transmission and there is no manual gearbox is there on offer.

The new 2021 Toyota Fortuner is the only car in this list which is available in both petrol and diesel motors with both manual and automatic transmissions. The 2694 cc, Inline 4 Cylinder, DOHC, Petrol engine produces 164 bhp of power and 245 Nm of torque. All these power figures goes to the rear wheels only via a 6-speed manual and 6-speed torque converter gearbox.

The 2755 cc, Inline-4 Cylinders, DOHC, Diesel engine produces 201 bhp of power and 420 Nm of torque in the manual transmission and 500 Nm of torque in the automatic transmission. The petrol unit is less powerful and less fuel efficient than the Diesel unit.

Finally, the Mahindra Alturas G4 BS6 is available in only 1 engine option which is 2.2-L Diesel. So this 2157 cc, Inline-4 Cylinders, DOHC, BS6 Diesel engine produces 178 bhp of power and 420 nm of torque and this power goes to rear wheels in the RWD variant and all the wheels in AWD variant via a 7-speed torque converter automatic transmission which is the only transmission option available with this car.

If you want a real manual gearbox SUV in this price range, then there is only one option is there on offer which is the Toyota Fortuner. But if that’s not your constraint, then you have 3 more options. So the MG Gloster is faster only on paper because of its weight because the Fortuner is faster and has better low end power than the Gloster.

If we talk about the Endeavour, it lost its 3.2-L engines charm by getting a little 2.0-L engine. As a result the low end power is kind of off but its never underpowered. And if we talk about the Mahindra Alturas G4, its in the middle of the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour. It has enough grunt to tackle all the terrains and situations. But if we have to choose one car in terms of power, then its the Toyota Fortuner which takes the crown.

Braking, Steering and Ride Quality:

In terms of braking, the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour and the Mahindra Alturas G4 are equally good and has better stopping power than the MG Gloster. All of these SUVs gets disc brakes for all four wheels. The ride quality of Toyota Fortuner is stiff but its softer than its predecessor and the ride quality of Mahindra Alturas G4 is softer than all these 3 SUVs so it gives bouncy ride quality at high speeds. The Ford Endeavour and MG Gloster comes in between of Toyota Fortuner and Mahindra Alturas G4.

The steering on the Mahindra Alturas G4 is very light and won’t weigh up at high speeds. The steering on the Ford and MG cars is also very light but slightly heavier than the one the Mahindra. Steering of the Toyota Fortuner is the heaviest among these 4 SUVs and weighs up really well compared to these 3 SUVs. But it feels heavy in slow speeds.

High Speed Stability:

If we talk about the body roll, then you will have to face that in all these 4 SUVs because these SUVs are built on ladder frame chassis, has high ground clearance and all these are tall. But in terms of high speed stability, then the Toyota Fortuner is the one to go with. It stays planted at high speeds and its confidence inspiring. The Ford Endeavour and MG Gloster also gives a stable high cruising speed and stays planted too. But the Mahindra Alturas G4 becomes too bouncy at high speeds and its not the one which offers good confidence over high speeds because of that bouncy nature.


Design is subjective. The Toyota Fortuner gets sharp, sporty design language and the Ford Endeavour and Mahindra Alturas G4 gets boxy, bulky design while the MG Gloster gets classy design language. So I personally like the design of both Fortuner and Endeavour.


Toyota Fortuner:
Variants Price
2.7 Petrol 4*2 MT 38.22 L
2.7 Petrol 4*2 AT 40.19 L
2.8 Diesel 4*2 MT 41.32 L
2.8 Diesel 4*2 AT 44.25 L
2.8 Diesel 4*4 MT 44.62 L
2.8 Diesel 4*4 AT 47.46 L
Legender 2.8 Diesel 4*2 AT 48.10 L
Ford Endeavour:
Variants Price
Titanium 4*2 37.85 L
Titanium Plus 4*2 42.73 L
Titanium Plus 4*4 44.97 L
Sport 4*4 45.78 L

The Ford Endeavour is only available with a 2.0 L Diesel engine and automatic transmission.


Mahindra Alturas G4:
Variants Price
2WD AT 2.2 Diesel 36.27 L
4WD AT 2.2 Diesel 40.15  L
MG Gloster:
Variants Price
Super 7 STR 2.0 Turbo 2WD 37.83 L
Smart 6 STR 2.0 Turbo 2WD 39.83 L
Sharp 6 STR 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD 43.83 L
Sharp 7 STR 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD 43.83 L
Savvy 6 STR 2.0 Twin Turbo 4WD 45.57 L


If you want a reliable and fast SUV, you can easily buy the Toyota Fortuner which also has amazing offroad ability. But the main demerit of the Toyota Fortuner is its features, the SUV got an update (facelift) recently but still the SUV doesn’t have enough features to match the competition. In that case the Ford Endeavour might fulfil your requirements. But the engine on the Ford Endeavour doesn’t have enough punch (compared to the Gloster and Fortuner). So this is where the MG Gloster really shines. It has a powerful engine (twin turbo) and comes with segment rich features. But the MG Gloster doesn’t have a proper offroad ability like the Toyota Fortuner and the Ford Endeavour. If you need a soft cushioned SUV, then the Mahindra Alturas G4 won’t disappoints you to give a comfortable drive. But high stability on the Mahindra Alturas G4 is not as good as the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. So it is very tricky to give a proper verdict as all the SUV’s are the best in their own way. So this small verdict might help you to choose your SUV properly. So if you buy any of these SUV’s you won’t be disappointed.

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