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Top 10 Fastest Attack Helicopter In The World

Top 10 Fastest Attack Helicopter In The World

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11 1. AH-1Z Viper ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

Attack helicopters are designed to suppress and destroy moving and stationary enemy ground targets, including armored vehicles. For this purpose, you’ll need speed, and we’ll show you the Top 10 Fastest Attack Helicopter In The World.

10. T-129 ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

Turkish aerospace industries collaborated with Agusta Westland to develop the t 129, a twin-engine tandem-seat multi-role all-weather assault helicopter. It’s built on the Agusta a 129 Mangusta chassis. Asymmetric weapon loading is used on the T 129, allowing all weapons to be used effectively.


For versatile operations, 1670 millimeter laser-guided air-to-ground missiles, eight long-range anti-tank missiles, and eight air-to-air missiles are used, according to mission requirements. The t 129 is powered by two turboshaft engines, each of which can produce 1378 horsepower. The t 129 can reach a top speed of 172 mph. At a speed of 278 km/h,

9. Z-19E ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

The Z-19E is a Chinese assault helicopter designed to defeat armored vehicles, reduce enemy fire sites, support ground forces on the battlefield, and intercept low-speed and low-flying targets. The Harbin z19 helicopter is the basis for the z19 ii, which has four underwing hardpoints and can carry anti-tank guided missiles, air-to-air missiles, and unguided missiles.


The helicopter does not have a nose and cannot be dismounted, but it can carry a potted 23-millimeter cannon. Two turboshaft engines with a maximum continuous output of 789 horsepower and a takeoff power of 951 horsepower power the helicopter. The z19 ii has a top speed of 174 mph (280 kilometers per hour).

8. ROOIVALK ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

The Roy Volt carries a comprehensive range of weaponry selected for its corresponding mission requirements ranging from anti-armor and anti-helicopter missions to ground suppression and ferry missions. The South African Air Force ordered 12 Roy bulk aah – the first of which entered service in July 1999.


Using the nose-mounted cannon and a variety of underwing-mounted bombs, the helicopter can engage multiple targets at short and long ranges. The royval is equipped with four air-to-air missiles, such as the Danelle aerospace systems v3c tartar or the MBDA mistral. The h2 royval is propelled by two Topaz gas turbine engines from Turbomeca. Each engine has a take-off power of 2,360 horsepower, and the helicopter can travel at a top speed of 192 miles per hour (309 kilometers per hour).

7. TIGER ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

The Eurocopter Tiger is a twin-engine assault helicopter with four blades that first entered service in 2003. It is built by Eurocopter, formerly Airbus Helicopters, which is the successor firm of aerospace hills and Dasa’s respective helicopter units. The tiger can be equipped with a variety of weapons, including rocket cannons and a variety of air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, all of which are controlled by a dedicated weapons control computer.


Up to four launchers for 70 millimeters and 68-millimeter rockets can be installed on the tiger’s stub wings, including the nose-mounted 30-millimeter next door turret, an assortment of external gun pods, anti-tank missiles, and up to four launchers for 70 millimeter and 68-millimeter rockets.

The helicopter’s top speed is 195 miles per hour (315 kilometers per hour), and it is powered by two Turbomeca or Rolls-Royce turboshaft engines rated at 1285 horsepower.

6. MI-28NM ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

The Mi-28n M is a modified variant of the Mi-28 and night hunter combat helicopter. The Mi-28 mm received new mast-mounted radar to provide for a panoramic view of the helicopter, as well as a new control system and other equipment. The helicopter is capable of firing high-precision weapons. A helicopter’s weaponry consists of guided and unguided missiles, as well as a 30-millimeter aircraft cannon.


The Mi-28 mm helicopter received two new VK 2500 P engines with enhanced characteristics, which were produced by Russian companies, as part of its modernization. The mi-28n M has a maximum speed of 201 miles per hour (324 kilometers per hour) and has 2,500 horsepower in each engine and takeoff mode.

5. MI-35P ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

At the military-technical forum army 2018, options for further modernization of combat helicopters of the Mi-35 family, as well as the mi 35mm and the updated mi 35 P, were presented for the first time. The helicopter can be armed with either the Attica V M anti-tank missile system with a range of three miles or the Vicker one anti-tank missile system with a range of three miles and a laser guidance system.


A set of control equipment and launch modules can also be carried by the mi 35 P. The helicopter is powered by two gas turbine engines with a combined output of 20 225 horsepower. The Mi 28mm has a top speed of 208 miles per hour (335 kilometers per hour).

4. KA-52 ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

The Kamov ka-50 2 alligator is a two-seat version of the ka 50 attack helicopter. It is a multi-role all-weather assault helicopter that can operate both during the day and at night.


The ka 52 retains all of its predecessor’s combat capabilities, with a side-mounted 30-millimeter cannon and six external hardpoints for various armament combinations, including anti-tank missiles. It is armed with up to 12 vicar ATGMs and air-to-air missile pods with unguided rockets and bombs for a SI armored mission. The improved tv3 117 VMA turboshaft engines power the Kamov ka-50.

The alligator’s unusual mobility comes from its two coaxial contra-rotating main rotors, making it one of the world’s most maneuverable helicopters. Its top speed is 217 miles per hour or 350 kilometers per hour.

3. AH-1W ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

Cobra superpowers The Bell Helicopter Textron AH-1W Super Cobra is a US Marine Corps attack helicopter that first saw service in 1985. The Super Cobra is also used by Turkish land forces and the Taiwanese Armed Forces. The Super Cobra is capable of carrying both tow and Hellfire anti-armor missiles, as well as the Maverick missile.


The Super Cobra can fire either the Hydra family of unguided 70-millimeter rockets or the bigger Zuni rocket bombs with a diameter of 127 millimeters. The helicopter is equipped with a three-barreled 20mm Gatling cannon with a range of up to two kilometers and 750 rounds of ammunition. The Super Cobra is powered by two General Electric turboshaft engines that each produce 1725 horsepower, giving it a top speed of 218 miles per hour (352 kilometers per hour).

2. AH-64D ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )

Apache Longbow The Apache is a twin-engined army assault helicopter manufactured by McDonnell Douglas, which is currently known as Boeing. It was originally used by the US Army in 1984, and Egypt, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia have all purchased it since then. The United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom Targeting combat management, cockpit communications weapons, and navigation systems have all been improved on the ah-64d.


In its close support role, the longbow Apache carries a combination of armaments chosen according to mission requirements. The helicopter carries 16 Hellfire missiles on four rail launchers and for air-to-air missiles. The Apache is powered by two turboshaft engines, each producing 1719 horsepower. Its top speed is 226 miles per hour (365 kilometers per hour).

1. AH-1Z Viper ( Fastest Military Attack Helicopter )


The AH-1Z bell The Viper is a modernized version of the AH-1 Cobra, the world’s first attack helicopter. It has a four-blade composite main rotor system, an upgraded gearbox, and a new target seeing system. The Viper can carry a wide range of weaponry. On its stub wings, the AH-1z carries around two tonnes of various weaponry, most notably Hellfire anti-tank missiles with a range of up to sixteen and ponds with 70-millimeter unguided rockets. Anti-ship missiles and freefall bombs, such as Mark 77 incendiary bombs, can be attached to the Viper. The ah-1z has a new propulsion system that includes two General Electric turboshaft engines and an updated transmission. A composite four-bladed main rotor replaces the old two-bladed rotor, which reduces vibrations by up to 70%. The helicopter’s maximum speed is 255 miles per hour (411 kilometers per hour).



  1. Of course, the best is the KAMOV Ka-50/52 because, yes, it is the best armored, yes, it is extremely sexy, and it has co-axial rotors, weaponry, and systems, but the MOST IMPORTANT thing is: When you are shot, faulted, or in distress, you can jump from the h.copter. It has ejecting seats, similar to fighter jet planes (rotor blades detonate and separate from the body). If you have Ka-50/52’s, you will live, but if you don’t, you will perish.

  2. Without a doubt, the Viper. It’s a horrible weapon, in my opinion, as a Marine Veteran who has experienced firsthand the might of the Whiskey Cobra and knows the specs for the Viper. The Apache is a fantastic platform, but the modern technologies found in the composite four-blade rotor, transmission, and flight controls offer it a distinct advantage in my opinion.

  3. A pointless comparison, Russian helicopters have about the same engine power as American helicopters; the only difference is that Russian helicopters have better reservations, + the capacity to transport war, I repeat, power and speed + maneuverability. He can take K52, 2 with a live helicopter because no other helicopter will do! In addition, he has better booking than any US helicopter, and his armaments are comparable to the AH-1Z in several ways.

  4. The jade is superior!!!, + The maximum load capacity of the K-52 is 10,800 kg, while the AH-1Z is 8,409 kg. The AH-1Z climbs at 14.2 m/s, while the K-52 climbs at 15 m/s. Your comparison is unprofessional and unfair in general! You can understand that you are an American who believes that everything is superior to others; Adolf Hitler believed the same thing at one point and failed miserably!… Objectivity is vital in such content; all information is available on the Internet, but of course, if you are a cheap propagandist, and so on!!!


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