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Top 10 best military robots in the world – UGV

Military robots can perform a wide range of functions, and their importance to practically every army in the world is apparent. However, the cost of acquiring such a technology might be prohibitive, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten most costly military robots in the world. or Top 10 best military robots in the world.


Top 10 best military robots in the world

#10: Warthog – UGV

The warthog is a huge all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle capable of navigating on land and in water. It was designed by the Canadian business clear path robotics and can manage harsh settings because to its durable build and low ground pressure.


The robot’s Quadtrac system delivers maximum traction and the smallest footprint for navigating even the most difficult terrains. Warthog can be easily adapted with sensors, manipulators, and other payloads thanks to payload attachment plates and accessible power and communication connectors.

The warthog’s powerful motor can move 272 kilograms of payload and reach speeds of up to 11 miles per hour (18 kilometers per hour) on land. The all-electric skid steer platform has expendable power, allowing for an 8-hour run time, and each warthog costs $95,000.


The Hunter wheeled offload logistics following wolf from HDT is a tough 6×6 cargo carrier for dismounted personnel. The hunter wolf can cross tight paths, steep slopes, and dense jungles using only internal fuel. The vehicle has a range of 60 miles and a 72-hour endurance.

Top 10 best military robots in the world

The vehicle’s jp8 electric hybrid powertrain is capable of both silent driving and silent observation. The system’s modular architecture and full compliance make hunter wolf incredibly economical due to its robustness and simplicity.

The hunter wolf can carry a maximum payload of up to 450 kilos because to the army’s interoperability protocols, which enable the vehicle easy to update using a wide variety of mission kits while keeping life cycle costs low. One hunter wolf might cost up to a hundred thousand dollars.

#8: Scorpion RS2 – UGV

The scorpion rs2 is a robotic weapon station for ground combat that confronts the opponent with lethal or less-than-lethal force in a safe and accurate manner, according to the maker.


The robotic system’s maximum speed is 14 miles per hour (22 kilometers per hour), and its autonomy is up to 24 hours. Its armament is a m2 machine gun placed on a remote-controlled crow’s foot. There are two modules. The recon optical-developed crow’s combat module is used by the US army on military vehicles.

The scorpion rs2 costs 133 thousand dollars and comes with an integrated fire control system that includes a built-in thermal imager and video camera that provides ballistic correction while the vehicle is driving.

#7: TIGER ( transportable interoperable ground robot ) – UGV

Tiger is a transportable interoperable ground robot that is well suited for operations demanding moderate payload mobility. It is an all-weather, all-terrain tactical robot with outstanding maneuverability. Robo team, an Israeli unmanned robot firm, invented and built it.


In tough terrain and urban surroundings, day or night The tiger’s 360-degree cameras detect dangers from a safe distance, while the manipulator’s six degrees of freedom allow it to retrieve and deliver objects weighing up to 20 kg.

The tiger can quickly deploy from the back of a vehicle or the trunk of a car to provide first responders with fast and safe access to dangerous situations while lightening their load with a lightweight control unit.

#6: MUTT ( multi-utility tactical transport ) – UGV

General Dynamics Land Systems is offering the MUTT unmanned ground vehicle to project combat might while decreasing the load on warfighters. The vehicle’s mission is to provide surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance for persistent intelligence.


The UGV may be quickly customized to support a range of larger payloads and additional controllers, providing lethality to dismounted infantry troops in any combat circumstance. In teleoperation mode, it provides high autonomy and low thermal and noise characteristics. The teleoperator uses a remote control to carry out the majority of the UGV tasks.

line-of-sight communications within a 200-meter range The tracked version has a range of 60 miles (97 kilometers), whereas the wheeled version has a range of 36 miles (58 kilometers). The mutt is worth 260 thousand dollars.


Milram robotics and st engineering proved the themis armed combat unmanned ground vehicle’s ability to operate beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) situations, demonstrating that it may serve as a force multiplier for dismounted forces in both urban and rural environments.


The ugv and the adder dm median caliber remote weapon station are combined in the joint warfare system. The vehicle has a max speed of 12 miles per hour (20 kilometers per hour) and is powered by a diesel-electric motor that can run for 15 hours without stopping.

The combat UGV can be armored up to NATO standard stan egg 4569 level 3, which specifies the protective standards for occupants of logistic and light armored vehicles. BVLOS costs 350 thousand dollars each unit.

#4: URAN 9 – UGV

The URAN 9 is a tracked unmanned combat ground vehicle designed and produced by JSC 766 uptk, which is now owned by the Kalashnikov business, and promoted and sold internationally by Rosso boro nexport.

Top 10 best military robots in the world 8

The Uran 9 robot complex consists of four autonomous ground vehicles, a mobile command station, and a tractor to carry the robots. The Auron 9 is equipped with a remotely controlled turret that may be used to deploy various light and medium caliber guns and missiles depending on mission requirements. The unmanned ground vehicle is capable of withstanding small arms fire and shell splinters.

The vehicle suspension is protected by the steel armor plates of the hull. According to specialists, the robot’s tracked chassis provides enhanced cross-country mobility. One URAN 9 robot costs over $1 million.


For critical tasks, the Harris T7 explosive ordnance disposal device combines best-in-class mobility manipulation and intuitive control.


Soldiers will employ the robot for explosive ordnance disposal duties, such as detecting, identifying, recovering, and disposing of explosive ordnance and improvised explosive devices. It has two front and rear driving cameras for greater situational awareness, as well as four fender-mounted cameras at the corners that allow the operator to navigate the robot in tight spaces.

The manipulator on the t7 robot is operated by a haptic controller from up to one kilometer away. It is powered by a single lithium-ion battery and has a three-hour runtime. One t7 robot costs 1.2 million dollars.


The WIESEL WINGMAN is a new derivative of the Weasel light armored vehicle created to compete for the US army’s robotic combat vehicle requirement. The wingman is a fully digital version of the digitized weasel, replacing the mechanical and hydraulic transmission parts with gear.


It has high mobility with a top speed of 43 mph (70 km/h) and good maneuverability on various terrain due to its low weight and low ground pressure. The artificial intelligence kit allows it to conduct semi-autonomous tasks.

One wingman robot costs around 1.5 million dollars and can do autonomous remote control activities such as leader-follower operations and waypoint navigation.

#1: RIPSAW m5 – UGV

The RIPSAW m5 is the fifth generation of a ripsaw, giving speed mobility and autonomous capability. The m5 can maneuver silently and keep up with existing and future maneuver forces, pushing capabilities beyond what is now available.


the human assemblage The m5 can be equipped with weapons and missiles of medium caliber. According to the creators’ proposal, the protector medium caliber turret atop the robotic combat vehicle is armed with a 30 millimeter 40-millimeter Bushmaster cannon and a 762-millimeter coaxial gun.

The ripsaw m5 will be an excellent partner for the m2a3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle. It is unclear when the m5 will be deployed by the US army, but experts estimate that one such robot will cost at least 2.5 million dollars.

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