What is hybrid and electric cars ? Hybrid vs electric cars ? QnA 2020

As we all know that fuel Price Increasing day by day and for Good Mileage, most people want to buy Cheaper, budget, and eco-friendly cars.

Many cars are available in the market with different Price variants and with unique features and options, such as petrol car diesel car CNG car hybrid car, and electric cars, or e-cars.

When people go out to buy vehicles they confused because they don’t have proper information or knowledge. And most of the people confused between hybrid and electric cars.

So where is your questions and answer which will clear out your doubts

Q: What is a hybrid car?

A: hybrid cars are powered by two engines only one is petrol and one is electric ( not diesel engine ) both engines work the same actually e they work with each other to spin the Wheel. Cause of this feature we get better mileage and better fuel efficiency, if we compare hybrid cars to other cars such as petrol car or diesel car then we get it better power and fuel efficiency when hybrid vehicles apply braking for cruising or while braking we get Axis power which is used to charge the batteries in this power brake energy convert into a different kind of energy, it charges the batteries, and then we get higher fuel efficiency or range.

Q: the difference between hybrid and electric cars?

Answer: The difference between Hybrid and Electric is Given Below.

#1 difference between with fuel source :

hybrid cars – electric and fossil fuel and on the other hand electric cars – electricity through the battery pack

#2 difference between with engines :

Hybrid cars – internal combustion engine and electric motors and the other hand electric cars – heavy electric motors

#3 difference between with fuel efficiency :

Hybrid cars – combustion of ICE and battery range and the other hand electric cars – depend on battery range

#4 difference between with emission level :

Hybrid cars – higher compared to electric cars and the other hand electric cars – lower compared to IC and hybrid cars

#5 difference between with price range :

Hybrid cars – similar to conventional ICE cars entry other hand electric cars – higher

#6 difference between with charging :

No need to charge – both vehicles hybrid and electric


5 Types of hybrid cars :

1. Parallel hybrid

2. Series hybrid

3. Plug-in hybrid

4. Two-mode hybrid

5. Mild hybrid


1) parallel hybrid: parallel hybrid system combines both electric and internal combustion engines. They can run together and can be used as the primary power source, and when need more power such as going to upside on the mountain or need the power to overtake any vehicle, etc. Both power sources are parallel connected to the gearbox and hence they are called parallel


2) series hybrid: the series of hybrid cars also includes both the petrol internal combustion engine as well as the electric motors. the internal combustion engine does not propel the car instead it generates electricity to recharge the battery pack. the battery pack interns power the electric motors which in turn sends power to the wheels.


3) plug-in hybrid: the plug-in hybrid elevates the conventional hybrid car with the much larger battery pack that requires to be charged generally it uses a 110-volt electrical socket to charge the battery pack similar to an electric car. change the plug-in the hybrid car does not depend on the internal combustion engine and can be run after it is fully charged there is sustainable improvement in the vehicles fuel efficiency


4) two-mode hybrid: this type of hybrid design operates in two different ways while on the first move it works just like a regular hybrid car in the second mode that design can adjust to different requirements by the engine to meet specific vehicle tasks.


5) mild hybrid: the company still tries to improve more and more of a mild hybrid system, and try to make a new variant which has more features than the previous version.  the electric motor assists the petrol engine and fuel efficiency improving performance. And it acts as a starter for the automatic start stuff function which switches off the engine when the vehicle comes to rest and thereby reduces the use of fuel.


List of hybrid cars: World

1. Toyota Prius

2. Ford Fusion hybrid

3. Toyota Camry

4. Honda Accord

5. Hyundai Ioniq

6. Toyota Corolla

7. BMW i8

8. Honda cr-z

9. Kia optima

10. Hyundai Sonata



List of hybrid cars: India

1. Tata motors

2. Mahindra and Mahindra

3. Hyundai

4. Nissan

5. BMW

6. Toyota

7. Lexus

8. BMW

9. Honda

10. Kia

11. Maruti Suzuki



Q: advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars – pros and cons

A: now we are going to compare hybrid technology.

pros of electric cars :

1 – easy to Clean Emission.

2 – less fuel dependency if we compare to others.

3 – small and efficient and best engine.

4 – advanced feature braking system.

Cons of electric cars :

1 – get low performance

2 – price is more than the budget and common people can’t afford

3 – high maintenance/service cost


Frequently asked questions about hybrid cars :

Here are some common questions: Asked Many Times


Q 1 can I go to a long drive with hybrid cars ? is this good for long-distance driving?

Yes, you can go to a long drive with hybrid cars, you will get better fuel efficiency and range and hybrid cars have two systems, petrol + hybrid or electric + hybrid, hybrid just boost your fuel efficiency.


Q 2 hybrid cars need an oil change?

Yes hybrid cars need an oil change and you should do service on time for better performance, hybrid cars have petrol engines or electric engines so they need service.


Q 3 can we do install a hybrid system in our old cars by the company?

No, you can’t, you should buy a hybrid enabled car, if this is possible in the future we will inform you to keep in touch.


Q4 can I buy a hybrid car under 10 lakh?

No, you can’t buy a hybrid car under 10 lakh rupees, if this is possible in the future we will inform you keep in touch


Q5  which card should I buy hybrid or electric?

It all depends on you if you are an eco-friendly warrior then you should go for electric vehicles and you can buy CNG vehicles too, a hybrid car is also a better option.

If you have any questions let me know in the comment box, I will reply in 24 hours


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