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What is CNG ? Is CNG Cars Good For Our Environment ? 2020 QnA

Q: What Is CNG?

CNG Plays An Important Role in Our Daily Life cause if we get the freedom to drive our vehicles without any worries, we feel proud to become a part of an eco-friendly worrier, First of all, you should know about the full form,  CNG Full Form is Compressed Natural Gas. it is a natural gas that produces zero pollution, we can use this gas in our daily life use such as in vehicles, we can use as a Fuel in our Cars, As we all know that fuel price is increasing day by day so most of the people want to buy CNG vehicles.

Railway Department: Nowadays CNG Engines Replaces Diesel Engines.

Q: Why we use CNG in Vehicles?

We use this CNG as a Fuel Because It is cheaper than Petrol or Diesel, CNG gas has many benefits, Cause of it Environment Remain Safe from pollution, and this gas produces 0% Pollution.

Q: According to a study in which two states are most polluted in India?

New Delhi and Mumbai is the most populated city in India. On An Average  Two Vehicles Available In Every Home.


Q: What are the main reasons to buy CNG Cars? instead of Petrol and Diesel Cars?

* CNG is cheaper than other fuel.

* More affordable than a hybrid or an electric vehicle.

* You can proud to be an eco-friendly warrior.

* Performance is better and get more mileage.

* You can fit CNG in your favorite car.

* Installation process is very simple and available in most of the showrooms in India.

* You can fit CNG in petrol and diesel variant vehicles.

* Many companies are available like Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, etc..

# Let’s take Maruti Car and compare with Maruti Suzuki Wagon R Car – Petrol versus CNG

– In the petrol variant engine type K10B and Hindi and the other hand, the CNG engine type is K10B

– the petrol variant capacity is 998 cc and on the other hand engine capacity is 998 cc.

– in the petrol variant, the maximum power/torque is 67 PS per 90nm and on the other hand, the CNG variant has 59 PS per 78 nm.

– in the petrol variant fuel, economy/mileage is 22 kilometers per liter approx and on the other hand in the CNG variant, you will get 32 kilometers per kg approx.


Electric Vehicles vs CNG Vehicles


Electric Vehicles have limits such as, that types of vehicles can move on electricity only we can not use any other system technology Simultaneously . and on the other hand we get the option with ( CNG + Petrol or CNG + Diesel )

  1. CNG is much cheaper than Electric Vehicles.

  2. Easy To Fit in Any Kind Vehicles ie; Auto Rikshaw, Tampo, Van, Cars, Buses, Engines, etc…

  3. You can fit this CNG at Aftermarket.

  4. it Supports OLD and NEW Vehicles Both.

  5. Life is more than 10 years.

  6. It Gives more Mileage than any Electric Vehicles if we Compare it in Km.

  7. CNG Station Available in Most of the Cities and in Towns.

  8. CNG Service Station is Available In Major and in Minor Areas Also.

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